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 Following a write-up in a UK paper I thought I would bring a few comments to your attention..."...Alan Carr drinks three cups of green tea a day and has cut out all caffeine... TV’s Chatty Man Alan Carr last night claimed his new head of thick, curly hair was the result of herbal tea...

Fans are convinced he has boosted his thinning locks by having a hair weave or a transplant.

The comic, 34, sparked gossip that he had undergone cosmetic surgery after being seen out with a luscious mane.

But the funnyman has laughed off claims he covered up his bald spots by artificial means.

He said he had done nothing more to boost his barnet than drink lots of special health teas and aloe vera juice.

Alan wrote on Twitter: "I must be the only person who (allegedly) has his teeth whitened, weave fitted and eyes lasered and looks worse."

Later he added: "Off for a walk with my dog – just waiting for my weave to dry and then I'm off." Pals of the star said he found the reports that he had undergone cosmetic surgery "hilarious".

One said he has been drinking gallons of aloe vera and special health teas to promote hair growth and keep his hair healthy.Alan is also following a new fitness routine, which includes Pilates classes."

So does this really work?

Well, the short answer is yes, in part. These simple steps are not a sole cure for everyone, and not a sole cure for hairloss. However, they can help really well with general health and this, as part of a regime, can increase the strength and quality of hair and hair follicles, and this in turn, for some people, may help with hair growth. If not, it will certainly help with hair and follicular health generally. So there are positives of making some notes here for future reference, even if not for a sole hairloss cure :).

Amongst the many beneficial properties of green tea you have substances called polyphenol catechins. Evidence indicates that these polyphenols block the action of a specific enzyme that sparks hair loss, especially in males. There are indications that this may only be Type 1 enzyme, which is less indicative of hair loss than Type 2 enzyme, but this can still help with the added benefit of antioxidants too.

The aloe leaves are excellent detoxifying agents, which cleans your hair follicle and encourages it to grow healthier. This can be massaged on the scalp as a gel, as well as taken internally as suggested above. This is because the gel from the Aloe Vera plant soothes the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. This can help to cleanse pores and balance pH levels, as well as it helping the hair to retain water and stay nourished. (You can also try mixing aloe vera gel with wheat germ oil and coconut milk and use the concoction as a daily shampoo).

We have both these ingredients in our Total balance formula, so you may wish to consider this as part of the regime. You can take additional Aloe Vera and Green tea on top of this. The general health supplements included in the suggested regime, Total Balance, and Omega 3, are helpful to balance overall health and this in turn can help skin, hair, and nails. For men, Total Balance for Men also includes Saw palmetto, Chrysin, and with the help of beta-sitosterol and other ingredients, these help to block receptor sites on cell membranes that are required for the absorption of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT contributes to the collapse of the hair growth cycle and the shrinkage of the hair roots, the major factors in male hairloss. Our ingredients help to inhibit 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme needed to convert testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Compared to pharmaceutical methods, such as Finasteride (Proscar), for example, our ingredients are much better tolerated and have none of the side effects associated with these drugs.

So you could see some benefit here. But it is also important to combine this with an optimal healthy diet, increased pure fluid regimes, and adequate exercise for oxygenation.

Remember too that if you have problems with hair loss the trigger or cause of this, if there is one, is very relevant to know and deal with - such as medications you may be on, or conditions that you may have that may be contributing toward the hair loss. If your issue is hormonal imbalance, the gender version of Total Balance may be able to help further, as well as our Testosterone Support, for example.

Omega 3/DHA contains essential fatty acids that are needed to improve hair texture and growth.

Horsetail (silica) can also be added to help with growth and strength of hair.

Eating plenty of soy foods can be helpful as soy appears to inhibit the formation of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone implicated I the process of hair loss.

This gist of the article is for someone with no specific hair issues, and who has concentrated on his general overall health (not hairloss specifically). It is a little 'tongue-in-cheek' and with the TV personality being a well known comedian, is written with a little sarcasm. However, his 'followers' in the media have noticed improvement in his hair, perhaps, from healthy living and these few herbal measures he has taken. For someone with specific hairloss issues, you may need more specific help and these suggestions may have more limited result, but they can still help along with a 'whole' approach to the cause of your specific hairloss condition, and certainly general hair, follicular and body health can be improved.