Top Five Health Tips For Women Navigating Their Fifties

The days of 50-year-old women fading into the background are long over. Rather, we are embracing life and what it throws at us. Life is full and fantastic; we are climbing career ladders, joining gyms and eating healthier than we have ever eaten before.  Basically woman of my generation know what they want and how to go after it.

Generally speaking we no longer have to live with the fear of pregnancy, we have our menopausal hormones under control and the world of freedom is open to us. We are confident and comfortable in our own skin, smart and self-secure. Women over 50 know who they are, where they are going and frankly, they know that 50 is amazing.

Here are five tips to help you navigate 50 and the changes it brings, hopefully it will help you embrace your life at the age of 50, to age gracefully and beautifully.

#1. Find your fitness

50 is the new 40, so make time for you. Exercise is one of the keys to long-term health and vitality, and can contribute greatly to a healthy lifestyle. If you have put your fitness on the back-burner, now is the time to reengage with it. For me, the daily act of attaching a Fitbit to my arm, starting my own beautiful relationship with my body, being comfortable in my own skin, leads on to everything else.

Here is another reason that might just motivate you. Researchers in Sweden surveyed 793 women who had reached natural menopause, 5% of those who exercised more than 2 hours a week had severe hot flashes, compared with 14 to 16% of those who did few or no weekly workouts. That is a lot of women dodging hot flushes, naturally.

#2.  Focus on shifting your focus!

Boost your self-esteem by shifting the focus from your flaws to your attributes. After having babies, stretch marks, cellulite and other lumps and bumps become the normal - imperfections don't matter. The truth of the matter is men just don’t care! Show your confidence, we women over 50 know who we are; we know our own values and what it takes to be our best self.

#3.  Food-as-medicine

Add superfoods to your daily supplement regime.

Superfoods, if consumed regularly can have a wonderful rejuvenating effect on your skin - helping you look and feel younger. Besides this effect, they are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods packed with highly nourishing properties that can help slow down aging; not only of the skin but also of many vital organs in your body. The emphasis is on the regularity of the consumption - consider them beauty bombs.

#4 Accidental overload

The subject of sex is nothing new in the world of food-as-medicine. What goes on in the bedroom can sometimes be directly affected by what occurs in the kitchen - often in a detrimental way (who feels sexy after a meal of pizza?).  However, certain superfoods can boost your vitality in more ways than one, and can effectively put more sizzle between the sheets… so to speak!

After reading customer reviews about Zupafood ELITE, I decided to switch up my superfood intake to our flagship Zupafood ELITE. What I had not bargained on with Zupafood ELITE was the medicinal mushrooms included in this blend do have a libido-boosting effect on me. I did some research on the subject. Cordyceps mushrooms have long been used to boost libido and sex drive. A lift in energy and libido, and glowing skin… that is my kind of superfood!!

#5.  Balance those hormones.   

If I am honest, on more than one occasion I have blamed my hormones for something! They are largely responsible for keeping your energy up, your weight down, your hot flashes under control, your mood and how much sex we want.

However hormone imbalances go way beyond menopause and hot flushes.

Weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, depression and mood swings can all be associated with hormonal imbalance and left untreated, hormonal imbalances can lead to diseases like cancer and diabetes.

So what's a menopausal woman to do?

The bad news is the majority of woman across the world turn to synthetic treatments such as synthetic hormone replacement therapy, which can do three things:

  • Causes serious side effects by increasing your risk of stroke, osteoporosis and cancer.
  • Women can become dependent on prescription drugs - for the rest of their lives.
  • Masks the symptoms while you develop disease in other areas of the body.

That option was out for me. I have watched my best friend battle with HRT - she now has more facial hair than her husband and no sex drive. In her own words, the last five years have been a rollercoaster.

I am taking a natural approach and it is working for me. I have laced up my sneakers, I am doing light cardio, eating well and taking Hormone-Support for Her -without the side effects of hormones. All of these things are working together for me in a much more holistic way to the problems of menopause and aging.


Once you recover from the voice in your head that says you're too old, the whole ball game changes. To me this stage of life is the beginning of when life gets really interesting – in a good way.

Where to from here? Ladies my suggestion is make the rest of your lives, the best of your lives. If you are interested in taking a natural approach to managing or balancing your hormones safely, I suggest you drop our customer relation’s team an email at, outlining your concerns and health objectives. This team is totally dedicated to one-on-one customer support and recommendations. Their advice is free and they have a clear understanding on taking a holistic approach to help you look and feel your best - naturally. They sure have helped me.

Want to join our conversation about keeping healthy in your fifties and beyond? Our bi-weekly electronic newsletters, Health Matters, are a conversation about health. We believe the future is in preventative health, prevention is better than a cure.


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Thanks for mentioning eating more superfoods to slow down aging and help your organs. My sister turns 50 this year and is freaking out about aging and staying as healthy as possible. I’ll share this with her so she knows what kind of supplements to take and what kind of specialists to see.

Taylor Hansen January 29 2021

Dear Narniece and Muriel

thank you ever so much for your kind comments on my blog.

Such a tricky subject:)  But such a great time in our lives, I still have many adventures ahead of me, and I look forward to each and every one of them.

In Good Health 


Xtend-Life Expert October 26 2016

Hi Catherine Anne, A real 51-year-old and Anita 

Julie here, author of this blog.I apologise if you do not feel the image reflects the blog, I agonised over the image selected for my blog, it is very hard to find an image that does reflect fifty and living life to the fullest which is the essence of my blog.

I felt very strongly that I did not want to use an image of myself with my girlfriends, I really do not want my parents or grown children reading a blog about my hormones or my sex life! 

Please ignore the image and read the blog, it has some great tips, and I will keep your comments in mind for the next blog. 

In Good Health Julie.

Xtend-Life Expert October 26 2016

Thank-you ..I havectried to stop Premarin  for natural products and seem to be not handling it well enough…start to feel terrible about a month after natural…and then go back to Premarin and then start to feel better…any suggestions please????

Dawn December 26 2016

Hello Helen, Niki, Norizan and Betty, 

First of all – thank you for reading my blog, and taking the time to leave your comments.

I was talking to Warren Matthews our Founder and Chairman last week and he told me from 60+ life gets really exciting,  Warren leads a very big life, on observation of that I have to agree with him!

However at 65 you need to start to consider your bone and joint health, we have a range of products specifically designed for exactly that.  I suggest that you take a look at this page on our website

Ladies you have inspired us to write a blog about 65 plus, so stay tuned we will get that written as soon as possible.

You can also contact our this team is totally dedicated to one-on-one customer support and recommendations.

Finally Betty – I smiled all day about your tattoo, go you!

Thank you again for your comments

In Good Health 

Xtend-Life Expert March 08 2016

I am very comfortable in my skin and won’t care less what the whole thinks.

Joining religious activities makes me relax and meeting many nice people. 

Thank you for your article. Love it.

Sophia ling March 05 2016

The Fit Bit is on the wishlist now. Great article Julie :)

Amanda March 04 2016

Thank you. This is what I m doing and I feel great

Sue March 05 2016

I am 56 and started my exercise about a few months ago and I feel energetic again.. doing exercises with my loving hubby and enjoyed doing it together.. eat well and have fun again. I feel like younger back 

Noorzila Norddin March 06 2016

Enjoying my 50s ..hve my fitness club.. .looking good..very informative  article..

Sue March 05 2016

I agree with Helen (Mar 04, 2016) – what about us senior citizens?

Niki March 06 2016

I just clock 50 n amazingly i do not look my age..tremendous glow appear at this point of age . Youthful look, great body shape, healthy in both physicaly and intimacy..16 years of daily yoga, brisk walking n hill hike..most of people describe me i look in 30s then my real age..with 2 bachelor boys. Eat leafy green vege n keep balance diet. Beauty is an asset

Norizan Abd Rahman March 06 2016

Where can I get this FITBIT magazine???

Mdm JC March 05 2016

Hi Amanda
I am delighted to hear you have a fitbit on your wishlist!
Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog.
In good health 

Xtend-Life Expert March 08 2016

I totally agree with the points given here. I am 50 and feel my life is just getting interesting. Age is just a number, some light exercises and valuing oneself makes a lot of difference. Gratitude and good friends help a lot.

Poonam March 07 2016

Hi Poonam, Amanda, Sophia, Elena, Parames, Sue, Norma and Norizan
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog – and congratulations on being courageous women!
In good health 

Xtend-Life Expert March 08 2016

So true !!

I’m 55, I eat healthy and I gym (I had put on weight a little) I also have a naturel approach to hormone replacement and it is great!

The photo with younger women, I did not think anything of it until I read some of the comments but I guess they represent how we feel, at least for me anyway. I do not look as young as they do but not too much older either so I do not have a problem with the photo :)

i liked the article as it is exactly how I think.

Muriel October 23 2016

Thanks for such great blog , m also 47 diabetic since last 14 years but doing yoga, brisk walk, cardio n once or twice visit gym besides this teaching n helping poor  children n m feeling great , n look n feeling like m in 40. If vl help others those who are less fortunate , inner feeling is great. 

Lata akerkar March 13 2016

Hello Mdm JC

A FitBit is a physical activity tracker designed to help you become more active, eat a more well-rounded diet, sleep better and ultimately, motivate you into becoming a healthier human being.  You wear it on your arm, and enter food etc, into the app on your phone, the Fitbit tracks your steps and activity.  
They are amazing!
In good Health, and thank you for reading my blog.

Xtend-Life Expert March 08 2016

Thank God i am doing all the above.  Great motovation.  Thank you

Jayamery Paul March 14 2016

 Hi, I am 57 

what kind of excersize is recommended….especially for our mid section

and of course overall body tone and fitness

thank you.

Beriah Ali March 24 2016

Hi Diana Dompok –  thank you for your kind comments.
Psyllium is used by many to help encourage bowel health and prevent constipation.  It has been known to also contribute to healthy cholesterol levels for some people.  Like yourself I have used Psyllium (in times of desperation) however, I found the stomach ache or tenderness after taking Psyllium pretty tough going.

Then I discovered the benefits that our Kiwi-Klenz offers.   Kiwi-Klenz contains not only the pulp and seeds of the kiwi fruit, but also the skin.  This means not only are you benefiting from the soluble fiber and digestive enzymes contained in Kiwi-Klenz, but also from the Phenolic compounds which offer fantastic prebiotic benefits.   Prebiotics encourage healthy growth of both good and bad bacteria throughout the entire digestive system. Additionally Kiwi-Klenz assists with the absorption of nutrients in the diet as well. 

Diana talk to your nutritionist about the benefits of prebiotics for digestive health, skin, mood and health – in times of ‘desperation’ you can take up to three Kiwi-Klenz capsules each day.                                                                                                              Julie 

Xtend-Life Expert March 14 2016

hi what a great blog – very informative – what is your take on Physillium as daily source of fibre ? i m taking 2 tabspn daily with my breakfast but a nutritionist told me today that Physillium is not good because. it can csuse damage to the intestinal linings

diana dompok March 14 2016

I love your blog. I  am in my early 50’s n the article is quite helpful. but i’m not so particular about the food. I do eat a lot, though  fruits n vegies is not a priority.It’s water that I take a lot. I still have my regular monthly period, but the volume is not as large as before. my concern is I want to gain a bit of weight but I find it difficult.

grace March 23 2016

I’m 56 and think that the article is great anything to get people thinking and acting to make positive steps towards a healthy life style well done to the researchers. Just one thing though I do 7 to 10 hours of physical activity each week and still have many hot flushes and have had them for about 8 years now. Yes exercise can help but it’s not the full answer.

Xtend-Life Expert October 26 2016

this is very well said..kudos to the author..i turned 51 december last year but i just feel im just the same as 30 years ago women in their 50’s let’s rock and roll

Maria Valerio March 24 2016

Hi, I am 57 now,,by nature i  am easy going person,, i still can do household chores, a bit of gardening n i do my exercise do my morning walk but now for sometime about 6 months im having a sharp pain at my left heel, which distracts my routine.. pls somebody tell e, if there is any remedy.. .. n how i can overcome this pain.. 

Xtend-Life Expert March 24 2016

Hello Devi,

thank you for your message, I suggest you talk to your doctor about this, I had much the same two years ago, my problem was a condition my doctor called Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament, which leads to pain and sometimes swelling. Your doctor will check your feet and watch you stand and walk. He or she will also ask questions including what illnesses or injuries you have had. Your symptoms, such as where the pain is and what time of day your foot hurts most. How active you are and what types of physical activity you do.

The pain from this condition (if this is what you have) is caused by inflammation of thick tissue that begins at the heel and extends to the toes. Due to the location, everyday activity such as walking and standing interferes with the rest needed for normal healing.    
A course of physical therapy is non-invasive and can be very successful, it worked for me, but look after yourself Deva, what I had was really painful – please talk to your doctor, and get this sorted.
Additionally for the past 12 months I have been taking our Omega QH ULTRA for inflammation, this is one of my favourite products, with whole body benefits.
PS let us know how you get on.

Xtend-Life Expert March 24 2016

Dear Cecily, you are definitely right – exercise is not the full answer. True health benefits come when you combine exercise, diet and lifestyle. 

Cecily, I choose to also add on Female Rejuvenator which has worked wonders for me. It contains a number of herbs like Dong Quai and Red Clover which have been shown to specifically help manage severe hot flushes. I personally also love that it has damiana in it which is great for stress and overall sexual health.

In Good Health 


Xtend-Life Expert October 26 2016

Hi ladies,

For those of you over 60, we have written another blog called ‘Super 60s’ which you may be interested in reading. You can view this article here:—-be-proactive-with-your-bones-and-joints 

In good health,


Xtend-Life Expert April 22 2016

I am well into my 50’s and I think that this was a great article. Please don’t miss out by being concerned with a picture!

Narniece Payton October 26 2016

Please do share alot of health infors for .those women who are on their 50’s thanks…

minddy March 24 2016


ANITA KING-LASSAUW October 20 2016

There is nothing wrong with bioidentical hormones.  This is a cleverly disguised infomercial peddling stuff that is not scientifically based and proven.  More fake facts.

g January 02 2017

A very useful and inspiring article. I’m in my early fifties.l began to suffer from some troublesome symptoms. Can you tell me please about some superfoods that would help me improve my lifestyle.Thank you.

shahirai April 27 2016

Hi all, i hit 50 last year. Look younger than my age. Kudos to healthy diet, spritually balance and climbing up the corporate ladder.

Start early on evening primrose, it will help with the hormones and glowy skin.

Celebrate who you are!

Zuraina April 27 2016

Thanks for such n inspiration blog. 

Lata akerkar March 13 2016

I’m  57 and I’m more  healtier and fit than other  my friends in their forties or thirties  . I still have a nice body shape, active,  I feel  young and very  confident  of myself. I started my regular exercise when I was thirty.I also watch what food I consume. Thanks  to  the  Gym because  it helps me to  live my life conformable  at my age.

Norma Dahlan March 06 2016

Guess if all these works for 50s I am sure it works for 65s too.Be Positive have trust n believe in yourself.

Parames March 05 2016

This article is inspiring. I look forward to reading more for women over 50s. I m in my mid 50s and just last month I m discovering my body again. The normal symptoms of ageing have made me take a closer look at Living life differently. 

Thank you. 

NorAkmar March 16 2016

I’m going to be 50 soon and I’ve got my Fitbit 2 months ago and loving it. At this age I  am in command – do what I like and work at my own pace.

Love your article Julie ! Will try the Female Rejuvenator supplement. Cheers!

Elena Ong March 05 2016

Ok – what about us 65 year olds ? 

Helen March 04 2016

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