Wrong emphasis for prostate cancer screening?

According to an article in the journal of Clinical Oncology earlier this year researchers from the University of Chicago say that two thirds of the number of tests for PSA (prostate-specific antigen) are actually carried out on men aged 70 or more, and even those over 85 years of age. It’s a bit pointless really and it could well initiate treatment in these older men that will create discomfort and distress but have no impact on their overall longevity.


If a man over 70 has an elevated PSA but no other symptoms of prostate cancer the likelihood of him dying from it is very low as it takes a long time to get to that stage. So, if you are over 70 and have an elevated PSA and you are being pushed to undergo some invasive process be sure to get other opinions and research the potential downsides.

The imbalance of the testing indicates that men between 50 and 70 are largely being overlooked. These are the men who could best be served by becoming aware of a developing problem earlier than later, particularly those in their early 50s.

Although some experts have reservations about the value of PSA tests they are non-invasive and quite inexpensive. If your PSA is elevated then that can be an early signal to assess your lifestyle, diet and consider what actions you can take to prevent it from getting any worse.

Remember that prostate cancer is quite different to simply having an enlarged prostate although an enlarged prostate can lead to cancer.

If you are 50 years of age or more it is quite easy for most men to avoid an enlarged prostate by correct lifestyle, diet and exercise along with supplementation. Almost 10 years ago in my early 50s I was at a point in which I was starting to have to go to the bathroom 2 or 3 times a night.

But, after about a year on our Total Balance Men'sthat problem had completely gone and I have not had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom since. And…our Total Balance is much more potent now than it was 10 years ago.

Our Total Balance is not unique in this area. I have had reliable reports from other men of success in this area with other supplements. You just have to ensure that the extracts they are using are pure and have the potency claimed.

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Both of my Grandfathers died from prostate cancer. This is the number one reason why I take Total Men’s balance. They were both in excellent condition other then the prostate cancer however, neither men went to doctors and by the time the symptoms had manifested, it was too late for them.

I urge all men older than forty to get checked annually.

Carl April 14 2011

Hi Martin…certainly a good idea to check your PSA…but, it is likely to be an enlarged prostate. I would suggest that you start ‘working’ on it to help it normalise. If you use either of the versions of Total Balance you may find it will help. You could also add the Male Rejuvenator to give it a bit more ‘punch’ in that area.

Warren Matthews April 21 2011

I had the normal symptoms with going to the bathroom four/five times
a night; I had the strong urges to go during the day. If I didn’t go as
fast as I could, there was an issue.
I had PSA every so often, I started out in the high 2’s. Then in six
months it went to four’s………..once it reached 4.7 the doctor did
a biopsy and found a trace of cancer. So wanted to monitor it
for six months. My main doctor died, I was given to another
one. He kept asking for PSA, the figure even became in
the low six’s and did nothing. He me home for a whole year.
I should have gone to someone else right away, he had
3,000 patients, and I know he couldn’t keep up.
But like a horse’s ashe I waited a year and now my count
was mid 8’s. Did a biopsy and found three small tumors
side by side on one section of my prostrate. I opted to
good for the seed implantion radiation treatment. I had
it done in October 2009. My count now is .03.
No urges to go to the bathroom, don’t get up in the night
to go to the bathroom, maybe once a week, I will get up
once. But I don’t drink anything after 7pm. It’s now a
waiting game to see if it will hold up. I am always waiting for
the other use to drop but thus far so good.

Mitch Alepoudakis April 15 2011

Normally, Man 54,  I might go to the bathroom once per night
After party’s with lots of ice cooled drinks however I have to go 4-5 times
this is something from the past 5-6 years
Think I need to check PSA?

Martin April 19 2011

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