Supplements for Healthy Eye's

There are many factors that contribute to healthy eyes and the prevention of AMG and cataracts.......

We consistently receive emails from customers who have noticed a significant improvement in their eyes after being on Total Balance and Omega 3 for about a year. It is not an instant fix.

I personally have my eyes checked each year and for the last 8 years there has been no deterioration at all. In fact the optometrist says they have never seen anyone of my age whose eyes are as healthy. I totally put it down to my regime of supplements.

Recently we had a question about cataracts which I thought I would share with you;

Question from Laurie:

What do you think of the supplements that claim to help slow and sometimes reverse cataracts. Also, acetyl-L carnitine eye drops that say they can melt away the cataract.

My Response:
I think that you may be referring to the Carnosine eye drops, not carnitine. I don’t know much about them but there is no downside to taking them as far as I know.
In my opinion it is definitely possible to avoid cataracts by good supplementation. Zeaxanthin, astaxanthin, lutein and various other nutrients are good for this objective. Over the years we have had many reports from customers who have had excellent results with various eye issues including cataracts using Total Balance. Total Balance is packed with nutrients which may help maintain good eye health. I would strongly suggest that you try it.

Keep in mind though that it takes time. In fact it could take 12 months before you start seeing the benefits. There is no instant fix for this problem.
Some of our customers have also found our Omega 3 to be helpful for their eyes…which is not surprising. I have copied an email just received today from a customer commenting about this very issue.

So, if you could combine by the Total Balance and the Omega 3 into your daily regime I think that you would find this helpful. Try to use the Premium versions of both if you can, as they have more on the nutrients helpful for the eyes.
Below is a copy of an email received after we sent out our Seasons greetings to customers last month which I thought I would share with you.

Dear Warren,
A very merry Holiday Season to you and your staff too.

I have been more faithful the last year or so, taking your Omega-3 fish oil capsules.
I do believe this has made a big difference to my eyes. I used to be bothered with stinging, tearing, itching, and blurring. All this has cleared up.

Last year my optometrist told me I have cataracts growing in both of my eyes. She said, I will have to have corrective operations in a period between 5 - 8 years. This is terrible news to me, because I am petrified for such a procedure. I know, there are thousands of people who get it done every year with great success, but I would still be afraid.

The good news is, that the optometrist told me in the summer, that the cataracts had not progressed. I am delighted and wondered if the fish oil is to ‘blame’ for this. Could this be true?

Your products do a wonderful job. I tell all my friends about the pristine waters of New Zealand, where the fish is being harvested.
I am glad you have survived the terrible earthquake and that your business is so successful. More power to you.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year

5 Responses

I am happy to report that your Total Balance Premium and Omega 3 have kept me free of myasena gravis which I was diagnosed as having 3 years ago. I began taking the Total Balance and Omega 3 about a week later and have taken the prescribed dosage ever since and my eyes lids no longer droop and I never have double vision. It took only a few weeks for the drooping eyelids to improve and after a few months for the double vision to go away. I will continue to take them because they have proven to me to be a real cure for this eye problem. Thanks to Total Balance and Omega 3 oils. I am 80 years old and do not take any kind of prescription drugs or over the counter medicines. I feel I am in good health especially for my age.

CECELIA PEARSON January 21 2011

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coach November 30 2011

I last bought a pair of eyeglasses in 2003. I started taking Omega 3’s in that year, and ever since I have experienced no further deterioration in sight. I also have cataracts, but no deterioration there either. I’m buying the ResQ Omega 3’s in the U.S., but I have started to buy the "bee pollen" from Xtend-Life and have now been taking it for several months. My health is good. I’m 73.

Bill January 21 2011

I have been ordering TB and taking fish oil (from Xtend-Life and others) for something like 8 years. There were few skips from TB because a friend, in the company i work for, orders for me.

My sight is generally okay and i only use glasses for driving especially at night. I started using glasses 16 years ago. My sight capabilities did not deteriorate (Thanks God) and after taking Xtend-Life TB and fish oil for three years, i had my sight checked because i wanted to buy new glasses, and the girl who checked my eyes told me that my sight slightly improved.

I am still taking TB sometimes whenever my friend orders. I don’t trust the other cheaper commercial-based supplements. Sometimes i woner how a multivitamin/mineral/etc supplement could cost something like $8 for one month supply. Well, you could tell, something is not right.

E. Saif

Ebrahim Saif January 20 2011

I am 81 and have been eating two soft-boiled eggs daily since 1990 (at 60).  My eye doctor says that my vision (eyes) is/are perfect.  My total cholesterol and particularly my LDL  is on the low side.  I also take other supplements.

henry January 21 2011

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