Tinnitus...what is it and what can you do about it?

Tinnitus is a medical name for ringing ears. It is actually any kind of ringing, buzzing, whizzing, hiss like sounds or even any other sound you are hearing on an ongoing basis, that has no outer source. It may originate from any part of your ear or from the brain.

Probably the most common cause of tinnitus is the harm brought on by constant exposure to loud sound. The ears really don't discern between that which you call your favorite music being blasted through your earphones and what we call industrial noise - both of them can result in the identical measure of harm!

The next most common cause of tinnitus is actually tension. The third most common reason for ringing of the ears is persistent sinusitis, regardless of whether a result of allergy, infection, or general internal congestion or inflammation.

Another surprising cause can commonly come from prescription medication use. For example, there exists a clear link concerning excessive use of aspirin and resulting tinnitus. Other drugs may have a similar side effect if used long-term.

Tinnitus, in the form and from the causes described above, occurs in both ears. If you only have tinnitus in one ear it is important to get this checked out by your doctor as there is likely to be another unrelated cause.

If it is in both ears and you wish to look at dealing with this problem effectively and for an actual long-term resolution yourself, the first issue is to look at potential causes. Is it due to an allergy, such as the aforementioned sinusitis (related to inflammation and allergy) in which case this is the area of concentrated herbal treatment. Or is it from another cause such as industrial noise, other related health condition, etc...as I described above? If so, these causes need tackling first.

I would highly advise one product from our Total Balance range and one from our Omega 3/DHA range as a good start, to try to help balance systemic behavior overall and help to improve immunity function to tackle the problem. (Immu-Stay can also be added, at a lower dose or intermittently at a higher dose, for additional immune system boosting power on top of Total Balance for this cause).

The ingredients in Total Balance…Vitamin A, Vitamin C, the B group vitamins, Vitamin E, and Zinc, are all included in typical treatments for this type of problem, as well as general immune system function, so they may help balance this for you for better protection.

Other ingredients in Total Balance, such as Ginkgo, are also included as successful tinnitus treatments, so this may be additionally helpful.

At the same time, a fuller dose of Omega 3/DHA, at 4 soft gels (even up to 6) per day for example, may help to reduce inflammation more effectively.

Further advice would really depend on the potential cause of the problem and should be advised on individually.

Along with the above, it is important to ensure that your diet is optimal - raw/steamed veg, fruits, nuts, seeds, lentils, fish, whole grains, spinach, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and even onion juice; that your pure fluid intake is high - water, vegetable juicing, 2+ liters per day; that you maintain plenty of regular daily exercise. This all helps as a foundation to any supplement regime.

Often people with tinnitus visit their physician for help but are usually told that there is nothing actually physically wrong, and as a result just need to learn to live with tinnitus. This is a common situation that I come across. My response to this is simply “Don't Give Up!” There is natural help out there that can and does work!

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Hi Chandran, that is a great question! This is the first time we have heard Tinnitus being connected to anxiety, stress etc. Our Neuro-Natural Serenity aims to support the healthy function of the neurotransmitters in your brain and nervous system. This may lead to a calmed mind, improved mood, better sleep and enhanced energy. We are not aware of this assisting with Tinnitus but if it is caused by anxiety and nervousness then it would be worth a try! For more information you are welcome to contact us at customer.service@xtend-life.com or call us on our appropriate toll free number listed in the Contact Us tab. In good health – Customer Care Team.

Customer Care April 12 2019

Would Neuro-natural Serenity be of any benefit for tinnitus caused by anxiety and constant nervousness?

Chandran March 29 2019

Tony is saying truth. I was suffering from piles and doctor advised me to drink plenty of water to make the stool soft. So I started drinking too much water and I got tinnitus problem. I think this may be the reason. Now I will reduce water intake and will see the difference. Thanks Tony for your post.

Santy December 11 2018

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your comments.

However, I wouldn’t advise this as a general rule.

The general rule of thumb is opposite to what you have done. You should increase your water (and other pure fluid – vegetable blends, smoothies, herbal tea) intake. Avoid coffee, tea, sodas, etc. However, if youre not drinking at least 8, 8-ounce glasses of water per day; you are most likely dehydrated and this can add to the problem, not solve it. Your kidneys need adequate water to flush the toxins from your body or it can contribute to hypertension which will worsen your tinnitus.

Nicotine and alcohol should be avoided as they can make tinnitus worse, as you initially experienced.

I feel however, that the increased tinnitus you felt when drinking water is perhaps due to your drinking too much too quickly maybe.

It is very important to ensure that you drink little and often, and avoid drinking pints and pints at once. This may also have been a contributory factor with your beer (as well as the beer itself).

Drinking too much in one go can indeed make tinnitus worse, as it causes an immediate build up of pressure in both the digestive system and brain, as your body can only process a certain amount at any one time. Too much fluid at once can bloat you, increasing systolic pressure in the bloodstream, and increasing inflammation in the brain. This would immediately increase the level of ‘noise’ vulnerable tinnitus suffers experience.

Drinking little and often, but continously shouldn’t effect this problem, and would more likely aid the release of toxins, along with good diet, exercise, and correct supplementation as listed above, making the problem less severe.

Xtend-Life Expert December 23 2011

I have beeen following this blog for a while now and today i decided to share my tinnitus story to encourage someone out there. I suffered from terrible tinnitus for 8 years after a constant exposure to loud noise. These noise sounded like a car horn in my right ear and grew worse at night when everywhere was calm and quiet, i lacked sleep and this ruined my psychological life. I had no idea the sound was damaging my hearing until it was too late and i had partial deafness, i had a constant ringing in my ear which always makes me feel like taking my own life. I tried so many drugs even B-vitamin supplements, especially B-5, visited so many audiologist, neuromonics and all was to no avail. I have not seen my ex for a long while and when we bumped into each other she knew i was not okay and i had to tell her all i was facing. She felt so sad but told me there is a cure which let me in amazement. That was when she told me about Dr. lewishill herbal medicine which gives a permanent relief to tinnitus symptoms and cures it. Lord know i needed help so i got the medicine and used it, that was when i met a breakthrough, i am perfectly okay now and i sleep calm without any stress and i hear clearly now. You too can get cured just contact him on (drlewishill247@gmail. com) for advise and how to get the medicine. Thanks

mike March 17 2017

I started getting tinnitus a few months back….

Eventually I removed a rather nasty ‘fragranced’ liquid soap from the house, and the tinnitus went.

Marcus June 21 2010

I have been suffering from noise induced Tinnitus, for over 10 years. Lately I noticed that after having a couple of pints of beer at the pup lunchtime, my Tinnitus seemed to increase in volume. Immediately I thought alcohol was responsible, so I gave up my lunchtime beer, and noticed an improvement after a few days. Then I decided to experiment, and started drinking an extra two pints of pure tap water, instead of beer, and to my surprise the Tinnitus volume increased once again. I put two and two together, and realized that excessive liquid intake was my problem,not just beer. Next day I had no liquid intake at all, and within 24 hours I saw a noticeable improvement. For yearsI believed the exact opposite,that water was the best thing for Tinnitus.But on a previous occasion I went on a water cure and I was drinking a lot of water every day.And then my Tinnitus gave me HELL.When I stopped it the volume reduced again. I intend to reduce my beer and water intake but staying within safe limits, and hope the reduction will be permanent.To the scale of 10 my tinnitus volume was about 9 and now it has been reduced to 3. Reducing liquids has the same effect as reducing salt,because salt retains water, Not forgeting of course that too much teas and coffees equals too much water. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

Tony Phylactou December 23 2011

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