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Health Articles

Carin's Story: When Lifestyle Isn't Enough

Fifteen months ago, Carin couldn't shake a constant “fuzzy” feeling. She was tired, sleeping poorly and just didn't feel her head was ever really clear. At 59, she wondered if this was just a result of getting older or a busy job with lots of travel. But it didn't seem right. Carin had been living a healthy lifestyle and studying holistic treatments for 35 years. She was eating well, exercising...

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Women's Health

Partner with us for a lifetime of good health For those wanting to regain optimal health or maintain it, Xtend-Life - with our history of innovation - can help. Our all natural, scientifically formulated health products are many years ahead of its time, and our focus on quality, purity and poten...

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Total Balance Women's

A comprehensive supplement containing 77 natural bio-active vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and herbs to promote optimal health for women.

Health Articles

The 60 Second Check That Could Save Your Life - Take Testicular Cancer Seriously

Table of Contents What is testicular cancer? What are the warning signs? How do I check for the symptoms? What are the next steps? What is life after treatment like? Q&A with Testicular Cancer Foundation   Whether you’re a guy, or you have a man in your life, this is one article you need to read. We’ve got the low down on diagnosing, treating and recovering from testicular c...

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Men's Health

Starts with Professional Nutritional Support from Xtend-Life If you wish to either regain optimal health if you have lost it for any reason, or, maintain it if you still have it then Xtend-Life can help by providing all natural, scientifically formulated health products that deliver benefits nev...

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Total Balance Men's Premium

An advanced nutrient system containing 98 bio-active male-specific vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants & herbs for optimal male health.

Health Articles

Top 10 Tips to Get Your Children to Eat More Vegetables

Did you know that vegetable intake during childhood predicts vegetable intake into adulthood? The more children eat vegetables now, the better their diet will be for life! However, it is easier said than done and it seems getting children to eat their veggies is one of those common parenting challenges. A press release by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) showed that around 9...

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Children's Health

Laying the Foundations for a Healthier, Brighter Future Getting the right nutrition during childhood is incredibly important, and unfortunately, this is something many parents struggle with. It can be difficult to get children to eat a nutrient dense diet on a regular basis. Perhaps they are int...

From Our Products

Total Balance Children's

Containing over 85 bio-active ingredients which support your child's immune system, development, and vision.

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“Over the last 18 years Xtend-Life Natural Products, by combining the best of science and nature has established itself as one of the world's leading boutique manufacturers of safe and effective natural supplements and skin care products.
Our products have successfully helped tens of thousands of our customers worldwide in their quest to feel and look as good as possible...and to delay the effects of aging. As a family owned business we also abide by the old fashioned principles of great service and no compromises in our pursuit of excellence in serving our customers.”