Xtend-Life Customer Relations Team – WIN!

Xtend-Life’s Customer Relations team entered the New Zealand National Contact Centre Awards this year. We wanted to benchmark ourselves against the best, to see if we were providing the very best in Customer Service!

The audit ran over a period of 7 weeks. Read about this exciting adventure and how we did

Here at Xtend-Life we are really proud to say the Xtend-Life Customer Relations Team have successfully taken part in the CRM/CCINZ New Zealand Contact Centre Awards.  As this was our first year of entering the awards our goal was to make the finals of our Industry Sector.

After a month of mystery calls and emails, we were very proud to have met our initial goal of making it to the finals of our Sector.

The objective of the survey is to measure the quality of service delivered by Contact Centres over the telephone and Internet, and to raise awareness of the impact that this has upon the image of the business they are a part of, and the quality of service offered by their organisation. The survey also provides benchmarking data against which individual performance which can be measured, highlighting specific areas of strength and weakness in relation to the performance of other Contact Centres.

A team of trained consultants conducts an extensive series of 'mystery telephone calls' to those Contact Centres in each category over a four-week period. Each Contact Centre also received a series of website enquiries using a variety of pre-determined scenarios designed to evaluate the quality of call and email handling.

A quantitative analysis of all data is conducted, which generates a score and ranking for each participating Contact Centre. This was used to determine the best-performing company in each of the 16 industry sectors.

Last Friday, the Customer Relations team winged their way to Auckland to attend the prestigious awards evening.  We are delighted and proud to announce that we won our Industry Sector. 

However, it would be fair to say that overall the true winners throughout this process are all of our valued CUSTOMERS, who will enjoy the benefits of an even better team whose focus is solely on customers and meeting their needs.

I am incredibly proud of my team and their commitment to improvement.  Improvement that ultimately will have a positive impact on all of our customers.

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Hi James

I have responded to your email address.

Kind regards

Xtend-Life Expert October 14 2013

How? You can’t even respond to emails. Terrible customer service

James October 14 2013

Hi Dave

Hmmmm, I’m not sure? :)  You could try it but I don’t think I will volunteer to taste it!  :)

Kind regards

Xtend-Life Expert October 07 2013

I’ve never had a problem, have to remember though, time zone is a problem.
you guys get up when I’m going to bed.
most ?? I find the answers to using your search function, massive amount of info on your site.
hats off to your guys for that.

ever thought of a user forum people could communicate through instead of blog or email?
I know moderation, and trolls can be a problem, but…. (+ my email isn’t exactly private)

Dave October 16 2013


just for fun;

"your Neuro-Natural has Hops in it, if I take it with water and yeast will it make beer?"


DaveM October 07 2013

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