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Bone & Joint Health

New Zealand’s Secret Ingredient For Healthy Joints and Muscles

Folklore has it that the Māori people of New Zealand never got arthritis.

It seems the native Māori people had discovered their own source of health and mobility – their traditional diet was rich in Green Lipped Mussels (also called kuku or kūtai) and other seafood, allowing for better mobility well into their later years.

Jump forward a few hundred years and researchers are rediscovering the benefits of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. Studies have shown that the distinctive Green Lipped Mussel can help with joint pain and mobility, and assist your body in managing inflammation.


The benefits of Green Lipped Mussels

Support For Joint Health with Green Lipped Mussels


Found only in the pristine waters of the New Zealand coastline, Green Lipped Mussels are one of nature’s most powerful superfoods, containing a range of bioactive ingredients:

1. Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)

Green Lipped Mussels are naturally high in glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are the principal components of cartilage and the fluid found in joints. As you age, you lose precious GAGs and your cartilage becomes drier, thinner and more brittle. The GAGs in Green Lipped Mussels help to restore elasticity within your connective tissue and maintain healthy joints.

2. Omega 3 fatty acids

Green Lipped Mussels are also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which help manage inflammation and promote tissue repair. The omega-3 fatty acids in Green Lipped Mussels can help reduce the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, sports injuries and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after intense exercise. By keeping joints lubricated, omega-3 fatty acids can help relieve stiffness and promote joint mobility.

3. Chondroitin

The final joint-friendly ingredient in Green Lipped Mussels is chondroitin, which works hand in hand with GAGs to build healthy cartilage and joint fluid. Chondroitin can help rebuild joint tissue, assisting with arthritic conditions and supporting recovery from injury.


But wait there's more...

Green Lipped Mussels are highly nutrient-dense, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and omega-3s to nourish the entire body. Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder offers benefits beyond improved joint comfort and mobility:



Immune Support

1. Immune system

A healthy immune system means everything, and Green Lipped Mussel Powder may help support the body’s ability to fight both viral and bacterial infections, as well as improving the production of antibodies, supporting wound healing. And because it supports healthy inflammation management, it has the potential to help manage healthy bacteria in the gut, where 80 percent of the immune system is.



2. Nutrition

Essential omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates in Green Lipped Mussels contribute to the body's total daily nutritional requirements. This can help improve overall health, boost endurance and energy levels and fill in gaps that may exist in even the healthiest of diets.


Bones and Teeth

3. Bones and teeth

By supporting the health of surrounding tissue, there is less pressure on both teeth and bones, so they have the support they need to stay strong.


Hair, Skin and Nails

4. Skin, hair and nails

The omega-3s in Green Lipped Mussels can provide benefits both inside and out, supporting the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails. Two key glycosaminoglycans - dermatansulfate and hyaluronate – can also significantly reduce the visible signs of aging by helping collagen and elastin stay healthy and pliable.


Nervous System

5. Nervous system

When nerve cells function better thanks to the lubrication provided by omega-3s, organs work better, muscles repair themselves more quickly and tissue regenerates at a faster rate.


Heart Health

6. Heart health

Those omega-3s also help benefit the circulatory system, supporting blood flow to and from the heart and supporting the health of arterial walls.


Pet Health

7. Pet health

A 2013 study from Canadian researchers1 found that Green Lipped Mussel supplements contributed significantly to the well-being of dogs with joint discomfort, improving both pain and mobility. "This shows the efficacy of a GLM-enriched diet, which should definitely be proposed as an adjunctive treatment to conventional medication," researchers said.


Backed by science

Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Green Lipped Mussels in supporting joint and muscle health. A study by the University of Queensland found that Aroma's GlycOmega-PLUS™ Green Lipped Mussel Powder (the exact form we use in our Green Lipped Mussel Powder) eased joint discomfort in 59 percent of those taking the supplement. The study also found that the freeze-dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder helped reduce the presence of a certain bacteria that promotes chronic inflammation2.


Support your joints with Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Xtend-Life's high strength, 100% pure Green Lipped Mussel Powder is sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand. Our powder helps support sore and painful joints, promote muscle repair and aid recovery from injury, so you can keep doing the things you love while moving with ease.To find out more, download our...

Green Lipped Mussel Buyer's Guide

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Green Lipped Mussel Buyer's Guide



  • “Hi Sandy. Thank you for your comment. This is a great question. While there is no way to stop degenerative disc disease, there are ways to help ease the pain experienced from this condition. Green Lipped Mussel Powder could be very beneficial to help reduce inflammation in the body, as it contains pure chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin sulfate may help decrease pain and restore mobility to degenerated joints and cartilage. In addition, I would recommend our Omega 3 / QH Ultra, as this is a great supplement to further manage inflammation in the body; and Not Just Joints. Not Just Joints contains green lipped mussel powder in the ingredients, but also contains glucosamine, which act like magnets that attract fluid into the proteoglycan molecules. This is important because the fluid acts as a shock absorber and sweeps nutrients to the cartilage. I hope this helps Sandy, but please email us if you have any further questions. Kind Regards, Ashley – Xtend-Life Customer Relations Team”

    Customer Care Team September 28 2020

  • “Hi. Would this help me for degenerative disc disease? I am on pain medication for it but it’s just not enough. I have pain 24/7. Thanks in advance.”

    Sandy September 28 2020

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