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Quite often questions about the enzyme nattokinase are asked. The following question by David is quite comprehensive.

Question from David:

"Warren, I was reading about the following 3 supplements and was interested in your thoughts.

Wobenzyme: Touted to be a safer alternative to aspirin. Acts as an anti inflammatory but no bleeding issues. Rutzym: Has the enzyme, nattokinase which is found in fermented soy cheese plus some other anti inflammatory enzymes which is supposed to eat away arterial plaque. Zeolite: A negatively charged mineral that through chelation draws the excess heavy metals like lead and mercury out of the blood for healthier, less stiff arteries.

Any opinions on these would be appreciated. thanks for all that you do."

Response from Warren:

Wobenzyme has been around for a long time and to the best of my knowledge is a good product. With regard to aspirin if it is blood thinning you are looking for it is hard to go past a quality fish oil.

With regard to the product Rutzym its main active is Nattokinase. The interesting thing is only one form of Nattokinase is approved by the US FDA and that is known as Nattozimes by the National Enzyme Company.

The 'unapproved' versions are produced from a bacteria which the FDA is not happy about. The approved one which we use is by fermentation.

Unless it is stated on the label the Nattokinase will not be the Nattozimes.

The amount of Nattokinase per serving in the product Rutzym is quite low at 25mgs.  Even lower when it is considered that it is just 25,000FU/gm. In our Cardio-Klenz we use 50mgs per serving of Nattozimes which has a potency of 35,000FU/gram.  We use the same amount in our premium versions of Total Balance.

But, in our Cardio-Klenz we also use Serrapetase which is another very good enzyme.  If you are looking for something to help clear arteries I think you will find that the Cardio-Klenz is a much more comprehensive and potent supplement for this purpose.

I looked into Zeolite some time ago and wasn’t particularly impressed mainly because it was marketed by an MLM company and some of the claims were way over the top. But, I will admit that I have not done detailed research on the various forms of Zeolite and therefore cannot give a considered opinion on it.

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Hi Mohamed,

We do use Black Cumin Extract in Total Balance which is as I understand that same as the black seed that you are referring to.


Warren Matthews January 19 2011


I read Warren’blog dd 2007 Jan regard concerns of nattokinase. 

Is time to review on this enzyme again as nattokinase NSK SD JNKA has fully accredited for safe.

Henry May 18 2016

Hi Miss and Bernadette,

Nutritional supplementation is essential for people with epilepsy, due to the interruption or overactivity of neurotransmitter activity and natural chemical disturance in neuronal activity that can eminate effects potentially to all other body systems.

Of course a healthy diet and fluid intake is essential, as is general exercise within your means.

I would suggest from us the appropriate versions of Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA, depending on your age and other needs, at full optimal doses of each daily, along with our

Neuro-Natural Memory supplement, which contains further ingredients to help more specifically with the connected neurological and nervous systems.

The ingredients included in the above supplementation protocol that may help specifically include DMG to help increase oxygenation, l-carnitine, helping to deliver DHA to the cells (essential for their function), l-tyrosine, important in proper brain function, magnesium to help calm the nerves, taurine, for neurological and blood cell function, and vitamin B complexes to help the function of the CNS.

Additionally you can take Black cohosh, Hyssop, and Lobelia to help control the CNS.
I hope this helps as a general start.


Xtend-Life Expert January 17 2011

what would be recommended for someone with epilepsy? who has had it since 13 years of age?
could anything help that he must take dilantin – for the rest of his life?
what vitamins might be helpful?

miss January 12 2011

Hi Jil,

Neprinol contains some good enzymes that are helpful to general health. It can be a helpful product if you just want these enzymes on their own, for a shorter-term health purpose. So certainly continue with it if you wish to. The only thing I will say is that it is very expensive for what it contains. Our Total Balance, for example, contains the same types of ingredients, plus much more besides for many other areas of general health, immunity and anti-aging, and is much more advanced for longevity and long-term health, and actually works out cheaper in value. This is just for info. If you are happy with the Neprinol and only want the enzyme content, this is fine to take.


Xtend-Life Expert January 19 2011

I am also interested in hearing about anything that might help someone with epilepsy.Thankyou.

Xtend-Life Expert January 14 2011

Hi Warren,

Just wondering if Black Seed blessed by Prophet Mohammed and recommended for almost all illness by Islamic natural healers is in any of your products?


Mohamed January 11 2011

Hello Warren I take Neprinol AFD….What is your opinion….done marvels for me in reducing adhesions in stomach and relaxing psoas muscle….Jil

jil January 15 2011

 enzymewhere can i buy those enzyme? over the counter?Angela

angela January 16 2011

Hi Angela,
The products mentioned from us that contain Nattozimes and Serrapetase are available from our website. We deliver worldwide. The other products mentioned are not from us but are available to view on the Net.


Xtend-Life Expert January 18 2011

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