Can a Flower make you Smarter?

Doctors in Europe know about its miraculous IQ-boosting power and recommend it to millions. Yet in the US it remains nothing more than a garden flower. I’m talking about the periwinkle – otherwise known as Vinca minor. The periwinkle is more than a source of beautiful blue in your garden – it’s the source of a miraculous brain-booster called vinpocetine.

Vinpocetine is high-octane fuel for your brain. It’s so effective against fading mental powers that nearly 50 countries are now using it in supplemental form. Research shows how vinpocetine works to deliver the following benefits:

  • Boosts blood circulation in your brain by zeroing in on your brain’s tiny blood vessels so they can deliver oxygen more efficiently. It even helps your brain use oxygen better.
  • Preserves “adenosine triphosphate” or ATP…the fuel every cell of your body needs to function.
  • Reduces senility and age-related dementia.
  • Boosts blood flow to your brain.
  • Supports nervous system health.
  • Lowers your risk of brain health problems.
  • Keeps your brain stocked with the “feel-good” compound dopamine, which helps you direct your thinking and behavior – and stay motivated.
  • Improves hearing function by preventing or relieving tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in the ears) and vertigo (dizziness).
  • Improves visual function including night vision by preventing or relieving glaucoma and age-related macular decline.
  • Improves cardiovascular function by diminishing atherosclerotic plaque, improving cardiac output and nutritive blood flow to various organs, improving dilation of blood vessels, increasing the flexibility of red blood cells and scavenging toxic metals in the body, such as aluminum and lead.

What is the right amount of vinpocetine for me?

Most nootropics (supplements that positively affect cognitive function) have ideal levels for positive effects. These may vary slightly from person to person, but they generally follow what is known as a dose-response curve.

The desirable effects may decline if too much of the supplement is taken. Many of the studies done with vinpocetine show the dose-response curve levelling off or declining above 40 mg/day or more. Indeed, most studies showing positive benefits from vinpocetine have been done at amounts of 10-30 mg daily, with a max at 40 mg daily

Our Total Balanceand Neuro Naturalproducts contain the appropriate amounts of vinpocetine when combined as a synergistic blend for maximum impact. Try them and transform your brain fog into brain power and some!

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these flowers are growing in my garden! can i make a tea from them, or eat them to get the same benefits? thanks

heather June 06 2010

I read with interest the article about "vinpocetine". Regarding the recommended daily dosage, you state that your Total Balance and Neuro Natural products contain the appropriate amounts. Exactly what is the "appropriate? amount? Also, does one need to be taking both
the Total Balance and the Neuro Natural in order to get the daily recommended dosage?
I do take the Total Balance as well as the Omega 3 formulas. In view of the vast positive effects of vinpocetine, shouldn’t you be recommending it to everyone, even if they do not take your products?

Anthony Dalessandro May 27 2010

Hello Heather

Yes you can indeed make a periwinkle tea as have many cultures!

However as far as I am aware, the tea is made from dried or sometimes smoked leaves. I would be very cautious about using it raw from the garden as it may contain natural poisons or toxins. I cannot say if what is growing in your garden is safe as is.

Perhaps you have some local herbalists you can ask?

Xtend-Life Expert June 09 2010

Thanks for your questions Anthony. To respond:

When vinpocetine is taken as a synergistic blend with other nutrients, the appropriate amount is relatively small. In the case of our Total Balance and Neuro-Natural it is between 2-15 mgsalso remember that potency and purity matter! At 98% you are getting one of the purest forms available.

In contrast, when vinpocetine is taken alone, studies show that positive benefits result with doses around 10-30 mg daily, with a max at 40 mg daily.

The appropriate amount for each individual varies according to their need, and specifically how depleted they are of this nutrient. For example, as vinpocetine improves blood circulation, oxygen uptake and glucose utilization by the brain, if current levels are low, the positive effects will take a longer time to be felt.

If your current levels are low then combining the vinpocetine doses in Total Balance and Neuro-Natural is very appropriate. If you have no particular health concerns the Total Balance vinpocetine dosage is ample.

Finally re shouldn’t you be recommending it to everyone, even if they do not take your products?

A valid questionWe are not believers of single ingredient supplements (with the exception of some natural substances like fish oil or green-lipped mussels). The reason for this is that our research shows that extracted nutrients such as vinpocetine are more effective and safer when used in combination with multiple other nutrients.

Xtend-Life Expert May 31 2010

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