Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

If a product was called Miracle Mineral Solution is should certainly set alarm bells ringing in your head. Although some products may provide benefits to a user to the extent that the individual may consider the product to be miraculous, there is no such thing as a 'miracle' solution for all people or all ailments.

However, if you read the material about the product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and you believe it then you would think that you have come across the 'holy grail' and now have a solution for whatever ails you.

But... don't believe it!

This product has over recent months spread worldwide with wild claims being made about its efficacy. This is in spite of warnings been given to consumers by the authorities in many countries throughout the planet.

MMS is a diluted form of bleach which creates chlorine in the body. Ironically, over the years I have written articles about the dangers of indirectly ingesting chlorine through the skin when showering, and suggested using a filter to remove the chlorine. Needless to say I am not impressed by the suggestion that you should deliberately ingest something to activate chlorine.

The promoters argue that chlorine is a powerful killer of pathogens. No argument about that. But it is also a carcinogen as well and as far as I am concerned has no place in the body.

If you are tempted to consider using this product do your due diligence. To start off with I would suggest you go to this blog.

From there you will be able to follow links to a number of other researchers who have investigated this product. Oh…and here is the link to the FDA warning.

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Funny you should mention this,
I have friends who have been using this for years, including several family members who reported some serious benefits. (Not to mention some Cancers being contained)
Although I always have suspected this was total junk and not scientific, although I must admit I have taken it a few times myself only to find no discernible effect.

Thank you again for this article, it should be an eye opener for everyone who has or is spreading this nonsense around. Specially people like Jim Humble!! There should be a way to prosecute these criminals.

mystic November 16 2010

I don’t know a lot about this product, but I am a safety officer and have seen Material Safety Data Sheets on Chlorine Dioxide and, although it does not show a whole lot of issues, it does list it as a corrosive and says it should not be ingested.

Jasen November 19 2010

interesting because i was looking into this.

i heard MMS was used to get rid of the toxins vaccinations.
Edible red desert clay is said to rid heavy metals from body – is this true and is it good to take?
Also do you know of anything we can take to reverse the effects of vaccinations ??
Thank you

steve November 18 2010

It is good to see a variety of comments like this.

Mike, I don’t profess to be an expert on this product. Rather, I gave an opinion on it and suggested that if someone is considering using it that they should do their due diligence. I then gave a couple of links for them to start that process.

Lets face it. Anyone who promotes a product suggesting that it is a miracle substance has got to expect a lot of scrutiny and skepticism. I didn’t see any real hard data supporting the safety and efficacy of this product. If it was as good as they claim it wouldn’t be too difficult to arrange that!

Reading the promotional material for this product should set off alarm bells. If it doesn’t…well…I can’t really add much more.

Warren Matthews November 20 2010

Hi Steve, I think that you may be referring to the mercury that may be in a vaccine and therefore looking for something that has a chelating effect.  There are quite a few substances that give a good chelation effect and we have them in Total Balance.  This should be adequate for the overwhelming majority of people.

If you are referring to reversing the activity in the body due to a vaccine I would doubt that there is anything that will do that.

I dont know anything about the red desert clay that you speak about so I cant venture an informed opinion.  It is possible that it does collect heavy metals as it passes through the body.  Sorry but I am about to catch a plane and dont have time to research it at the moment.

Warren Matthews November 22 2010

I find it interesting Warren that you wrote about MMS without obviously knowing what you were talking about.  Mind you, it’s not the first time that you attempt to take something else down without true facts and using either scare tactics or BS.  Quite sad if you ask me.

MMS does not form Chlorine bleach as you claimed…not even close.

Are you aware that some doctors are now using MMS intravenously and that they openly state that there’s no real danger if ingested?  Safer than most drugs?  Probably not as if you did, you wouldn’t wrote what the article above without real facts.

The researchers that you are talking about are mostly representatives of big pharmas.  Furthermore, none of them actually posted factual research online.  Some of them are now with the FDA.

Simply put…follow the money.


Mike November 19 2010

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