Why Skin Care For Men?

Skin care may seem like a scary topic to some guys, especially a few years ago. However these days, more and more men are realizing the importance of looking after their skin. Men tend to have a slightly oilier skin than women which also makes them prone to clogged pores and skin conditions like acne, pimples and blackheads.

Imagine if men didn’t wash their faces with natural effective facial cleansers! In this day and age, you’ll find many men follow some form of skin routine and it almost always starts with a cleanser. Unfortunately, many cleansers contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that may cause more damage to the skin than actually clean it.

This is why using Xtend-Life’s Foaming Facial Cleanser has become so popular with our male customers. It’s a product that they can identify with and it deep cleanses the skin with its synergistic formula of natural ingredients.

Now moving onto shaving. What a mission! I loathe shaving and wish I could grow a beard instead. However, my wife won’t let me into the house if I did, hence why I have to shave every day.

Like most men who shave frequently, my skin can get dehydrated quite easily. This is why using a moisturizing cream like Xtend-Life’s Men’s Age Defying Facial Fluid as an aftershave as well as a general facial moisturizer is brilliant for the skin...as opposed to alcohol-based aftershaves and other moisturizers containing chemicals or parabens.

You don’t want to be adding harsh chemical-based products to your skin...especially after a bout of shaving when your skin is vulnerable.

It’s also important to nourish your skin from the inside out. Using Omega 3 / DHA Plus is a great way to lay the foundation for better skin health and appearance from the very cells that make the skin what it is.

This one-two punch approach to skincare is something that many men will benefit from. Coupled with maintaining their health and wellbeing through nutritional supplements like Total Balance Men’s and ensuring better digestion with the help of Kiwi-Klenz (digestion can play a key role in the health and appearance of the skin), you too can get the kind of skin that makes you look how you feel...younger, healthier and full of life!

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Hello Mike,

You are correct Mike on the costs of the skin products that XTendLife offer. I purchase my monthly nutrition pills from these guys and my bill runs me close to $125.00 a month. I would love to buy one or two of their skin products but I just cannot afford it. I wish Xtendlife would be a little cheaper on the skin products. Like be able to get two skin products for $50.00 or less. I would love to buy more but being in college and the expensive of everyday living puts me over the edge just enough so I cannot buy the skin care products…

Justin September 27 2012


Sure your products are great, though cost is an issue for me and i’d rather spend it on

nutritional products. I use an all natural cleanser which runs me about $9.00 and lasts a long time as much is not needed. My after shave is a thin layer of coconut oil which must be o.k. as i have no problems and get compliments on my appearance (at 65—hmnn, pretty good).

I had 3 small very dry skin patches on my arm, almost seemed like a fungus of some sort. Tried treating them with coconut oil, in 3 days they are gone—amazing stuff. As far as internally, i’m not comvinced that saturated fat is good.



Mike April 19 2012

Good! <span id= x_page-title >Xtend Life Blog Skin Care For Men ,

It will be very effective for men’s skin care.


monowar hossain October 06 2013

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