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Joint health means different things to different folk. For younger athletes, it can be knee joints which sometimes need replacement. For older folk, it can be swollen joints in the fingers or even hips.

Then there is the pain which can vary from mild to severe depending upon age and conditions. For some people, the pain can be debilitating, affecting and restricting everyday activities and leading to a life of dependency on painkillers. For others, it can just be annoying 'tweaks'.

Two underlying issues must be addressed. The first is the cause of pain which is generally inflammation. The other is the bone density which can lead to bone breakage and osteoporosis.

For Pain

Ach-Eze is a brand new product featuring award-winning ingredients, clinically proven to reduce joint pain, discomfort and inflammation. It's a next-generation formula that should be a first stop for anyone looking for support to get moving comfortably again.

If your pain is relatively mild pain then our Green-Lipped Mussel Powdercould be the answer. This is a well-known natural remedy that has been used for centuries. It works great for anyone who wants a stand-alone natural product to help arthritic type pains.

If the pain is more severe, we have found that customers get relief using our Not Just Joints over the years. This is a very sophisticated product, but unfortunately, very expensive to produce, if the green-lipped mussel is not strong enough, this product may be the answer for you.

Don't overlook the benefits that a quality Omega 3 Fish Oil can give in matters of inflammation and pain. We have developed some unique fish oils, which are arguably the best in the world.

Another product that should not be overlooked if your pain is mild or you want to reduce the risk of future pain is one of our family of Total Balance. They address the underlying causes of pain by supporting the body with a wide range of nutrients to help it heal itself.

For Bones

For strong bones, there are four things that you must be sure to do:

    • Get plenty of sunshine exposure to enable your body to make as much vitamin D as possible. That is critical for strong bones.
    • Be careful with what you eat. Focus on foods that will not make your blood acidic, which causes the leaching of calcium out of your bones.
    • If you are supplementing with calcium ensure the supplement contains vitamin K. This is crucial to ensure the calcium gets into your bones and doesn’t stay in the bloodstream, where it can cause cardiovascular issues.
    • MOST IMPORTANT. If you are getting older ensure you do some resistance exercise. That means lifting weights. Walking doesn’t cut it. Bones are living organisms and muscles need to be exercised to help repair and renew.

    If you feel that you would benefit from additional calcium, you may find out Bone Support product will fill that requirement.

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