Your stuff really works!

    These were the words of Dr. Ali Mohamed. But why did he make such a comment? Well, here’s a little story on how this came about.

    A few months ago our Chairman, Warren Matthews, was having discussions with Dr. Anthony Perillo who is our latest staff member and profiled in this month’s newsletter. The discussion related to Dr. Anthony joining the Xtend-Life team and being domiciled at our Asian Regional sales office in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Dr. Anthony was already working in Thailand at the time and was the Chief Wellness Officer for the Holistic Medical Group, the largest wellness clinic in Thailand. Anthony and Warren had become friends and as Warren had intended to do a full personal blood profile in the not too distant future and as the clinic he worked with had a very reputable government-approved laboratory, Anthony suggested that he arrange to have it done there.

    Dr. Ali is good friends with Anthony and was visiting Bangkok at the time when the results came back. Dr. Ali is fast becoming recognized internationally as a leading anti-aging physician and was interested in seeing Warren’s results as he was curious to see if our supplements actually worked.

    Warren’s results came back in the middle of March. Virtually all the readings came back within the normal range except a few which were outside the ‘normal’ as follows:

    • Lipid Profile: Total Cholesterol was 260, HDL was 43, LDL was 193. (Important Note - many doctors would push Warren to go on a statin drug with those figures…but, as Warren pointed out these are better than they were 10 years ago and are of no concern as his triglycerides were only 91, and his homocysteine level was also low.)
    • C-Reactive Protein: The normal level for most adults is around 5. CRP measures the amount of inflammation in the blood. This is the most reliable indicator of a possible cardiovascular problem and is considered to be one of the best predictors of other degenerative diseases. Well, Warren’s levels were the lowest they had ever seen at the clinic…for anyone, let alone a 63-year-old man! His level was 0.5. A young healthy child is expected to have a reading of between 0 and 2.6! Because it was so exceptional, Warren had the test taken again in Christchurch, New Zealand in case there had been a mistake. The lab there reconfirmed the results.
    • IGF-1: This test is an indicator of the production of growth hormone in the body. Warren’s result was 162. The range for a normal healthy adult is between 75 and 212. Warren’s level is what could be expected from a healthy man several decades younger.
    • PSA: This is a test which is used to assess the health of the prostate and thus the risk of prostate cancer. The range is between 0 and 4 with the lower score being the best. Greater than 4 and the risk of prostate cancer increases. Warren’s result was 0.5 which is quite exceptional for any man over 45 let alone for someone at age 63!
    • Cortisol: This is the ‘stress’ hormone. The higher it is the greater likelihood of having a degenerative disease. The normal range is between 6.2 and 19.4. Warren’s score was 9.90 which is really good considering that he was in a high stress environment when the tests were done (driving around Bangkok, etc).
    • Estradiol: This is a form of estrogen. Generally as men age their levels increase substantially as testosterone is converted to estrogen creating a significant imbalance which leads to all sorts of problems including low libido, sexual dysfunction etc. Dr. Ali was particularly interested in seeing Warren’s results for this as he knew that Warren had been taking Total Balance Men’s for many years and that the Total Balance Men’s contained ingredients such as Chrysin which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Warren’s level of estrogen was only 30.2. This was the best result that Dr. Ali had ever seen…even better than his at 15-years younger! The healthy range for an adult man (even a young one) is between 13 and 54. Normally someone of Warren’s age would have readings of 60 or more. As Dr. Ali is also an expert on bio-identical hormones and was in Thailand lecturing doctors on the subject it was one of the first things that he ‘zeroed’ in on and which promoted his remark “Your stuff really works!” When he saw the other results he reinforced that comment and added that Warren had the biological markers of a healthy male half his age.

    As a point of interest Warren’s testosterone was 5.78 on a normal range of 2.8 and 8.0…down a bit but really good for a 63-year-old man. Given the low levels of estrogen it is actually very good as the ratios are excellent.

    So, what can be taken away from all this? Is it the supplements that have helped Warren enjoy such good health? Is it his lifestyle? What about his diet? He believes it is a combination of all three.

    He exercises regularly but not excessively (about 20 minutes several times a week). He eats well and avoids processed foods but is not a fanatic and because he travels a lot, he is forced to eat out a lot. He really does believe that it is the supplements which is the major contributor, particularly as it relates to his hormone levels, his PSA, and C-Reactive Protein. It would be very difficult to get those sorts of results from diet and lifestyle alone.

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    This is pretty impressive feedback – now wondering what suppliments Warren takes and are there recommended suppliments for men/women at different stages of their life?

    Michelle July 02 2010

    Hi Michelle

    I vary my routine. However, the main part of it does not change. This is 7 tablets a day of the Total Balance Men’s Premium and 4 soft gels of our Omega 3. Since we released our new Omega 3 QH/Ultra I have switched to that version of Omega 3. I have been doing this for almost 10 years. I usually take 4 tablets of the TB when I get up in the morning along with 2 of the Omega 3. I take the balance of these sometime in the afternoon.

    The Men’s version of Total Balance has the various extra nutrients necessary for men, such as additional zinc, chrysin to help prevent testosterone being converted to estrogen and various other nutrients for good prostate health.

    Every second month I may add our Male Rejuvenator into the mix…between 3 and 6 tablets a day. In addition I alternate between taking our Cardio-Klenz and Neuro-Natural General. I might be on either of them for three months at a time. When taking Cardio-Klenz I take 4 tablets a day and when on the Neuro-Natural I usually take 3 tablets a day, sometimes more. These are all in addition to the base of Total Balance Premium and Omega 3.

    Each morning I put them in a ‘pill box’ which I then put on my desk otherwise I tend to overlook taking them when I am busy.

    Every six months I discontinue all supplements for two weeks, other than the Omega 3 which I continue without a break. Sometimes I may add something extra. For example, a few months ago I had a bit of pain in one of my fingers on my right hand. So, I took our Green Lipped Mussel Powder at a double dose for a month and now the pain has gone. Can’t really say for sure what it was or if the Green Lipped Mussel Powder was the reason for it being fixed.

    The Total Balance Men’s Premium is suitable for males over 30 years of age. Up until then the Unisex version is fine. This version is suitable up until any age.

    The Women’s version of Total Balance is suitable for all adult women who may have any PMS or menopausal symptoms.

    Other than this there is no need to make significant variations at different age levels. However, it should be kept in mind that if a woman is at a stage of life where she has heavy periods she may need additional iron which we do not have in any of our supplements. Generally this can be avoided by ensuring there is a good amount of dark green leafy vegetables in the diet.

    Warren Matthews July 02 2010

    Hi Barb,

    In order to help you please let me know what medications you are on, and for what conditions? I can then advise as to the safety and use of Total Balance Women’s formula. I can confirm that you are fine to take this, and Omega 3/DHA, whilst on synthroid.

    Just ensure that it is not taken at exactly the same time as your med, but leave a gap, preferably 2-3+ hours, in between.


    Xtend-Life Expert July 08 2010

    Hi Odie,

    I would highly recommend our Cardio-Klenz at four tablets a day if your BP is now under control. It contains enzymes such as Nattokinase and Serrapetase which is excellent for helping clean arteries.

    In addition I would propose our Omega 3 QH/Ultra to built up your bodys reserves of Ubiquinol (CoQ10). This I would propose at double the rate at 4 soft gels a day. If you can fit it within your budget it would also be a good thing to add one of our Total Balance range for men to help with your overall health.

    Warren Matthews July 12 2010


    I suffer from lichen planus on my scalp and I’m taking homeopathic remedies. I would like to know which supplements are safe for me to take.. thank you in advance.


    zenia July 19 2010

    Dear Zenia,

    The short answer is all of our supplements are safe to take. There are no known interactions between our nutritional products and homeopathic remedies. Some homeopaths advise that you avoid consuming strong aromatics such as menthol, eucalyptus and for some garlic around the time you take your homeopathic remedies.

    Xtend-Life Expert July 21 2010

    Dear Denise,

    First things first; how old is your husband? In general is he healthy? Libido and ED can result from a number of underlying conditions ranging from metabolic syndrome and diabetes to vascular insufficiency secondary to heart disease. For the purpose of this discussion lets assume that your husband is healthy and without any significant underlying disease.

    You may be right about the possibility of the extra testosterone being converted to estrogen, but in addition, some may also be being converted to DHT, a metabolite of testosterone that interferes with libido. There are a number of ways to both determine if the above are the sources of his complaints and also what to do about it. Both of these symptoms are relatively common until your husbands doctor figures out the correct dosage of testosterone and possibly other hormones as well.

    BHRT or Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is growing rapidly in popularity worldwide at present. Ive counseled a number of patients seeking the same over the past several years and in fact recently went on some myself. It is crucial when you make the decision to go on bio-identical hormones that you first have a thorough examination and extensive blood tests to determine what your existing hormone level are.

    Has your husband tried our Male Rejuvenator product? The combination of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients effectively increases testosterone while at the same time reduces the risk of BPH (through blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT) and enhances libido at the same time. This product has a 100% money back guarantee.

    Talk to your husband about seeing his doctor, a simple blood test interpreted by a qualified anti-aging physician should be able determine if the BHRT needs to be modified.


    Dr. Anthony

    Xtend-Life Expert August 23 2010

    I’m interested in this for my husband and I. I have to take synthroid due to having a thyroidectomy and some other medicines. Will it be safe for me to add the Women’s Total Balance? Thanks for the information!

    Barb July 05 2010

    My husband needs to have his levels checked. He is taking 100mg. of bio-testosterone each day and still is having problems with his libido and ED. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the Testosterone being converted into estrogen.

    Xtend-Life Expert August 20 2010

    Warren, congratulations on your awesome test results! I’m a 58 year old male, 3 years post having a stent placed in my RCA. My total cholesterol was 169, BP was running in the 180/95 range… not bad, but bad enough to have a heart attack, it seems. 6 months ago I told the doctors that I would not take the Crestor and Plavix poisons, and set out researching supplements and nutrients to replace them. I have been very successful, my BP is still averaging 125/78. I like the sound of your products, is there a way to consult with someone at Xtend-Life to determine which products I should use, at what doage and regularity?

    Odie Waters July 11 2010

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