Terri's experience with skin discoloration

We frequently have customers ask us if our products will help brown spots and discoloration. It is a difficult question to answer with certainty, and we still cannot give any certainty. Sometimes we get customers writing to us unsolicited about the results that they have had.

Although that does not mean that others would get the same results, it does give an indicator of how others have found it.

Here was an interesting email that I received from a customer on the 1st August, 2010 which I thought I would share with you.

"Hi Warren I am a 64 year old woman who had wrinkles, but more troubling were the brown spots and discoloration on my face which made me feel self-conscious about my skin. I am a nurse by background and also have been trying to find things to use without harmful ingredients as I am strong believer in natural medicine.

In any case, I started using your Skin Care Products as well as taking the Women’s Premium and the Omega Premium. I am using the natural whitening formula due to the discoloration concerns. I am thrilled with the results.

The discoloration is fading, I have been using these products for 4 months now. Also, my hair dresser, who sees my skin up close, always compliments me on how great my skin looks. Wrinkles have lessened and my complexion is so good, I can go out without make-up. Thank you for great products at a fair price. My question is to see if you will be coming out with a daily facial cleanser to go along with your other wonderful products. Thank you."

Terri from United States

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It seems that you are one of the occassional people that the day cream has not worked for. I am sorry to hear that. It is water based, but it is not perfect for everyone. No problem though. We will replace it with the whitening day cream so you can try that. If you email me direct at <a href= mailto:chantal.uden@xtend-life.com >chantal.uden@xtend-life.com I will arrange it.

Xtend-Life Expert September 24 2010

Hi dear,
I have been using your skin care for about a month now, I had some concerns about the day cream and break outs. But as I mentioned in my previous email that I wanted to genuinely give it a try for sometime and then decide. Unfortunalty, the day cream is still not working for me even though I have been using it regularly and also getting breakouts along the jawline. It’s hard to figure out how and what product is causing it; day cream, night cream or mask. Well I would really like to try the day lightening cream as well because I also have freckles or sun pots for quite a some time now.
I need to return the day cream because whenever I apply, it comes off and never gets absorbed in, may be its oil based not water based but night cream works fine.
I also need to know how to sign up so I can get the discounted prices each time as I need to order vitamins too.
Please answer A.S.A.P.
Thanks for your support,

satvir September 24 2010

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