Middle Aged Men at More Risk of Infertility?

It's been well established that as men age, the quality of their semen tends to drop. Like all cells in the body, sperm cells are no different and over time the body can produce less and more ineffective sperm.

Although this isn’t normally the case with those men who have followed a healthy lifestyle throughout their years... in fact, men have been fathering children well beyond their semen’s ‘sell-by-date’. It seems to be associated with genetics, lifestyle, and many other factors... not age alone.

However, according to this Reuters article, a recent study has found that the quality of semen in Chinese men drops significantly after the age of 35.

Sperm specialist, Andrew Wyrobek of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, agrees with the findings. In fact, he has even conducted his assessment of age-related changes in the semen of California men.

The following excerpt from the article reveals Wyrobek’s explanation of this scenario:

“The total sperm produced and the amount of sperm per volume pretty much don't change, and that's what we found. The biggest change was the physiological parameters," Wyrobek said. Wyrobek said that the results show a lot of variability in men's sperm health, and older age does not necessarily mean a man will have difficulty conceiving. He added that the genetic quality of the sperm as men age is a totally different question and one that was not addressed here.”

Fertility is a sensitive subject, especially for those couples who cannot conceive. It’s therefore imperative that such studies need to get all the facts together and cover all aspects before publishing any data that may mislead or scare people…especially when the findings are aimed at a certain demographic and age group.

As I mentioned earlier, the quantity and quality of sperm can drop with age as a result of the aging process and testosterone being converted into estrogen. Avoiding junk food and smoking, cutting back on drinking, and living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet may help your body produce better-quality sperm for many years.

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