Confessions of an Ex Pharma Sales Rep

Most of us are familiar with how Big Pharma's drugs and methods poorly address, if not worsen, root health issues.

Even worse is how Big Pharma has become, in the words of Dr Matthias Rath (ref1): "The largest deception and fraud business in human history". He is supported by medical experts like Dr Guylaine Lanctot (ref2) who says: "The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker".


Gwen’s Story

I was starkly reminded of this tragic situation when I recently heard the story about Ex pharma sales rep Gwen Olsen.

For over 15 years, Gwen was a successful pharmaceutical sales rep for many of the industry's big name manufacturers.

Not anymore.

Gwen's self-proclaimed calling as the "Rx Reformer" evolved not only from upsetting personal experiences as a rep where she had to repeatedly compromise her integrity, but also from a shocking event that occurred within her own family.

The health of Gwen's niece, Megan Blanchard, a bright pre-med student, quickly deteriorated from drug-induced addiction, withdrawal, mental illness, and depression. This painful suffering resulted in Meg's tragic suicide.

Gwen realized that her niece was neither the first nor last to painfully suffer from the consequences of doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals. Gwen says: "Compassion is what Meg really needed, not more drugs."

"There are thousands and thousands of people like that out there, and they need a voice," said Gwen. "I serve as that voice."

Gwen's disillusionment with the industry - her anger at the immense deceit and misinformation she witnessed within the profitable alliance between medical doctors and Big Pharma - led her to get out of pharmaceutical sales and pursue a new vocation: spreading truth.

Pharma Reps Trained to Misinform People

She says: "I had been used in the game, we (were) being trained to misinform people, I literally was the one at the front lines, harming people, unintentionally, but I was responsible, and I carry a burden for that now...

I don't want people thinking that I am a conspiracy theorist, because in fact, there is no theory behind what I'm telling you, it's all provable. The pharmaceutical industry doesn't want to cure people.”

Gwen now educates others about the abundance of harmful drugs being given to a credulous population.

Some of what she shares includes:

  • The deadly effects of prescription drugs: “There is no such thing as a safe drug," said Gwen in a YouTube video
  • How drugs, especially psychiatric drugs, are meant to encourage people to remain customers of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, if Big Pharma intended to help cure disease, they would be putting themselves out of business.
  • How she and other pharma reps are encouraged to minimize the side effects of the drugs they sell when speaking to doctors.
  • How there is no medical evidence required for psychiatrists who wish to prescribe their patients drugs. This broadens the potential patient population considerably, allowing Big Pharma a lucrative advantage over an increasingly diseased and medicated public.

Gwen’s insights help us understand exactly why the flawed U.S. health care system currently ranks last on preventable deaths among 19 industrialized nations worldwide!

Doctors Trapped in ‘a Rigged System’

Though many of her conclusions apply to Big Pharma worldwide, it is important to stress that most Conventional doctors do their very best in stressful circumstances. They are typically overworked and under tremendous pressure to quickly come up with THE solution to their patients ills in an increasingly litigious climate.

In fact quite a few doctors I know are increasingly stressed and depressed by their circumstances. This is borne out by a recent poll which found that more than a third of all doctors are unhappy about some aspect of their profession. They expressed serious concerns that the current state of health care is impeding their ability to provide quality care to their patients.

As one doctor in confidence said: “The system is rigged against us. It puts constraints on our time, medical options and livelihood if we try to practice medicine outside of the accepted conventions of the current system.”

You are Your Best Doctor

Perhaps the best solution is to take responsibility for our health and not rely on ‘experts’ if possible. You are Your Best Doctor. You and only you know yourself and your body.

You just need to understand how your body works, and learn how to listen to and trust your instincts about your body. As Dr Thomas Bige says:

“Lack of knowledge about how your body functions and ignoring its needs are major contributing factors to ill-health. You can no longer afford to neglect the important duty of looking after your most valuable asset: Your own health.”


1. Dr Mathhias Rath talks further about ‘The Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel’ at:
  • The Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel Launches World War III To Prevent Construction of a Healthy World :
  • The Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry
2. Dr Guylaine Lanctot expresses her views on the ‘Medical Mafia’ at

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The link to Gwen’s video comes up on YouTube with this error: "The URL contained a malformed video ID" I hope this is an "honest error" rather than malfeasance on the part of YouTube (aka censorship)

Matthew July 29 2011

The above article is very unbalanced.Would be good to see somebody who will tell as it is rather than trying to discredit the general medical system as a whole.As they said ‘a little knowledge can be very dangerous’.She might have spent a big amount of time in pharmaceutical world but that doesnt make her all right.

you an July 29 2011

Thanks for that Matthew.
I don’t know why the link has the message it now has. It was fine before.
Perhaps a ‘safer’ source of further info, including videos is the lady’s site at


Hello You an
I understand what you say. That is why I also presented the perspective of many doctors which she does not.


Xtend-Life Expert July 29 2011

I dare say it may be a good idea to remove any mention of Matthias Rath as an example in this article – he did the nutritional community a great disservice by making a number of – at the very least – unwise and very damaging claims about HIV and AIDS, which put him and his associate overnight firmly into the similar science no-mans-land and circular media world that tinfoil hat wearing nuts like David Icke and Moon landing deniers inhabit.

Oops indeed.

When I was much younger I used to think that everything could be blamed on one sort of conspiracy or another, now I’m older and wiser I’m familiar with Occam’s razor, and realise that the state of healthcare is not so much some grand conspiracy but simply a combinations of Public laziness & desire for a magic bullet, money saving short-termism, incompetence and synergistic ignorance.

Jonty H. Campbell August 01 2011

Kevin Trudeau wrote an awesome eye-opener of a book titled "Natural Cures ‘they’ Don’t Want You To Know About".  He explains how not only Drug Stores but doctors ‘n governments want us to be sick!  It’s all about the money!!  With all the Baby-boomers coming coming up to retirement age, it’s also good for population control!
Gwen, you’re not at fault at all, you didn’t know.  Many still don’t know or don’t want to believe the truth!  You’re trying to make amends for things you’re not responsible for.  You were mis-lead like the rest of us!
Good luck ’n stay healthy!  Marianne

Marianne Giger July 29 2011

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