Look After Your Skin From the Inside Out

The key thing to remember is that nutritious foods high in healthy fats and antioxidants are particularly good for your skin. This is because they add moisture, promote cell regeneration, and reverse damage from free radicals.

In fact, the benefits extend far beyond an improved appearance. When you de-bloat your gut, brighten up your complexion, and boost your immunity with proper nutrition, you will also feel better, and nothing says beauty more than when you FEEL beautiful.

This blog has been written to get you really thinking about how and what you eat. However, I have also included a couple of basic ‘beauty from the outside’ steps that can also make a difference to the look and feel of your skin.


Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day is very important for your skin. Hydration starts from the inside out and skin loves hydration. That is what keeps it plump and glowing. Don't like plain water? Herbal teas help keep your fluid levels high. They also help flush harmful toxins from your body. Green tea is high on the list of skin-friendly beverages thanks to its impressive wealth of polyphenols. Aim for two cups throughout your day.

What You Feed Your Skin

Think about this, when a nicotine patch is applied to your skin, the nicotine from the patch is delivered into your bloodstream at a rapid rate. The same principle applies to the creams that you put on your skin. Only you can control this. Always look for skincare products that use pure, natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals such as parabens. By doing this you can ensure the products that you use to assist your looks are not doing more damage to your health than good to your skin.

Shine With Radiance

To achieve a natural radiance, assist your skin in getting rid of dead cells by making exfoliating a part of your regular beauty routine. To flourish, the skin needs to breathe. It can’t breathe if the pores are clogged. The process of exfoliation simply removes dead skin cells, grease, and debris from the skin allowing it to function smoothly.

Our skin naturally sheds its outer layer, but the resulting build-up can leave skin with a dull, flaky finish. Always use an exfoliator that has been formulated for the delicate skin on your face and neck. As exfoliation also dislodges blackheads and exposes new skin cells, it may help to improve acne and acne scarring. You can check out our blog on exfoliating here.


Nourish From the Inside

First up, start by eating real food. Real food, unlike processed food, is packed with a wide range of nutrients, all of which support great skin. Avoid processed food, caffeine, and alcohol, and enjoy the difference this makes to your skin. Focus on feeding your skin foods that contain Vitamin C, which is particularly helpful for the skin. Think citrus fruit, kiwifruit, capsicum, and broccoli, etc.

Green Juices

Not a big fan of broccoli, kale, and green veges? You are missing out on chlorophyll - the green pigment in plants. It helps oxygenate your cells, leading to more vitality and peachy cheeks. It also assists in the removal of toxins, which can make your skin look sallow. Try taking a Zupafood ELITE each morning, not only will it assist with filling the nutritional gaps in your diet, but you will also be boosting your radiance with medicinal mushrooms. The Chinese have been taking medicinal mushrooms for thousands of years to help maintain skin moisture and elasticity.

Skin Essentials

One of the easiest things you can do, that will pay quick, long-term dividends in terms of the health of your skin, is to include a high-quality omega 3 supplement into your beauty routine. Dry skin can be a sign that you are lacking in DHA fatty acids, which help the skin maintain its moisture barrier, keeping it soft and hydrated. Essential fatty acids also support the reduction of inflammation which can cause premature aging. Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10, along with the many health benefits of essential fatty acids, is also enriched with genuine Kaneka Ubiquinol CoQ10, and natural Lycopene and Astaxanthin for skin elasticity, plumpness, and collagen support.

Look After Your Gut

Great skin begins in your gut and the healthier your digestive system is, the healthier your skin is. If breakouts are your concern, pay attention to your gut.

When there are too many bad bacteria, undigested toxins are pushed out through the skin, contributing to (you guessed it) acne, rosacea, eczema, and rashes. 

The latest "is-it-bad-or-is-it-good" debate is about probiotics. Probiotics are only half of the equation and are not the powerhouse skin-clearing answer. What’s missing? Prebiotics. Prebiotics fuel probiotics and stimulate the growth of good bacteria, returning balance to your gut. Two capsules of Xtendlife's prebiotic rich Kiwi-Klenz per day can exert a plethora of beauty-promoting effects.

Take a Hint From Sleeping Beauty

If you really want to look less tired, try being less tired. Balanced sleep habits will help get your skin looking younger and healthier. Sleep cannot magically erase wrinkles, but it can slow down your skin’s aging process.  And the deeper the sleep the better, the deepest stages of sleep are when your body produces the most growth hormones, which aid in cell tissue repair. It is also the time when your body makes new collagen, the protein that keeps skin strong and elastic.