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    This is a subject that used to come up regularly about seven or eight years ago because there were all manner of internet marketers pushing products that they claimed were HGH or purported to be precursors. Some may have helped stimulate HGH but most would have done little more than lighten your wallet. Fortunately most of them have since disappeared.

    One of our newsletter subscribers has just raised this issue which I thought I would share with you.

    Phyll comments:

    "Hi Warren,
    I have subscribed to your newsletters for years now....missed them there for a while. I haven't tried your products as yet because I live in Canada and the cost is beyond my budget at this time. The more I read about them, the more curious I am to try them. I don't have a clue what is the best for you to take. My question is 'What is your opinion on Human Growth Hormones?' I have been reading a lot about them the past few months and what I hear is very convincing but maybe you could explain to me what they do and are they safe or would they have side effects over a period of time?

    To your health,

    Warren comments:

    There is only one genuine HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and that is one produced by a pharmaceutical company and is an injectable. It is not a supplement and is only available by prescription.

    However, there are dozens of companies on the internet promoting Growth Hormone as a supplement. This is not HGH but rather a mixture of amino acids to help stimulate your own production of HGH, which is usually measured by IGF-1.

    It is difficult to measure HGH because of the variation of levels throughout the day.

    The amino acid mix can help raise levels of IGF-1 in younger people quite easily but has limited effect on those people over 40 years of age. The ironic thing is that young people do not need additional HGH unless they have a condition which has brought about a deficiency.

    HGH as an injectable should never be taken without a clear demonstrated need for it. Levels need to be monitored by an expert professional in that field and should not be taken long term... if at all by a healthy individual.

    The best way to keep your HGH levels at a healthy level is to focus on your overall health. To give an example, my HGH levels (as measured by IGF-1) are similar to a healthy individual 30 years my junior. All I have done, other than follow a healthy lifestyle is take a full dose of our Total Balance for the last 10 years along with our Omega 3 fish oil. I do use some of our other products but it is the Total Balance that helps with maintaining my good HGH levels.

    I would be reluctant to take those high dose amino acids being promoted. If you do only take them month on, month off. Overall you are better to take the mix of amino acids on a regular basis as we provide for in Total Balance.

    HGH as an injectable is expensive…if it is the genuine product.

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    Hi Eula, thanks for your comments. Great to hear that exercise and diet is working well for you.
    In god health – Customer Care Team

    Customer Care Team December 11 2018

    Hi, interesting post! My name is Eula and I’ve been searching about growth hormones to add to my dietary regimen mainly to improve my health. I totally agree on what you said that ‘the best way to keep your HGH levels at a healthy level is to focus on your overall health.’ Personally, I find it very useful to boost my exercise endurance and been using this

    Eula Rosetta Nanaman October 17 2018

    It seems the Lifeceutical Group offers the injectable form of HGH.  I honestly would be very, very wary about using this.  There is increasing evidence that if you start injectable HGH that your own system will shut down and may not recover and your health will go downhill rapidly…if you do not continue the injections.  In other words once you start it you will likely be dependent on it for the rest of your life.  If you cannot get it for any reason, or, cannot afford it in later years you could be in big trouble.

    Reference is still made on sites promoting HGH of the research and studies done by Dr Daniel Rudman. This was a short study and there is no doubt that the short term results from the injections can be very impressive…but, stop the treatment and there is a whole other story.  It should be noted that there was no published data of what happened to those participants after the study ended.  Although I have no concrete data to support the following comment, but I have heard that the long term results were negative.  

    If you are considering such a treatment don’t take the sales pitch at face value.  Ask to speak to patients who had it for a period and then stopped it.  As I said, I personally would not take it as it could potentially limit longevity and long term health. 

    Warren Matthews September 16 2011

    I have just started taking colostrum and just read what you have posted, I am 48yrs old 54kilos and have been exercising since 16yrs both running/walking , boot camp and weights and have noticed my skin losing its electicity overnight almost and I have been taking Vit C, E,CoQ10, Resveretol, 3omega 3’s per day, Magnesium. Should I stop taking colostrum I take 2tsp per day. I have also started adding protein powders .

    What can you advise for me to increase HGH

    rena December 26 2010

    I haven’t tried it, but I’ve been reading about some atheletic trainers who claim that you can do a certain type of workout that will cause significant increases in the HGH your body produces, provided you don’t eat too many carbs for two hours following your workout.

    You might search on "Sprint 8" or "Peak 8" to find some info on it.

    Robert Pelton November 30 2010

    I hit upon your firm, by chance today (10th Jan) and found your advices re: HGH interesting.

    You mentioned that "you are 63 and don’t take anything for stimulating HGH other than our Total Balance and my levels are excellent (meaning IGF-1).

    I would be interested to know what it contains, to be able to compare with the Multi that I am receiving from America. Regards, Jeff Tabrizi, Budapest, Hungary

    Jeff January 11 2011

    I personally did not want to inject myself…..
    but I did want to try HGH.. so I went to
    my neighbor who is a homeopath and told me to make
    some homeopathic medicine that has the identical energies as HGH.
    So basically the body thinks you are taking HGH.. (in drops)
    It worked.  I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks.. that along with a cleanse
    i tries.. I lost a total of 30 pounds that 1st month.
    I am now down 70 pounds.. have been consistant at this weight level
    for the last 8 months. O started at 300 pounds
    I now have started walking.. up until 2 weeks ago, I never did any exercise.
    Weight loss was totally food related.


    karl November 26 2010

    Hi Rena,
    I am not really a fan on protein powders.  I am not convinced on colostrum either but I still have a relatively open mind on that pending some further research.

    The problem with your skin may be due to glycation.  You can read more about that by going to our Total Balance page and clicking on a link relating to glycation.  This is a major cause of loss of skin elasticity.  None of the ingredients that you are taking will help much with this.  You need nutrients such as L-Carnosine.

    How much Vitamin C are you taking daily?  There is a potential for excess Vitamin C when taken orally to act as a pro-oxidant.
    What about Vitamin E?  Are you taking it with tocotrienols?  Vitamin E should be combined with Tocotrienols to be effective.

    I would suggest that you consider dropping your Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoQ10 and replacing them with one of the versions of Total Balance Premium and replace the Omega 3 with the QH/Ultra version which contains the active form of CoQ10 as Ubiquinol.  You could also drop the Reseveratrol as well if you did that.

    When you are in your 40s you need a broader range of nutrients.  If you do that and you are able to nourish all your organs you should not have to worry about your HGH and that would be taken care of naturally.  I am 63 and dont take anything for stimulating HGH other than our Total Balance, and my levels are excellent.
    Hope this helps.  

    Warren Matthews December 31 2010

    Hi Jeff,

    It is important to keep in mind that Total Balance is not a multi.  However, it does contain everything that a good multi does but that is only a small component of the formula

    The real benefits of Total Balance come from the specialty nutrients such as Resveratrol, vinpocetine, SAMe, the broad range of amino acids, the herbal extracts, the specialised enzymes and so on.   All of these nutrients have an impact on the overall efficiency of your organs which in turn impact on the bodys ability to produce HGH and other essential hormones.

    What I would suggest is that you go to the ingredient page of the version of Total Balance that you are interested in and compare that with your current multi.  Also keep in mind that some of the ingredients that we use such as SAMe and the enzymes would be rendered useless if we did not use the delivery method that we doenteric coating.

    Warren Matthews January 14 2011

    Dear Warren,
    I’ve been reading your comments about HGH with horror. My Endocrinologist put me on injectable HGH four years ago because of underactive Hypothalamus (my HGH was low end of normal). I wish I had refused the treatment. I felt okay for about three years, but I have suffered horrendous problems – every day and every night – for the whole of this year. I have been gradually reducing my dosage for about three months and have now been completely off it for one month. I feel absolutely dreadful. I look at my two beautiful little daughters and I am filled with foreboding for the future. Before I took HGH I was taking TB Premium  and felt fine. Taking HGH was the biggest mistake of my life. Anyway Warren, you seem to have heard quite a bit about the effects of this (I can’t find any information anywhere; I’ve been asking Doctors and searching the Web for 11 months, and can’t get an answer on the implications of stopping HGH treatment). What I’d like to ask you is this: is there ANY hope for me?

    My advice for anyone considering taking HGH is this: DON’T DO IT. Take Total Balance instead; it is FAR SUPERIOR to anything that Doctors can give you…
    Thank you, Neville Harris.

    Neville Harris December 20 2011

    Lifeceutical Group offers Human Growth Hormone therapy that increase skin elasticity, texture and tightness, improved energy levels, emotional stability, help you to lose weight, build muscle mass and many other uses.

    Human Growth Hormone September 15 2011

    Hi Neville,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. 
    As you say, it is hard to get any concrete data about the long term effects of taking injectable HGH.  My position on this is somewhat anecedotal from various things I have observed over the years.  These are often ‘small’ observations which collectively have influenced by feelings about HGH.  These ‘observations’ also are mixed with some common sense and logic.
    I do recollect reading years ago that the participants in the HGH trial by Dr Rudman which is still used to promote HGH all pulled out and did suffer negative effects although the short term gains were impressive…BUT, I have never been able to substantiate whatever happened to these people. 
    Also, I have never seen the results of someone who has been taking HGH for a long time for anti-aging purposes even though it has been around for a long time.  I have no doubt if it was the wonderful anti-aging solution that it is sometimes promoted for that there would be a mountain of evidence and examples to support that position.
    This is why I do believe that constant injections will shut down your own production of HGH which becomes problematic when the injections are stopped.
    So, the question is, if that has happened to you what can be done to ‘kick start’ your own organs into producing HGH for you again.
    I honestly don’t know the answer, although I suspect that there is only one, and I don’t know enough about this possible answer to say if it would work for you.  That possible answer is live cell therapy which is done by several clinics in Germany.  It is similar to stem cell implantation in that live cells of the organ that produces HGH are injected into your body and the signaling components of those cells make their way to the appropriate organ and help regenerate the damaged cells.
    I have a friend who is a Harvard trained anti-aging physician who is an expert in this area.  If you are interested send me a personal email and I will follow it through for you.  In the meantime I would suggest that you make every effort to focus on your health and try to do some exercises with weights if you can. 

    Warren Matthews January 07 2012

    Hi Kris,
    I would be very wary of taking the real thing by injection. I have seen people who do it and the results are not good. If you start supplementing with the genuine HGH your own system will start shutting down and if you cannot continue taking it for some reason then you would deteriorate very quickly. Much better to focus on doing what you can to nourish your own organs and systems to continue to produce it yourself.

    Warren Matthews June 21 2011

    It is a demand of our society to have smooth and clear complexion which is is an attribute of physical attractiveness. People nowadays are prone to fashion and fitness and like to maintain their healthy regimes.

    HGH is <span id= x_lw_1322549297_0 class= x_yshortcuts x_cs4-visible >Human Growth Hormone. The important function of this hormone is to stimulate growth by cell reproduction.HGH has an important role in a child’s growth process and for maintaining proper metabolism in adult human beings.
    For adults, this therapy is carried out in three ways: using HGH injection, using oral sprays or using natural herbal
    <span id= x_lw_1322549297_1 class= x_yshortcuts x_cs4-visible >HGH releasers.

    In general there is no such side effects of this therapy. But its overdose can cause problems like
    1. Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in males)
    2. Acromegaly
    3. water retention and <span id= x_lw_1322549297_2 class= x_yshortcuts x_cs4-visible >
    carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

    Mike November 29 2011

    Hi Angus,

    Thanks for this input. Actually the HGH produced by the pharmaceutical company has an identical molecule to that produced by our own bodies. But, as I suggested it should not be taken by a healthy individual.

    Agreed, IGF-1 can be linked to cancer but it is still the only reliable way to measure HGH because the levels of HGH can vary so much on an hour by hour basis.

    I do believe though that there are other factors which link IGF-1 to cancer. When you are in your late 20’s your IGF-1 levels are at there highest, and yet this is the age that there is least risk of cancer. Those levels then decline as we age although some people make an effort to raise them ‘unnaturally’. I have never subscribed to that. I believe that levels of HGH (as measured by IGF-1 can stay naturally high just by focusing on general good health.

    Maybe the problems of cancer which occur with some people who have elevated IGF-1 is that their higher levels are due to the ingestion of IGF-1 stimulating nutrients…such as colostrum. I am about to read a book on this subject so will let you know if I learn anything more about this.

    Warren Matthews December 14 2010

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