Your Stuff Really Works!

    A few months ago our Chairman, Warren Matthews, was having discussions with Dr. Anthony Perillo who is our latest staff member and profiled in this month’s newsletter. The discussion related to Dr. Anthony joining the Xtendlife team and being domiciled at our Asian Regional sales office in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Dr. Anthony was already working in Thailand at the time and was the Chief Wellness Officer for the Holistic Medical Group, the largest wellness clinic in Thailand. Anthony and Warren had become friends and as Warren had intended to do a full personal blood profile in the not-too-distant future and as the clinic he worked with had a very reputable government-approved laboratory, Anthony suggested that he arrange to have it done there.

    Dr. Ali is good friends with Anthony and was visiting Bangkok at the time when the results came back. Dr. Ali is fast becoming recognized internationally as a leading anti-aging physician and was interested in seeing Warren’s results as he was curious to see if our supplements actually worked.

    Warren’s results came back in the middle of March. Virtually all the readings came back within the normal range except a few which were outside the ‘normal’ as follows:

    • Lipid Profile: Total Cholesterol was 260, HDL was 43, LDL was 193. (Important Note - many doctors would push Warren to go on a statin drug with those figures… but, as Warren pointed out these are better than they were 10 years ago and are of no concern as his triglycerides were only 91, and his homocysteine level was also low.)
    • C-Reactive Protein: The normal level for most adults is around 5. CRP measures the amount of inflammation in the blood. This is the most reliable indicator of a possible cardiovascular problem and is considered to be one of the best predictors of other degenerative diseases. Well, Warren’s levels were the lowest they had ever seen at the clinic…for anyone, let alone a 63-year-old man! His level was 0.5. A young healthy child is expected to have a reading of between 0 and 2.6! Because it was so exceptional, Warren had the test taken again in Christchurch, New Zealand in case there had been a mistake. The lab there reconfirmed the results.
    • IGF-1: This test is an indicator of the production of growth hormone in the body. Warren’s result was 162. The range for a normal healthy adult is between 75 and 212. Warren’s level is what could be expected from a healthy man several decades younger.
    • PSA: This is a test which is used to assess the health of the prostate and thus the risk of prostate cancer. The range is between 0 and 4 with the lower score being the best. Greater than 4 and the risk of prostate cancer increases. Warren’s result was 0.5 which is quite exceptional for any man over 45 let alone for someone at age 63!
    • Cortisol: This is the ‘stress’ hormone. The higher it is the greater the likelihood of having a degenerative disease. The normal range is between 6.2 and 19.4. Warren’s score was 9.90 which is really good considering that he was in a high-stress environment when the tests were done (driving around Bangkok, etc).
    • Estradiol: This is a form of estrogen. Generally, as men age their levels increase substantially as testosterone is converted to estrogen creating a significant imbalance that leads to all sorts of problems including low libido, sexual dysfunction, etc. Dr. Ali was particularly interested in seeing Warren’s results for this as he knew that Warren had been taking Total Balance Men’s for many years and that the Total Balance Men’s contained ingredients such as Chrysin which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Warren’s level of estrogen was only 30.2. This was the best result that Dr. Ali had ever seen… even better than his at 15 years younger! The healthy range for an adult man (even a young one) is between 13 and 54. Normally someone of Warren’s age would have readings of 60 or more. As Dr. Ali is also an expert on bio-identical hormones and was in Thailand lecturing doctors on the subject it was one of the first things that he ‘zeroed’ in on and which promoted his remark “Your stuff really works!” When he saw the other results he reinforced that comment and added that Warren had the biological markers of a healthy male half his age.

    As a point of interest Warren’s testosterone was 5.78 on a normal range of 2.8 and 8.0… down a bit but really good for a 63-year-old man. Given the low levels of estrogen it is actually very good as the ratios are excellent.

    So, what can be taken away from all this? Is it the supplements that have helped Warren enjoy such good health? Is it his lifestyle? What about his diet? He believes it is a combination of all three.

    He exercises regularly but not excessively (about 20 minutes several times a week). He eats well and avoids processed foods but is not a fanatic and because he travels a lot, he is forced to eat out a lot. He really does believe that it is the supplements which is the major contributor, particularly as it relates to his hormone levels, his PSA, and C-Reactive Protein. It would be very difficult to get those sorts of results from diet and lifestyle alone.