Laws of Biology VS Conventional Medicine

    Conventional medicine is designed to treat disease with medication or surgery. For sure, when it comes to emergency interventions, it is one of the best most efficient 'medicines' in the world.

    But for chronic long-term illnesses, like diabetes, cancer, and immune disorders, this approach simply doesn’t work. Here’s why……

    Why Conventional Medicine Defies the Laws of Nature

    Most Conventional medicine is based on clear-cut, yes-or-no diagnoses that often miss the underlying causes and more subtle manifestations of illness. Doctors are taught that you have a disease, or you don’t. There are no gray areas. Similarly, medical diagnostics are designed to identify black-and-white indicators: You are either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

    Then, to compound the problem, doctors are rewarded by a health care system that incentivizes them to treat the symptoms rather than address the underlying cause. Imagine, if someone could lower their cholesterol by changing their diet and exercising (which they can). Where’s the money in that? But put them on Lipitor and you’ve made the drug company rep and doctor a little bit richer.

    Practicing medicine this way is misguided because it misses two of the most fundamental laws of Nature, Physiology, Biology, and disease: The Continuum and Cellular Environment Laws.

    There is a continuum from optimal health to hidden imbalance, to serious dysfunction to disease. Anywhere along that continuum, we can intervene and reverse the process. The sooner we address it, the better.

    Similarly, chronic diseases and disorders do not result from the malfunctioning of just one organ. They do result from fundamental cellular imbalances which have developed over years of poor lifestyle habits. The cellular environment needs to be viewed and treated as an integrated system. Whereas Conventional medicine views and treats the ‘parts’ not the integrated whole.

    That’s why when you go to the Doc and get medication for ‘X’, you may well experience negative side effects for ‘Y’.

    As an example, let’s look at diabetes… Most doctors just consider blood sugar, which rises very late in the disease process. If your blood sugar is 90 or 110, you don’t have diabetes. If it’s over 126, you do have diabetes.

    But these distinctions are completely arbitrary, and they do nothing to help treat impending problems. I remember a friend telling me that her doctor had identified her mildly elevated blood sugar. Apparently, the doctor told her: “Let’s wait and see until your blood sugar is more elevated, and then we’ll treat you with diabetes medication.”

    This attitude is harmful given that we know how to prevent full-blown diabetes with lifestyle changes before it gets out of hand.

    Moreover, this Conventional approach completely ignores more subtle clues from symptoms and signs of disease, which may highlight underlying metabolic imbalances, especially when complemented by further testing.

    These imbalances may be remedied by the appropriate treatment. Treatment that is not focused on a disease ‘label’, but instead addresses fundamental cellular weaknesses and imbalances by natural means.

    We need to rebalance the integrated system, not treat the symptoms. We need to treat the whole patient, not the disease ‘label’.

    Let’s go back to the emergency room for a minute… For that critically ill or damaged person, identifying what caused the damage isn’t likely to make the difference between life and death. The symptom(s) must be treated immediately if they are to survive.

    For the chronically sick, hitting the nail with a hammer doesn’t work. ‘Rewiring’ the whole system by addressing cellular (and electrical) malfunctioning does.

    We have two different paradigms for two different conditions. It’s time that Conventional medicine takes its financially coloured blinkers off and ‘sees’ the clearly lit distinction.

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    Yes! Yes! I agree one hundred percent! My doctor and I go around and a round about my use of suppliments. You, see, I had two strokes at the same time on either side of my brain.
    The physical respone to the stroke was, impaired vision in the right eye, impaired use of my right hand, I could not write or handle eating untensiles, also I was dragging my right leg. All of this happened in 2006, and naturally he put me on Liptor, blood thinners and all that trash. That is after having surgeury on me left caratiod artery to clean out some build up there. I have since corrected all of my physical problems, by working out like a body builder and taking so many vitamins that I rattle when I walk as Bob Hope used to say. I am 71 years young, will be 72 in April, I now curl 85lbs with either hand, leg press 285lbs 40 times, going for 60 reps, and so on. Without vitamins I would not have the energy to do this kind of workout, let alone live through it. I have high blood pressure
    that is controlled by medicine, but is coming down slowly, and that is because of my heavy workout schedule. I am retired so I have the time to do this and extend my life for many years. Yes, if I had tried to stay on Lipitor and blood thinners I would most likely be dead now. Most of my friend’s are! So I agree our doctors need a big shift in how they think and treat poeple, but, it will never happen. Well have to run now, workout time.

    Thank You

    William Jones March 22 2012

    Thank you for your comments William and David.
    William you are to be applauded for a remarkable transformation….great Bob Hope analogy.

    I admit that I was a little hesitant writing in such a ‘black and white’ manner. For while it helps to clearly see the distinction between the two medical paradigms, in reality little is black and white! For example, I felt that I was doing a dis-service to those genuine hard working Conventional doctors who feel ‘trapped’ in a system they have grown to despise. Many of them are very stressed, frustrated and looking for ways out.

    On the other hand, I am often amazed how ignorant so many ‘experts’ seem to be about basic Natural Laws and nutritional science. To me this is so fundamental to understanding the essence of good health. It’s just plain common sense. And doesn’t need fancy letters after one’s name!


    Xtend-Life Expert March 23 2012

    This is nothing I didn’t know before, but it’s one of the clearest statements of this fundamental disconnect of modern medicine that I’ve read in a long time. Good work!

    David March 23 2012

    Well Stated article Caramia. May I suggest regarding your post article comment that the reason you felt hesitant to state the truth in a black and white manner may have been simply because of the significant weight of ‘authority’ that the medical profession has in our society. Believe me, there is a lot of chest beating that goes on in that profession, it is full of Tarzans….and Janes. I’ve worked in it and around it for many years as an X ray Tech…..out of financial necessity, I know just what it is like and am very aware of the predominant attitudes. Pride is a very dangerous thing and when you believe that the god of science is with you and underpins and justifies everything that you do, any ‘alternative’ is looked at with synercism and derision. Such is the deluded state of mind. If some in the profession are feeling the strain then may I remind them that they cannot have their cake and eat it too…significant remuneration and social status, which is seen as very nice cake and two key reasons highlighted by medical students as to why they wish to enter the profession in the first place without paying the price of an increasingly sick population by insisting that drugs, surgery, nano technology and who knows whats next are essential for health. The ‘healthcare’ system is buckling under immense strain because it is a failure in terms of chronic disease care. However, because it is a money driven system..and business is booming, there will not be any capitulation any time soon.

    Andrew April 05 2012

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