Hormones being prescribed by a Nutritionist?

I thought you may be interested in the following comment from a customer, particularly if you are a woman.


Rick commented:

Warren, why wouldn't you recommend the female rejuvenator to work on the hormonal balance issue? As you said, some of these hormone treatments can do more harm than good. I have a friend who is also seeing a nutritionist, who is subscribing the hormone treatments and she confided in me that she doesn't feel good, like she did with the total balance, omega 3 and female rejuvenator. She was told to stop taking any of the Xtend-Life products and only take the products sold by the nutritionist. This clearly looks like a conflict of interest and I recommended she do what she thinks is right, for her overall good health and well being.

My Response:

In most cases the Total Balance Women’s and Female Rejuvenator is a good combination for naturally balancing a women’s hormones. However, sometimes there can be a situation in which a woman may have a significant excess of estrogen and low progesterone (proven by blood tests) in which case the most effective way to balance the hormones is by dermal application of bio-identical progesterone.

With regard to your friend and the nutritionist. The nutritionist should not in my opinion be prescribing hormones to anyone. I wonder what this person is giving your friend? A nutritionist cannot legally prescribe genuine hormones, irrespective whether they are bio-identical or not.

Hormones should only be prescribed by an expert in that field and only after a full panel of blood tests. (and then ONLY bio-identical hormones should be used)

I suspect that the nutritionist may be selling a cream such as ‘wild yam’ which is claimed to be a natural progesterone…but it is totally useless…but, anyone can sell it because it does not need a prescription…probably because it does not work.

It would certainly seem that the nutritionist is not being honest and is more concerned about the money than your friend’s best welfare. If your friend is not now feeling so good she would be advised to switch back to what she was doing before.

2 Responses

Hi Dianetwo things here. One is that if you are on HRT then it is critical that you are using Bio-identical hormones.  Do not under any circumstances use Premarin or Progestin.  These will put you at risk for a number of degenerative diseases including cancer.  Secondly, the doses have to be carefully monitored and regular testing done.

If you are on HRT (any form) then there is probably no need to take the Womens version of Total Balance. I would stick with the Unisex version.  If you go off the HRT then the Womens version would be worth considering.

Warren Matthews October 29 2010

Warren, what is your stance on long-term Hormone Replacement Thearpy [HRT] for post-menopausal women. Also what would you suggest re which Total Balance Premium to take for a woman in her mid-60s who’s on HRT?

Diane October 26 2010

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