What about the effect of Resveratrol on Estrogen?

Question: from David

I've read articles which said resveratrol is both an estrogen agonist (enhance) & antagonist (decrease), with most leaning towards antagonist.

Two points - what does your research indicate? Secondly, if antagonist, it is good for men, but "tricky" for women.

Your Total Balance Women's Premium, Cardio-Klenz, etc, each contain 50 mg. What ingredients in your supplements for women ensure that estrogen levels are not adversely impacted?

Answer: by Joanna

Hi David,

Resveratrol is a weak phytoestrogen. It binds to both alpha and beta estrogen receptors. Trans-resveratrol (the natural form, and the type we use in our Total Balance and Cardio-Klenz) has mixed agonist and antagonist activity on the estrogen-alpha receptor, but its affinity for these receptors is about 7,000 times less than estrogen itself.

So when used at the type of low dosage we use, even when combined, together with the other hormonal balancing ingredients in both our Men and Women's Total Balance formulas, its action is more that of a mild balancer, it isn't specific enough to be considered detrimental in either case.

If it were being used in high dosage, on its own, then because resveratrol might have estrogenic effects at this level, women with hormone sensitive conditions - such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, and endometriosis and uterine fibroids - would be advised to avoid such intake levels.

We would give the same potential cautions concerning the other hormonal balancing ingredients in our women's formula, if someone was undergoing cancer treatment for example.

However, for general health and balance these are fine and interact with the other ingredients to bring about optimal balance.

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What do you consider continuous HIGH dosages?

mike September 11 2019

If resveratrol affect estrogen, could this have a adverse inpact on men, like high levels of estrogen, maybe develop breast?

Pedro December 18 2012


I recently began taking an oral contraceptive and it’s a low dose estrogen formula (Loestrin). I am curious to know if resveratrol will have any effect on the pill that I am taking. Please advise.


Joi G

Joi G August 04 2010

Hi Rosa,

I think the first thing to do would be to try to balance your body generally, with a little emphasis on hormonal balance. So I would initially and essentially look at Total Balance Womens Premium (or Standard if you are on mor of a budget and unable to take the Premium) at full daily dose. Also if you can, Omega 3/QH Ultra at 4 per day for further general help.

See how you get on for the first few months, and monitor your progress if you aren’t taking anything else at all.

It is possible that if you need further help you could add the Female Rejuvenator, but I would see how you get on with these first.

Ensure of course that your diet is good, your fluid intake high and pure, and plenty of regular daily exercise, within your means.

Keep me posted.

Xtend-Life Expert January 10 2012

So, what type of suppliment(s) do you recommend women with a history of hormone positive cancer take, since the Women’s Total Balance formula obviously would not be save for them use?

Anonymous July 31 2010

Dear Anonymous,

Some of our readers may not know what a hormone positive cancer is, so Ill take this opportunity to present a brief overview.

Cancers of the reproductive organs in women and men can be classified as either hormone sensitive or not. Hormone sensitive cancers grow faster under the influence of specific hormones. In women, the hormone is usually estrogen and in men, testosterone. Incidentally, evidence exists that other non-reproductive organs may also exhibit hormone sensitivity.

Once you have been informed that you have a hormone cancer your treatment strategy may include the use of drugs and or other substances that block specific hormone receptors. For example, the drug Tamoxifen, a derivative of the Pacific Yew Tree, is a potent estrogen receptor blocker and is commonly used in the treatment of hormone sensitive breast cancer.

It is also important to note that drugs and other substances can be relatively strong or weak receptor stimulators. Estrogens are strong estrogen receptor stimulators whereas phytoestrogens, like isoflavones found in soy products are weak estrogen receptor stimulators.

Why is this important? Weak estrogen receptor stimulators are thought to reduce the risk of developing some cancers simply by blocking the receptor from the influence of a strong receptor. Debate continues about whether one should avoid even weak estrogen receptor stimulators once the diagnosis of hormone sensitive.

I would recommend that taking the Unisex version of Total Balance and one of the Omega 3 products.

Xtend-Life Expert August 09 2010

Hi Joi

No, there is no adverse effect potential by taking the resveratrol levels and form we use in our formulas and taking the pill. You are fine to take both.

Xtend-Life Expert August 06 2010

I have a complete hysterectomy, i donot take estrogen at all. I hsve depression, anxiety, nifgt sewats. ans so. I believe I need something natural to balance my hornoned what do you recomens. I can not take black cosh.

rosacooper January 10 2012

Hi Pedro

The simple answer is no, if you are taking it as directed in the type of quantities we have in our formulas, and not in continuous high dosages. As my original response states above, it is only if used in high doses, on its own, that it may cause actual oestrogenic effects. In smaller levels, such as in Total Balance, or Cardio-Klenz, it doesn’t have this effect.

Xtend-Life Expert December 18 2012

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