How Important Is It To Take Supplements At The Recommended Dosage?

So you're looking at the back of the label of your Total Balance Premium, wondering if you really need to take all seven of those tablets. While it may seem like a lot, this supplement is formulated so that you’re getting the nutrients you need – in the right amount. Cutting back on the number of pills you take and consuming a smaller dose will not offer optimum results.


“There are many special nutrients necessary for supporting the health of all the organs of your body, and they simply cannot be fitted into any lesser number of tablets without compromising the results”, according to Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life.

We carefully formulate our products, with reference to the best science available - to achieve synergy between the ingredients that offer real results. But many of those benefits won’t be realized if you aren’t getting an effective amount of each nutrient.

And here’s the thing. If you purchased all the nutrients offered in Total Balance separately, you’d be taking dozens of tablets each day. Given that, seven doesn’t seem like all that much, does it?

We recommend either splitting the dose into two lots during the day or taking them all at once hit first thing in the morning, depending on which is more convenient for you.

In addition, our supplements are designed to provide the right nutrients in the right way. They’re not time released, but instead are enteric coated to be released when and where they can provide the most benefits in their bio-available form.

Is overdosing a possibility?

Some experts say that if you eat a healthy diet and take supplements you run the risk of getting too much of some key nutrients.

“Quite a few people who take a multivitamin and eat a healthy diet are getting twice what they need,” Diane Birt, Ph.D., director of the Center for Research on Botanical Dietary Supplements at Iowa State University, told Women’s Health Magazine. (Ref. 1)

Especially risky for too-large doses are calcium, beta-carotene, iron, vitamin A and zinc, Birt said.

Again, here’s the thing. Most supplements on the market are a hodge-podge of synthetic ingredients, with no real regard to how much of any one nutrient is the optimum amount for health benefits. If studies show the ingredient is beneficial, and it is cheap, and consumers know to look for it, in it goes.

We’ve invested years of research determining not only how much of a nutrient will be beneficial, but also how it interacts with other nutrients in the supplement. The harmony between ingredients – like a partner who inspires you to be your best – also helps determine how much of any nutrient we include in the mix.

Since most people get enough iron from their diets, we don’t include iron in any of our formulas.

And as for the others on Birt’s list, the inherent risks come from taking synthetic versions of nutrients, which are often made from coal tar and are viewed as foreign invaders by our bodies. The same risks don’t hold true for nutrients in their natural forms.

If the cost is a concern or the number of tablets is a concern, consider the standard version of Total Balance. This formula only requires four tablets a day, and still offers great general health benefits, as well as real anti-aging benefits. However, this cannot offer the optimal anti-aging benefits we can offer with the Total Balance Premium.

We all know that feeling our best is a mix of things – a smart diet and exercise, along with a nutrient blend such as Total Balance that is formulated with good nutrition in mind. Because it provides essential nutrients that when missing from the diet may trigger cravings, it helps keep late-night refrigerator raids to a minimum, while providing the energy and endurance necessary to hit the gym or lace up your shoes for your morning run.

It’s our mission as much as yours to help you defy the aging process and live life to the fullest, every day.

What does living life to the fullest mean to you? What are you doing now to make this happen?





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I have gotten my pay pal now, so may be able to order some supplements. I was wondering about the probiotics, as to when they should be taken, and with food or not. I heard that in order to have enough vit need to keep taking it to keep the urine yellow. It has even become white yesterday, even though I take it often, like as many as needed.. maybe 5 or more a day of the complex 100. Are my worry nerves that bad ? Mary

mary dicerni June 17 2014

Reading the list of ingredients I am interested in the form of Lipoic Acid that is used.  You explain the difference between R- and Alpha, but do not state which is used in your formulae.  I also want to see the exact amounts of all the ingredients as I currently take quite a number of individual supplements, and am very careful not to use ANY synthetic ones, and try to tailor my intake to accomodate my MTHFR defects which render me only 30% efficient in processing the key components of methylation.

LINDA MCENERNY August 25 2016

Hi Jorge,

Thank you for your feedback.

May I ask if this is the first time you are trying our Total Balance Men’s Premium?

Our Total Balance Premium formulations contain detoxifying ingredients that when first taken, help the body flush out toxin buildup. Detoxification symptoms include slight headaches or nausea. We recommend drinking plenty of water in the first week and the symptoms should dissapate by the middle of next week. I would also suggest splitting your dosage to three in the morning and four in the mid-afternoon or early evening.

If you have anymore questions, please contact us at for assistance and advice.

In good health,


Xtend-Life Expert July 20 2015

When will Xtend release their new version of Total Balance? It never has taken them this long to develop a new version! What’s going on? Plus no upgrade to their skin products too

Things mice fast in this industry and xtend life had lead the way always!
Not much info even about telomere research which the Nobel prize and is something everyone talking about. Also not much about Warren anymore who the readers miss! I would appreciate updates. Thanks

Jenny June 18 2014

Why I feel dizzy after took my 7 xtend-life’s 7 pills this morning?

Jorge July 19 2015

Hi Jenny,

I really appreciate your comments. I totally agree with you re the delay in doing the next generation of Total Balance…it has indeed been a long time…too long! We have however actually almost completed a total review of Total Balance but because of the technical improvements we have made in the formulas we are having to source new sophisticated equipment as the form of delivery will be quite unique…but, it will be worth the wait. Can’t say how much longer yet.

We have also finished a complete reformulation of our skin care range…and are also adding to this. We are arranging for some preliminary clinical trials on this new range as well. With regard to timing I am optimistic about releasing these by the end of the year.

Now…why has all this taken so long?

In a nutshell one word helps sum up the prime reason…the earthquake in Feb 2011. This necessitated us developing and building a complete new state of the art facility. We will be doing a detailed tour of this shortly. It has been a major exercise and now I can honestly say that it is one of the best in the world. This took considerable resources to put together and complete and as such some of our new development took a ‘back seat’.

However, that is now changing…we are strengthening our New Product Development team which I am heading up and I can promise you that over the next couple of years there will be some exciting new products released by us.

In fact, the first ones will be release around August this year. We have developed three products which we call ZUPAFOOD….beyond Superfoods. These will be quite unique and can be taken in addition to Total Balance or any of our other products.

As for me? Well, I feel bad that I have not been as visible over the last 2 – 3 years but that is about to change. We have been putting into place additional professional management because the operation has now grown quite large and I wanted to back off from working 70 – 80 hours a week.

Now that this is in place I will be focusing on not only new product development but in more personal communication with our customers as well as seeking out the latest developments in sustaining health and longevity.

I will expand on that further a bit later.

Oh…by the way I have been researching telemores for the last two years and we are working on a new product to help this. I have been experimenting on myself.

Hope this bit of extra background is helpful.


Warren Matthews June 22 2014

Thanks Madelynn,

Yes, it is the first time I use the Total Balance Premium. Now I am splitting it in 2 and just have a slight headache. Now I know it’s part of the Detoxification!!

Jorge July 26 2015

Hi Rupesh,  

They are great questions!

When taking our Total Balance Premium products, we recommend taking four tablets when you first arise and on an empty stomach, then three tablets in the mid to late afternoon.  

You can take all seven tablets at once if youre not taking any other supplements, but for best absorption and optimum benefits, we do recommend splitting your dosage into two.  

When you have taken your tablets please allow at least 20 minutes before consuming your food or smoothie, for optimum benefits.  If you have eaten, then we advise waiting at least two hours, before taking our products.  

For example; you could take your next three 20 minutes prior to your lunch or you can wait for two hours after your lunch and take the remaining tablets then.  

I hope this information is helpful to you Rupesh.  We would be delighted to help answer any additional questions you may have.

Kind regards,

Customer Relations Representative

Customer Relations September 29 2014

How would I optimise the Total Balance Premium dose? If I suppose to take 7 tab per day can I have 4 tablet just before the breakfast (I take smoothie for my Breakfastmade of berries, flex seed, chia seed etc.).

Also, if I take this first does at 8 AM can I repeat remaining 3 tablet at 12 PM just before my lunch?

What is the logic to divide does into two for optimal benefit?




Rupesh Agarwal September 24 2014

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