Supplement Smart – Why Choose Xtendlife?

Throughout this series, we have discussed the multitude of nutritional supplement choices that you as a consumer have today and the importance of making a discerning selection when choosing a supplier or product.

The reason I started this series is the amount of conflicting and confusing information about supplements available today – with everyone claiming to have the best product and/or the best pricing. Unless you are a bio-scientist, we understand that it can be hard to make an informed decision. How can you determine what is fact and what is fiction?

While I still strongly encourage you to research to ensure we are the best fit for you, here are a few of the reasons to choose Xtendlife.

We Manufacture All Our Products

It is important to find out who actually makes the supplement and where. The majority of supplements are produced by third-party contract manufacturers which can present some real problems, especially if the product is complex, or if some of the ingredients are out of the ordinary and require specific levels of activity.

At Xtendlife, we formulate and manufacture our dietary supplements and skincare products in our own state-of-the-art facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. This enables us to fully control not only all the manufacturing but also the selection, procurement, and testing of all raw ingredients.

Plus, we meet the compliance requirements and manufacturing standards required by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. We do this so that you as our valued customer can be confident that you are getting the elite quality supplements you deserve.

We Develop Our Own Formulas

Most nutritional supplements are produced to fulfill a perceived public need, and the formulas are put together by marketers who can weave a convincing story for their use. Sometimes they are endorsed by a doctor… but, beware… this does not make the formula any more effective.

With all due respect to doctors, their training has been in a totally different field and is based on intervention after the fact, not prevention. Formulations by medical doctors are often no more effective than those put together by marketers unless they also have studied biochemistry, nutrition, and herbal medicine.

A formulator must have an understanding of how raw ingredients work at a molecular level and the various metabolic pathways that they take. They must also understand how the ingredients can react with each other as well as other chemicals they encounter within the body. By understanding these principles it is possible to greatly enhance the efficacy of a formulation. These synergistic benefits can greatly improve the efficacy of the ingredients!

At Xtendlife, all our products are carefully formulated to deliver optimal benefits. We choose to use only the best forms of ingredients in the right amounts. Our research focuses on ensuring synergy by combining complementary ingredients to maximize the benefits for our customers.

We Test Our Raw Ingredients and Finished Product

Many supplement manufacturers are not ‘fussy’ when it comes to the raw ingredients they use, and their buying decisions are often based on price and convenience with minimal checking. This provides an ‘opening’ for unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors to ‘adulterate’ the ingredients with other cheaper substances, or they have inadequate actives.

A supplement manufacturer should have systems in place to check the potency and identify of all ingredients and go beyond the standard basic microbiological and heavy metal tests.

At Xtendlife, we rigorously test all our ingredients and finished products to ensure that they meet all our specifications to ensure maximum efficacy. We provide Certificates of Analysis for each batch of product – you can view these on each product page on

We Are the Best Value for Money

This is an important issue. If you are buying a substandard supplement, you may not be getting the benefit of many of the active ingredients. Either because they are not present in the first place or, because they are passing straight through you. Therefore, no matter how cheap they are, they are in reality, poor value for money.

It is very difficult for anyone to assess the relative value for money between different products unless you are privy to all records of the manufacturing company. However, you can make some informed judgments simply by examining the ingredient lists and comparing the value of the ingredients used.

If there seems to be a clear ‘winner’ in offering the best value for money then, before making your final decision, factor in all the above points and find out if the supplier is prepared to address them, and if they are not addressed in their website, email and ask them the relevant questions.

When it comes to value for money, we know that we can’t be beaten… just on the value of ingredients alone… even ignoring all the other factors such as formula design and manufacturing, etc. If you find any product that can provide better value for money, please provide us with full details and we will check it out. We are prepared to offer a full refund for any product that does not meet or exceed your expectations.

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In good health.