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Last week we have launched new packaging for our skincare products. This is another step on the journey of continuous improvement and we are very excited about this. As part of celebrating this launch, we've decided to enhance our 100% satisfaction program and increase the refund period.

If you have been following this blog you may have read the 5-part series of entries I did on Xtend-Life's manufacturing process. As many of our customers already know, we pride ourselves in manufacturing only the finest, purest, safest and most effective supplements and skincare products possible.

The series of articles I wrote were well received because it enabled our customers to get a better understanding of the processes we go through to ensure that our products are the best they can possibly be.  We don't take any shortcuts. If you happened to have missed those blog entries please click here.  

During the first half of next year we will becoming even more intimate with our customers because we are going to put together a video which will enable you to meet all the staff by 'walking' into their offices and standing by the equipment as the products are produced.

We do take great pride in our methodical and quality-driven approach. We can promise our customers confidence in the safety, efficacy, purity and overall quality of every batch of every product in our range.

Not only do we do testing of raw ingredients, we also test every single batch of every product that we produce. This testing is done specialist internationally certified laboratories.  We regularly use 8 independent labs in the USA, New Zealand and Australia If any batch did not meet our very stringent specifications it would not be released.

Over the years, I've personally received hundreds of emails from customers who have commented on the benefits they have received by using our products and how they feel part of the Xtend-Life family.

If you are an existing customer you will know that we have always had a very fair refund policy.  We always take out customer’s position on these matters.  However, it is necessary to have an official policy with a time limit.  This has previously  been 6 months.  We have now decided to double that period to a full year!

Basically this means that if for any reason you're not 100% happy with your purchase from us, simply send it back within a year of the purchase for a full refund. For full details…click here.

The reason why we have such a generous refund policy is that we do not want you to have any product from us which does not fully meet or exceed your expectations.

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Hi Marcus

The small amount of shellfish derived ingredients in Total Balance only rarely is enough to cause a problem…however, we are planning on eliminating that in our next generation of Total Balance but that won’t be ready for release until later next year, sorry.

Yes, the Customs in the UK are a bit of a pain with their taxes and duties…but, unfortunately we have to ship every product out with correct documentation. 
Hope it continues to work for you with limiting the order to just three bottles a time.


Warren Matthews October 29 2012

Hi Keyla

Thank you for your enquiry.

Warren is currently out of the country and has asked me to respond on his behalf.

I am thrilled to hear that you are a big fan of our products and are enjoying the benefits of them!

There are a lot of ingredients used in our products (e.g. over 80 different ingredients in Total Balance Premium), and only some of them have halal certificates provided by the suppliers. Therefore, it will be a long process to have all our products certified but we are working on it. In the meantime, plant and animal sources of ingredients are listed on our labels for your information and may help you to decide if these products are suitable for your consumption.

As far as changes to the Total Balance range, we are currently working on it but don’t have a definitive answer yet. We can assure you that the next generation of Total Balance will take full advantage of recent innovation in ingredients, manufacturing processes and delivery methods.

And in respect to the new skincare packaging is concerned, that is all that has been changed.  Our skincare products are still full of the wonderful goodness you have come to expect from these fantastic skincare products.

I hope that answers your questions Keyla.

Kind regards


Xtend-Life Expert November 23 2012

Dear Warren,

I’m 34 and based out of Hong Kong. I try to be athletic and frequent the gym/yoga studio. I used to have perpetual muscle pain/stiffness. Blood tests seem to reveal that I don’t suffer from Arthritis.
However, I’ve been using a combination of your Arthrit-eze, TB for men and Omega 3 premium supplements for 3 months now. Can definitely feel the difference as my muscle pain seems to have alleviated.
However, I do feel concerned about using supplements on a regular basis so as to ensure that my body doesn’t become dependent on external nutrients and dosen’t secrete its own nutrients (or the nutrients required by my body).
Appreciate if you’d share your thoughts on these.
Regards, Arun.

Arun November 07 2012

Dear Warren,
Me and wifey are currently taking your Total Balance Unisex Premium and Omega 3/QH plus regular exercise..we are also taking Vit D3, chromium, and Vit C 1000mg plus probiotics in yogurt for the exercise we take a protein suppliment with colostrum..and we drink apple cider vinegar with raw honey…after exercise….my questions is …is taking Total Balance Unisex Premium and Omega3/QH alone…. without the rest of what we are taking…enough for good health….seening that your supplements are so comprehensive as it is….thank you…love that you are sailing….just did a sailing holiday with me brother around the whitsunday islands..

Rudy October 31 2012

Hi Arun

Thank you for your enquiry. 

Warren is currently out of the country and has asked me to reply on his behalf.

We do recommend a two week break from taking the supplements once every twelve months.  However, if you are concerned you could take the two week break every six months.This is only for Arithrit-eze and the Total Balance for men. 

You can continue to take the Omega 3 premium continually without a break.

I hope that helps Arun.

Kind regards

Xtend-Life Expert November 23 2012

Hi Warren,
I have few questions. I’m a big fan by the way of your products.

1. Will xtend life use halal certified ingredients in the animal sourced things it uses in it products? That technically would not change formula or ingredients except that it would give xtend life Muslim customers world wide confidence in the products while they don’t have to sacrifice their religious beliefs.
2. Will there be much changes to the next generation of TB?
3 I noticed packaging change in your skine care products.. however with usual package change traditionally xtend life has upgraded the product, is this a formula change? And if not do you plan an upgrade of your skin products too?

Keyla November 09 2012

My only bugbear is that you cannot produce a Total Balance minus the shellfish. – Am I the only allergy sufferer out there?

Apart from that, XL perform a quality service.
BTW, I am from the UK and I find that as long as I order 3 plastic containers, I am fine, but if I order 4 it seems to trip off Customs & excise 

marcus October 26 2012

Hi Tracy,
How are you doing and happy new year :)

Good day,

Following up on your note on taking a break every 6 or 12 months…

<div class= x_gmail_extra >I take the following on daily bases from your products:

<div class= x_gmail_extra >* 7 tablets of Total Balance Men’s Premium (split into 2 doses)
<div class= x_gmail_extra >* 2 soft gels of Omega 3 QH Ultra (morning)
<div class= x_gmail_extra >* 3 tablets of Male Rejuvenator (morning)

<div class= x_gmail_extra >* 1 capsule of Kiwi-Klenz (morning)
<div class= x_gmail_extra >* 2 capsule of Green Lipped Mussel (morning)

Also, I take the following on daily bases:
*2 soft gels of Ginsana G115 (split into 2 doses)
*2 soft gels of Marnys Royal Jelly 1000Mg (split into 2 doses)

- should I take a total break on Total Balance Men’s Premium & Male Rejuvenator? and in such case, how do you suggest that I take my vitamins?
- can I replace both by Total Balance Unixsex Premium or those two weeks break, for instance?
in other words how do you suggest that I alter my routine and why is this kind of break necessary?

I’m 31 now and started using xtend-life products late in 2010… I never stoped taking XL products except if I’m out of stock… if you remember me :), I’m still unable to easily get your products to Saudi Arabia where I reside and therefore, I sometimes get out of stock on some products for short periods :)

Appreciate your kind input :) and have a great day :)

R.B January 13 2013

Hello Tracey

Following up on what keyla said.. on the TB label it does not say what is animal derived only the fish oils it says gelatine and from what I heard the gelatine is halal gelatine. On Total Balance the label just says technical words used for the ingredients..
I know lots of ingredients are in it..however example If you have gelatine derived from fish it is automatically halal without the need to get it certified if you know what I mean? And some of your raw material suppliers may use halal ingredients but may not be certified.
The certifications is important for credibility mainly, however I use the fish oil trusting xtend life that it’s halal even if it’s not certified yet, what I’m just trying to say is finding that out could speed things up a bit while you get certified everything.. I would appreciate if Xyend life could publish all it’s animal ingredients that are not halal. This issue concerns a lot of your Muslim customers. Thank you for your time.

Ali November 26 2012

Hi R.B.

We recommend a break of two weeks for all our supplements at least once a year except for your Omega 3 QH Ultra which can be taken all year round.

 Having a 2 week break helps to clear out your system. This principle should apply to all supplements, not just Xtend-Life supplements, although it appears hardly any other company  recommends to do this.

Kind regards


Tracey February 25 2013

Hi Warren

I love your products very much. I would buy much more if you would open a company here in Europe. If I buy from EU countries the pack is shipped to my local post office, I just have to walk 5 minutes. If I buy from outside EU the pack arrives at the post office with customs that is outside of town, I have to pay a lot to the taxi there and back, and the customs are always asking me all kinds of questions, and I hate it. I have to buy Romanian vitamins which are not so good. I think you would get many new buyers if you would open a company in EU.

Best regards,

Rudolf November 17 2012

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