Popping Pills Increases Cases of Erectile Dysfunction

According to an article on the Time website, scientists have found a link between increased cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) and increased intake of prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

The scientists conducted a study that controlled for factors like age, smoking status, diabetes, weight and high blood pressure…they still found that the association between medication intake and ED remained.

The results of study found that across the subjects’ age groups of between 45 to 69, the chance of having ED was higher in those men who took more medication. Roughly 16 percent of men who took two or fewer medication drugs reported having ED, as opposed to 20 percent of those men who took three to five medication drugs, 26 percent of those who use six to nine medications, and 31 percent of those who regularly take 10 or more drugs for health ailments.

Did you know that ED is not an age-related condition? It’s true, age has nothing to do with ‘raising a man’s mainsail’…it’s a simply case of blood flow, that’s it. Unfortunately the blood flow required for maintaining health erections is often hindered by various other health-related conditions brought on by the poor health and lifestyle throughout the aging process.

This blood flow is often made worse by prescription drugs causing a vicious cycle to develop…some men may even request their doctor to prescribe a certain blue pill to help with their ED (some men may even buy illegal ‘ED cures’ online), only adding to the cocktail of drugs currently cursing their system.

Treating ED and other health conditions with medication drugs is like trying to hammer a nail into a wall with the palm of your hand…you’ll end up doing more damage to yourself than achieving the actual objective.

Having said that, there are times in which drugs can provide an essential support function and help prevent a serious ‘event’ and at those times they should be used.  But, an effort should be made to make the use short term and whilst on the drug learn as much as possible not only about the drug but the cause of your condition which brought about the need for the drug in the first place.

If you are aware of the cause which is often lifestyle related then you can…if you have the desire for it work on reducing your dependency on the drug and ultimately phasing it out.

If you address the five main causes of aging along with maintaining a healthy blood flow, digestive system and rest of your systemic body functions…coupled with a healthy lifestyle and diet…you’ll be able to help reduce your risk of developing ED and other so-called ‘age-related’ conditions and support the health and wellbeing of your body.

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Customer Relations January 19 2015

IS there anything at my age of 68yo can take safely to promote better blood to flow so I can maintain stronger erections. I’am a vet and I have had a prostectic inserted  in my body because of my ed. The added part has not produced a very strong erection plus I have diabetes as well,are there ways I can make a improvement in this  area. ……Your help would be appreciated thank you.         Michael Gusman

MICHAEL GUSMAN January 17 2015

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