New Heart Muscle Pill Could Have Side Effects Similar to Statins

A new pill that is currently being trialed aims to trigger the heart to repair itself after an attack. In preliminary trials it has been shown to improve the performance of the heart in heart attack patients by as much as 25%.

Essentially this sounds like great news, and for some people with more serious heart damage it could indeed be the lesser of two evils, at least for the shorter-term and improve shorter-term quality of life of serious heart patients.

However, with so much effort being put into research for drug ‘solutions’ such as this I truly believe that a better result could be gained by directing more resources into the prevention of the heart attack in the first place, nor a protocol of natural strengthening following such events, that would have a similar result but without the side effects.

British-based researchers claim they may be just a decade away from perfecting a way to persuade the heart to 'rejuvenate'. This aims to increase quality of life where a serious heart attack has already occurred, but is also being touted as a 'preventative' option for people with familial history of heart problems or heart attacks.

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The research is based on evidence of a a protein called thymosin Beta 4, known to be key to heart growth in the young, which appears to reawaken dormant stem cells in the organ of adults with the help of this statin-like pill.

Thymosins are small proteins present in many living tissues. They were originally isolated from the thymus gland (hence the name), but are now known to be present in many other tissues.

Thymosins have diverse biological activities, and two in particular, thymosins α1 and β4, have potentially important uses in medicine as biological response modifiers, as indicated here.

However, an alternative potential non-invasive and non-adverse effect route of helping to stimulate and protect these proteins could be achieved through natural protection of the thymus gland and the immune system (to which it relates) directly.

This may then avoid the need for more invasive pills with potential long-term side effects, or indeed prevent the weakening of the cardiovascular system in the first place (along with other general health factors).

This potential new pill, despite its slightly different approach to cardio disease, is really just another statin to add to the marketplace.

This is not to say that it doesn't have its place, and it could be helpful for the most severe of situations to prevent fatalities, used short-term for that purpose. Stem-cell research has a lot to offer, potentially, for many serious cases. But we are still only at the very beginning of understanding stem cell activity and long-term effect and behaviour.

Despite this, currently statin and statin-like drugs have been prescribed for years as a preventative measure against heart disease, despite the potential risks of debilitating long-term side effects.

More than 750,000 people live with heart failure in the UK alone, with everyday tasks such as eating, dressing and getting out of bed, leaving many breathless and exhausted. The most common treatments range from drugs to transplants, but with up to 40% of those being treated in this way results in a death within a year of diagnosis.

So maybe the emphasis should be on prevention through lifestyle education, diet, fluid intake, exercise, and supplementation to strengthen and protect the vital areas connected with cardiovascular disease.

To help protect the vital proteins associated with heart health, strengthen the immune system, and build overall general health strength, we offer the following formulas that are natural and could be eaily incorporated into a naturally healthy daily lifestyle...

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These are the most essential products we would suggest to start improving your general health and your heart health. You could also include our Immu-Stay if you wish a further immune system boost, associated with thymal protein function.

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Hi Wally My first note disappeared,,, I will try to repeat it.. I was upset to see that you had been on Atenolol for so long. I had it, and rapidly got swollen ankles, called stasis dermatitis, for which they gave me an antibiotic. It gives you a lot of extra weight, as 10 pounds in a couple weeks, unless you have the diuretic water pills as well.. I presume if you do, you were also given potassium pills, as the water pills draw all your potassium away.  The heart cannot function without potassium. They may advise eating bananas. Tomatoes are also good. It is a dangerous circle. I wonder what the meds are purposed for ?  To kill you or to make you disabled to go to a nursing home where they can make more money on you..  and sell a lot more drugs, keeping you dopey and helpless.
till the money runs out. In my opinion, people are dying from the results of remeron and /or Atenolol, before or after being placed into a nursing home, and may call it a heart attack from the obesity. No one will question this. The drugs meant to prevent heart problems  can  often be the cause of the heart attack, and the obesity which is now running rampant, as are these drugs.. do research your drugs, or ask a specialist before you even fill the prescription. They are not cheap, but can be damaging. Be well,   mary

mary dicerni June 17 2011

Wally, I forgot to mention that my blood pressure also was fluctuating, but I am a lab rat, and noticed that it did go higher after I ate. It does not go up if I do not eat. The filled stomach is somehow in the way as well. If you work or walk after the meal, it will be even higher ( over 200/96) and I believe it can cause a heart attack, just what it is trying to prevent. I now suspect you should be checked for other hernias, ruptures and diastasis recti. These all get in the way, filling the abdomen, so if walking, make you lean forward to walk or stand, making it very painful in lower back, which needs the support from the abdominals, which may not be working with the diastasis, It is an epidemic like the obesity which I believe is also brought on by drugs like remeron, a Mirtzapine, which causes rapid weight gain, and makes you crave the wrong fat, while your brain has been emptied of the good fat it craves,,Take the good omegas and be ready to research each drug you take.. have check for other ruptures. It is all anatomy as well. Heart and lung still need their space to function. good health to you, mary

Mary Dicerni June 17 2011

I found this post very helpful Thanks for Sharing!

james August 17 2016

In September, 2006, I spent two weeks in a hospital ICU for severe congestive heart failure, followed by two weeks in a rest home. I did what I had to do. Cleaned up my diet with mostly organics and distilled water, took the drugs faithfully, and never had another sip of booze, didn’t even feel the urge for it. In January,2011, I had still afib, and was given the standard scary speech from my doctor about what the future might be, even after they have given me two cardiac ablations. At this time I discovered Dr. Bruce West on the internet, and began following his prescribed protocol for people with my condition. He prescribes Cardio-Plus along with Cataplex B, and Organically Bound Minerals, all products made by Standard Process based in Wisconsin.
Depending on what your cardiac disease condition is, there is different protocol of products. Vitamin B4 and COQ10 are amongst the important ingredients. I have also add Omega 3/ QH Ultra, and Accel by Primal Force.
I must add I stopped taking Lipitor on 5/9/2011, because of all the bad news on statins short and long term effects, besides all the money you pay them. I feel so much more better today than I have the last almost five years. I hope my story helps somebody. At least check out Dr. West and what he has to say.

Matt June 19 2011

I’d like your opinion on a product that I just started using as a desperate move to avoid vascular surgery in my groin area to the femoral arteries.

I have taken cardio-klenz a couple of years ago but not with regularity.
This stuff is made up of horrible sounding extraction methods including caustic soda, embalming fluid, and cyanide! The industrial product is actually Dow Corning cleaner used in cleaning everything from plumbing to paint additives and dyes.
The name of the product is Cardio Renew. I have taken it for about 10 days but it does have positive and negative effects on my particular body. One, it has reduced my pain and rigor in both feet and toes but I do get very dizzy and unsteady also. After 10 days of use, I have evidence of edema in both legs especially around the ankle. SO I have temporarily suspended using it and am easing the edema with HTZ 1/4 of a 25mg pill for a couple of days. The reason I have taken this daring move, is that it makes sense to me to clear the entire vascular system rather than subject to surgery and stenting of JUST the bifurcation to the left and right femorals. (If I am plugged there, I am quite likely plugged all over!) I do have my MRI and CT scans which I personally went over with a fine tooth comb. I do have narrowing in both legs above and below the knee. I have about 65% blockage of the carotid also. From what I can see, I do not seem to have any evidence in my heart itself however, my BP is hovering an average of 165/70 rate 57(atenolol 12.5 twice daily). I have been prescribed everything from Lipitor, to Ace inhibitors, to ARBs to Calcium chanel blockers and combinations of all of those. I quit them all due to adverse side effects from muscle PAIN, sleep disorder and mind boggling head games. The only thing that seems to be OKAY is the Beta Blocker to keep heart rate in the low 50’s and check BP which can vary anywhere from 137/65 56 to 220/90 80. This depends on my ability to cope with varying stresses.
Exercise is out of the question – as both hip joints are shot and my walking distance is about 200 steps before I come to a complete halt with 10+ pain in the butt.
I don’t expect any miracles but am doing all I can to continue survival. I do consider myself Healthy in every respect as far as quality of life is concerned but I have had to abandon hunting, fishing, golf etc. Sex is not what it used to be either as a result of atenolol for the past 25 years. It is no longer a daily joy or spontaneous response to visual stimulus.
Any comments or suggestions?

Wally June 17 2011

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Pamela Ritche December 14 2011

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