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I thought that is may be appropriate to mention a little about stem cells as Joanna referred to them in an earlier posting. There is a lot of misinformation about stem cells in the media and other sources, so for those readers who are interested I will give you a quick snapshot about stem cells...

sometimes referred to as cell transplantation.

I know a little about this (with the emphasis on little). This is as a result of doing some research on the matter and recently having the pleasure of spending an afternoon with one of the researchers and practitioners of stem cells in the world…Dr Mike Molnar.

I learnt about him some months ago and read the text book that he wrote on stem cell transplantation specifically for the use of cell transplantation clinics and physicians primarily in Europe. I began corresponding with him and recently I was able to coordinate a visit with him in Asia.

Dr Molnar has been specialising in stem cells for more than 33 years. He did much of the preliminary research in the US where he was a board certified physician but to take his research to a higher level he relocated to Russia where he headed up a government research program for seven years in association with their top 20 institutes. So, he knows what he is talking about.

Here is a very short summary of the main issues relating to stem cells:

  1. Stem cell transplantation is not new. Fetal precursor stem cell transplantation of animal original was born in Switzerland in 1931. About 5 million people have been treated since that time.
  2. It is safe so long as it is done by a government approved clinic and the cell source is approved.
  3. Embryonic stem cells however are potentially dangerous. The reason for this is that these cells are unformed. In other words they could become any type of cell. Because of this there is a risk that they could even form cancer cells. On the other hand fetal cells are already organ specific and they will only go to that organ where they will help in the regeneration/repair process.
  4. The signalling protein in the stem cells is the same irrespective of the species. For example, the ‘signalling protein’ of a liver stem cell is the same in a rabbit as in a human.
  5. Stem cells from specific organs of animal origin are safer than those from humans because there is no risk of transferring viruses across species. Also, the cells can be examined prior to transplantation and any suspect cells discarded.
  6. The evidence relating to the efficacy and safety of stem cell transplantation is overwhelming.

I realise that stem cells are somewhat of a controversial issue particularly when human embryonic or fetal stem cells are referred to…but, there is really no need for them to even be considered. In fact, much of the research going on mainly in the US is really somewhat pointless.

The reason why I say that is because there are approximately 200 cell types in the body and stem cells can be obtained for all of them.

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Hi Emily,

In all the material that I have researched so far there is no mention of stem cells helping to grow new teeth. I think the likelihood of that is very low.

Warren Matthews June 27 2011

Is there any research or success in stem cells helping to grow new teeth?

Emily June 25 2011

Good day members at Xtend life

I am an African Journalist working on an article regarding nutritional supplements world wide, as you might know Africa does not quite receive adequate minerals that are essential to healthy living hence I have decided to research and hopefully encourage the use of supplement tablets that are organic. I would like to know where i can find the product in Austira please and wether there might be a specialist i could interview regarding the product. I am currently on Hiliday in Salzburg Austria i hope to find what i’m looking for before i return to Namibia end July.

Your help will be highly appreciated and i hope to hear from any member of the XtendLife team.

Good day

Annely :)

Annely Inghepa (Namibian Journalist) June 26 2013

Hi Lakamsani,
The stem cell supplements on the market are not really stem cells at all and I would tread warily with them. There are some glandular ultrafiltrates produced in Slovakia which I understand are quite effective, but they are hard to get.

Warren Matthews June 21 2011

I too have been watching for more data regarding stem cell procedures, particularly as it applies to the re-growth of L5 vertebral "wings". I broke my L5 and without the wings, it is "free floating" and pinches nerves at times. I don’t want to undergo spinal fusion. Have you found any data indicating success in the treatment or re-growth of the vertebra? I was diagnosed as having osteoporosis and begin searching for a better supplement when I found and begin using X-tend life products. I recently took a hard fall and while I can’t know for sure, I credit Bone-Protec for helping prevent a hip fracture. Thank you for your wonderful products and for the educational articles you provide.

Jeannie June 30 2011

My knee cartilages are worn out!
The Germans are offering a stem cell treatment at substantial costs .
Track record difficult to gauge?  Germany is a long drive.
I am running out of chronical time!!
The yanks have lot of" gun stem cell guru’s coming" out of the woodwork"
What are your thoughts on these areas? The surgery is very intrusive!    The knee pain guru, doesnt grab me, the American
smaltz,too warm &fuzzy.

Gordon June 16 2011

If you have questions about stem cells, contact Dr. Alan Lazar in Plantation, FL. He can answer all questions about stem cells. I had fat cells from stomach & platelet rich plasma from my own body injected into both my knees & I am 80-85% improved. Had 3 orthopaedic surgeons tell me I needed replacements & I did some research, decided to try other option first, & have had great success. I took my bottle of Arthrit-Eze to him, & he said the formula was awesome, & wanted your website. He is an orthopaedic surgeon also. Thanks for letting me share my succes story with you

ann curlee June 17 2011

Hi Annely

Thank you for your enquiry and interest in Xtend-Life products.

We only sell our products online through our website.  We do send our products all around the world.

If you are wanting more information about our products, please send your questions to:

Kind regards

Xtend-Life Expert July 08 2013

Hi June,
There has been a lot of work done using stem cell therapy for patients with Parkinsons…and I understand with excellent results. If you are interested in knowing more about this drop me an email personally and I will give you the email address of Dr Molnar and a clinc in Vienna which works with them and you can communicate with them direct. Use the link on the website…contact Warren

With regard to a colon cleanse I would suggest that he try our new Digesten-K. We will have it available within days…just completing the material for the website and putting it into the shopping cart. This is a better option that the general colon ‘cleansing’ products out there.

Also, with regard to Parkinsons there have been good results with NADH which is the activated form of Vitamin B3. This was discovered by Dr Birkmeyer in Austria. Unfortunately the people who were licensed to distribute it in the US began manufacturing it in the US to reduce costs but it is not as effective as the real ingredient which is produced under license by Roche for an Austrian Company. If you are interested in this let me know and I can give you there details. I will be in Vienna next month to talk to these people about NADH.

Warren Matthews June 21 2011

Hi Ankur

Thank you for your enquiry.  Warren is currently overseas and has asked me to respond on his behalf.

Warren believes that there is success happening in this area.  He suggests you contact Dr Ali Mohammad, who is a Harvard Graduate Physician and an expert on live cell transplantation.

I hope this helps Ankur?

Best of luck.


Xtend-Life Expert January 11 2013

I was also going to ask about the teeth growing back, since we are expected to live much longer, we may need a new set… alas’’ alas’’’
Another question, A friend asked me if I wanted stem cell supplements… I have no answer.. how can a supplement work ? It is not clear to me.. I may have misunderstood… do you know of any such thing ?

mary dicerni September 02 2011

Hi Gordon,
I am not sure whether stem cells would help your cartilage. There were no cases in the text book by Dr Molnar about them being used for this purpose. Perhaps the procedure such as that suggested by Ann may help. That is a different procedure to stem cell transplantation but a call to the Doctor she suggested may well be a good move.

Warren Matthews June 21 2011

Dear Gordon, did you hear about Prolozone therapy? Dr. Frank Shallenberger is its founder. Prolozone combines two therapies that speed up your body’s own healing mechanism. Those two therapies are prolotherapy and ozone therapy. For more info on prolotherapy, visit  the website Prolozone it is modification of prolotherapy, using ozone. Ozone is an active form of oxygen that contains three atoms instead of two. As you know, oxygen atoms like to travel in pairs. Since ozone contains a third oxygen atom, it wants to give that extra atom away. Which means that whenever ozone comes into contact with a cell, it gives up the extra oxygen atom, and the cell takes it in.
 As a cell takes in more oxygen, it’s able to produce more energy and work more efficiently. That means that all the cells that create new collagen and cartilage are able to work better and faster, re-building your joints at lighting speed.Prolozone therapy is a permanent treatment.
You can buy on Amazon Dr. Shallenberger book "The Principle and applications of Ozone Therapy" or   visit www.oxygenhealingtherapies. com.
For stem cells procedure, check Dr.Steenblock’s office at 800-300-1063, he is highly recommended.

Anna C. July 22 2011

Thank you for your input Ann,

Warren Matthews June 21 2011

My husband has had Parkindons for 20 years, is doing better than normal patients as I have him on all the nurtition needed for good health ,but he needs a colon cleanse and perhaps a oxy suppository treatment, what about a stem cell treatment would that help get rid or all symptoms of Parkinsons?

Jane Thompson June 19 2011

Dr Alan Lazar,
As an Health Care specialist, how do you like to advise the fellow customers of xtended life about the so called Stem Cell suppliments now available in the market.?
I am not asking you whether I can use it or not….
But really it will be appreciated if you can educate the customers about its efficacy and over all impact on the body.
Thanking you

Gangadhar R Lakamsani June 17 2011

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