What about the silicon dioxide in supplements?

Question: from Chin

Hi Xtend-Life team,

From your supplements ingredients, I noticed there are food additives like silicon dioxide and others. I wonder whether this is safe and non-harmful (100% natural) to our body tissues, when absorbed into our blood stream.


I have attached the info from an online search below: "the following article explores the theory that silicon dioxide - a chemical excipient in most nutritional supplement pills and many pharmaceutical drug tablets – may be the cause of a range of symptoms, including forms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This article documents the author’s findings and his observations of how his own Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia symptoms directly correlated with his intake of supplements and pharmaceuticals containing silicon dioxide."

I will be grateful if you can explain and reply to me. Your supplements seem good except for those addictives.

Answer: from Warren

Hi Chin,

The ‘theory’ you refer to re: silicon dioxide is not a good one scientifically. Silicon dioxide is everywhere. It is inert when ingested and passes through the body intact. If it did break down in the body it would be released as silica and oxygen, both of which are beneficial to the body.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that silicon dioxide is found all over the world. Not only is it the foundation of sand on beaches, in bodies of water and in deserts, but it is also found in drinking water, in plants and in animals.

Therefore, it is naturally part of the foods we eat. No scientific research has found whether it is a necessary nutrient for our bodies, nor has research found any signs that it causes harm to the body.

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Hi Rob,
Thanks for your concerns. We would certainly never use something that is dangerous. As Warren explained Silicon dioxide is everywhere. It is inert when ingested and passes through the body intact. In good health, Xtend-life Customer Care Team

Customer Care October 21 2021

Sounds dangerous. Just cause the government says it’s okay doesn’t mean its safe and good for you. . Scientists are literally in the governments and big pharma’s pocket. So they’ll say whatever they need to, in order to keep you showing up in the Doctors office.

Rob October 21 2021

Hi Jenny,

Yes, we are currently working on the next generation of Total Balance. Actually I am quite excited about it as it will have some further improvements. However, it is still about six months away. Under our GMP program it takes us longer to complete the phasing in of new products.

With regard to the Nutgrass in the eye gelI think that this is a good idea and we will raise it with our cosmetic chemist with a view to adding it in. Not sure when we could phase it in as even small changes require quite a lot of planningnew tubes etc.

Warren Matthews July 20 2010

Hi Warren & Team,

Thankyou Chin for your question re silicon dioxide & Fatigue Syndrome. Recently I have noted definite changes in my energy levels & face,jaw & teeth discomfort. I am convinced it is related to the bonds attaching my dental wires to stabilize my bottom teeth following braces. Research seems to say the bonds consist of a hard plastic & silicone dioxide amorphosis. It has been frustrating me that I cannot do what should be simple tasks. This week my bonds & wires must be removed in the hope that my symptoms improve. I also note my toothpaste contains Silicon dioxide also

prue July 18 2016

Hi Warren,

What is next for Xtend life products like Total Balance? I know you guys are always working on new things trying to Improve your products further which i think is great!

Anything in the pipeline for Total Balance? And what about your skincare, improve of them further? And have you considered adding nutgrass in to the eye gel? To help combat under dark circles?

Would be really interesting to hear an update.



Jenny July 19 2010

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