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Question: from Tracey

I have recently started on Women's Total Balance and have been taking 2 of your Omega 3 capsules everyday for a few years now. I've just been to the doctor and he has discovered my blood pressure has escalated to the very high range.

What supplements do you recommend? I am a 52 year old female who, until now, has always had excellent health. Many thanks for your time.

Regards, Tracey

Answer: from Warren

Hi Tracey,

I think that the first step is to have your BP checked another couple of times. Sometimes readings can be very misleading particularly in a doctor’s office when there may be some anxiety over the results.

Also, whether it is taken before or after food makes a big difference. It may pay to invest in a digital blood pressure device which you can buy for about $100. Then you can monitor it much better.

With regard to supplements there are a couple of options you have. One is that you could 'upgrade' to our new Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 that contains Ubiquinol (CoQ10). This form of CoQ10 can help the underlying cause of high blood pressure.

The other option/addition to this would be to consider adding Cardio-Klenz into your regime for three months and see what impact that has. At the very least it would be good for your entire circulatory system as it is designed to help 'clean' your arteries reducing the plaque which is the underlying cause of high blood pressure. By the way, Total Balance will also help with blood pressure, but it takes time.


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Hi Warrren,

I can tell you that the Cardio-Klenz is working when having high blood pressure. I have been taking medication for 3-4 years for high blood-pressure, but after 6 month with Cardio-Klenz I have been without medication for 2 month, wonderful, but my LDL has risen slightly, but my HDL has also risen and my triglycerides has gone down. The figures are now: LDL 3.85, HDL 1.57 and Triglocerides 1.07 (European scale).I am a bit concerned about the high LDL level, and I have mailed you today of what can be done about that.


grethe vittrup June 02 2010

Hi Grethe

Apologies that Warren cannot get to this personally at this time, he is caught up in business matters this week. I hope my response will be useful for you :)

It is excellent news to hear about your blood pressure!

Regarding your cholesterol, remember that we do have a specific cholesterol supplement, Cholest-Natural, to help naturally balance cholesterol levels. This, combined with our Omega 3/DHA, and even our Total Balance too if you are able to go for the full protocol (you can also try Cholest-Natural individually), is an optimal regime to help this area of health and help you to avoid statin use.

Your levels are actually not too bad at all. Your HDL and trig levels are good. You don’t mention your total, but I would imagine this is slightly raised, as is your LDL. However, this is only marginally so. Just to be sure, I would perhaps suggest just a 3-4 month stint on Cholest-Natural to see if this helps to continue balancing further. If you are taking Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA as well, then at that time, if levels are more stable, you could then drop the Cholest-Natural and just use Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA to maintain your levels, and your overall health.

Ensure too of course that your diet is optimal, your fluid intake pure and high, and you have plenty of adequate daily exercise. This all helps.

Xtend-Life Expert June 04 2010

Hi Willi,

It can be combined with Cholest-Natural, however at this high dose it should only be taken for a short-term period. Not long-term. Niacin can help with some people for cholesterol but it really depends on your levels. It is good that your doctor has suggested this rather than a statin however, as this is a better alternative.

If you are taking Cholest-Natural (and preferably our Omega 3/DHA and Total Balance) as a full cholesterol protocol in the longer-term it is possible that you wouldn’t need the additional niacin. Again to comment on your individual status we would really need your full blood figures.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warren Matthews June 17 2010

High blood pressure runs in my family and I, too, also have it and have had for the last 10 years and I am 57. I do take the Cardio-Klenz tablets every other month or two but I am also taking the Cholesterol Formula that X-Tend Life has. This supplement is the best!!! I also take the Multi Xtra Vitamins but used to take the Total Balance for years. I always have taken the Omega 3 fish oil from X-Tend Life but I might start getting the premium one that has come out, since Warren is recommending it. Love the products…..a very satisfied customer in San Diego, California.


Beth June 04 2010

It seems this company has many faithful customers.  I have always purchased my vitamins from Puritans Pride. Can you tell me what makes these vitamins any better (especially considering the difference in price.)……just asking.

Lilah Heck January 25 2011

Hi Warren
Is there any reason at all that taking Niacin 2000 mg. a day,should not be combined with your product: Cholest—Natural? Changing from the statin drug to the Niacin was my M.D.’s suggestion
due to the side effects of the statin.
Thank you.

willi mazereeuw June 13 2010

Hi Joanna,
Thanks a lot for your kind answer. I do take Cholest-Natural as well and have done so all the time. I have now changed the Omega 3 fish oil to Omega 3 Ultra. Further to your products I also take strong e-vitamins, policosanol and niacin (1 a day of each).

Yesterday I visited my doctor, and he agreed that I should not be to worry of my cholesterol, but we should watch it. He took my blood pressure at the ancle an the pulse on my foot, the result should very clear show whether or not your ateria’s are calcifyed. And my blodpressure there was exactly the same as the normal one – yes…..I almost danced out of there, as we in my family has a history of cardio problems.

So thanks a lot to your products – and my own diet of course combined with running every day.



grethe vittrup June 25 2010

Thanks for sharing your comments Beth! Great to hear that you’re enjoying the products and the getting results you want.

Xtend-Life Expert June 04 2010

Hi…I just started taking you omega 3/DHA standard version fish oil two days ago. I am 21 weeks pregnant and I am starting to have issues with high blood pressure. I have 2 previous pregnancies with the same issue. I was wondering if the fish oil will help with my blood pressure issue over time? I decided I would only take only 2 capsules but I have read you recommend 3. Budget wise this is more practical for me. Any suggestions on the blood pressue issue?

Jolene March 16 2011

Hi Jolene,

The Omega 3/DHA may contribute towards helping to lower mild hypertension. This may be partly as a result of its ability to reduce inflammation in the cardio and circulatory system. So this may help, yes.

If you can’t manage the 3 per day, 2 per day is fine, yes.
Other things to concentrate on are relaxation exercises. Pregnancy-specific yoga is very good for relieving stress and reducing blood pressure, so if you are able to, locate a yoga instructor that specialises in pregnancy. This would really help you. If you can’t locate anyone, you could do some at-home meditation, or do this as well.

Also ensure that your diet and fluid intake are optimal, fresh and as healthy as possible. This may also help…

Make a powered (ground down) mixture of fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and natural sugar, in equal measures. Then add 1 teaspoonful of this in a glassful of water and drink it. Do this once every morning and once every evening. This is anecdotal, but may be beneficial for BP problems during pregnancy and is mild enough to at least try without any fear of harm to the baby.


Xtend-Life Expert March 17 2011

Hi Lilah,

Puritan’s Pride is a totally different concept to our company, so we cannot compare them directly. Puritan’s Pride provide access to lots of individual ingredient products and general formulas, such as basic multis. These are general multi vitamins and minerals, sold singly so that you can take a single ingredient for a shorter-term period where you medically need to, and more basic level multis if you need a dietary topup, for example.

At Xtend-Life, we produce very advanced long-term longevity anti-aging and total body formulas, for very specific conditions, as well as for general health. These are micronutriments, which are the top level of elite supplements. Advanced ingredients in very specific combinations.

So you can’t compare the two companies directly, but you could use both, depending on what your medical/health situation was and exactly what help you needed. Our supplements are more for long-term longevity, to help conditions from the root cause, and for future health protection. Puritan’s Pride supplements are more for adding to this where your condition warrants it, or giving your body a shorter-term temporary help where applicable, or if you want a very basic level dietary topup.

So each has its place.

I hope that helps.


Xtend-Life Expert January 27 2011

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