Number One Strategy For Maintaining Health & Slowing The Aging Process Part 2

    As promised in the first video, in this video I will continue with the second tip of these series. Without any more delays let us get into this second tip and I hope you will benefit from it as much as I have in the past 20 years.


    Thank you for joining me again on this journey to good health. As promised in the first video, in this video I will continue with the second tip of these series. Without any more delays let us get into this second tip and I hope you will benefit from it as much as I have in the past 20 years.

    In good health,


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    I do enjoy your products, and hope that you don’t become a publicly owned company (i.e. listed on the stock exchange) as I feel that then, profits will become more important than quality. It would certainly be a red flag for me. It is vitally important that your quality is maintained to the highest in the world. If not you’ll become just another supplement company pushing average products. It is my wish that you continue your great work and dedication to quality and appropriate pricing standards. Nothing is more important than integrity. Cheers from the USA.

    Allan October 05 2017

    Hi Susanna, Glad you enjoyed the videos and pleased to hear that you are enjoying a good healthy life. Thanks for your commentsand take care. Warren

    Warren Matthews October 10 2017

    Do you have soy free products? I have hashimotos and must avoid soy

    Xtend-Life Expert October 12 2017

    Thank you for the videos Warren. The influence of pharmaceutical companies on medical schools is a serious concern. Prevention is absolutely the key as you pointed out and something I have focused on for many years I have been using Xtend Life for about 5 years now. I turned 60 this year and feel terrific. I work hard, exercise more and enjoy life free of any medication. Love the philosophy behind Xtend-Life and its commitment to research and quality Loved your first video too. Reminded me of the Mind Body Code by Dr Mario Martinez on how to change the beliefs that limit your health, longevity and success. Cheers from Sydney

    Xtend-Life Expert October 07 2017

    Hello John, Sorry you didnt like our products. Not sure which one you are referring to as our Total Balance is not a multi. We do of course have a multi which is called Multi-Xtra. Actually, you will find that magnesium stearate is in the other products you buy but they are not listing it. There is a lot of misinformation about Mag Stearate on the internet. It is only used in minute quantities and is derived from vegetables and completely safe. The price of it is irrelevant as there is so little used. It is used to reduce sticking when tableting. In good health, Warren.

    Warren Matthews October 06 2017

    Hi Gene I appreciate your comments and thoughts. Yes, I agree that the overwhelming majority of the studies have been done using Ubiquinone and not Ubiquinol. This is primarily because there are multiple manufacturers of Ubiquinone and only one official one of Ubiquinol which is Kaneka in Japan. There are some other Chinese knockoffs however, but the quality is questionable. But, as you say it is acknowledged that the Ubiquinol is better absorbed. I have experienced the effectiveness of it personally in that my CoQ10 levels in my body when I last measured them last year were at 1680ug/L which is the highest of the optimal range. I take 4 soft gels of QH/Ultra a day. Yes, we are very much aware of the unstable nature of Ubiquinol. This is why when adding the Ubiquinol to the Omega 3 oil that the container is opened and weighed in a blanket of nitrogen to prevent any oxidation and why it is mixed in the oil to prevent any degradation. We would not use this ingredient in a normal capsule as it would indeed convert to Ubiquinone during the encapsulation and blending process. As far as I know we are the only company that treats the use of Ubiquinol in this manner. Interestingly, Kaneka in Japan who manufacture both Ubiquinol and Ubquinone have quite recently done something to the Ubiquinol to better stabilize it. We are confident in the methods that we use to prevent degradation. Once again thanks for your thoughts All the best, Warren

    Warren Matthews October 24 2017

    One thing I do not like is that some products you use magnesium sterate in your products and this is not needed and just a cheap flow agent. I have taken other multi vitamins and have taken from xtend life as well but do not like the multi so go else where for this.

    John October 05 2017

    Hello Allan, I appreciate your commentsthank you. I can assure you that we will never compromise our principles of ensuring that our quality is as good as it gets. In good health, Warren

    Warren Matthews October 06 2017

    I don’t see the button you refer to

    Xtend-Life Expert October 12 2017

    Hello Warren, I have used your products and generally agree with most of what you espouse. I am a product of the conventional medical science factory with several degrees and extensive work history in Nutrition at senior levels in large university teaching hospitals. However, I have since escaped the mainstream paradigm and discovered the truth about human health and the various global industrial complexes that strive to control our lives, including our bodies. However, be careful with what you say about CoQ10 because the science is incomplete but the bandwagon is already doing its rounds. All meaningful science on the benefits of CoQ10 were done with ubiquinone, not ubiquinol. Ubiquinol has not been studied for benefits, only for absorption. Yes, ubiquinol is supposed to be better absorbed, BUT IT CHANGES INTO UBIQUINONE AS SOON AS IT ENTERS THE BODY. In fact ubiquinol is expensive, very unstable and starts to change to the more durable ubiquinone even in the capsules! For instance you may not know that ubiquinol we pay so much extra for, has already deteriorated into the cheaper (but proven effective) form of ubiquinone by the time you put it in your mouth. Cheers

    Gene October 18 2017

    Having lived in Christchurch, NZ for 5 years, I have total confidence in NZ products. I have been taking Total Balance Women’s Premium for 10 months. I economize by only taking it 4 times a week, but I will take it daily now, and apply your wonderful tips for daily living. Thank you!

    SP LIM October 12 2017

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