Caring For Your Skin Inside Out

Do you sometimes despair at the condition of your skin? Perhaps you’ve tried all the so called ‘miracle’ potions and lotions. Or resorted to heavy make-up, big shades or, worse, hiding at home!


What is your skin trying to tell you?

Usually, the message is that unless the cause of the skin issue is external, such as a cut or insect bite, an external remedy will almost never properly correct an internal problem.

You see, our skin is the largest organ of our body, with more area exposed to the elements – internal and external - than any other organ. It receives one third of all the blood that is circulated in the body, helping it to protect, absorb and excrete wastes.

So if you don’t ‘feed’ and ‘water’ it correctly, with the right nutrition, adequate pure liquids, proven natural supplements, and natural topical ingredients, it gets sick!

And if it can’t excrete toxins because the digestive and excretory systems are impaired, leading to chemical and hormonal imbalances, aging and degeneration, the skin becomes even sicker!

Indeed, the skin is a vivid fingerprint of what's going on inside.

According to Chinese medicine, skin is the ‘third kidney’: it rids the body of excess moisture and toxins. Oily, dry, blotchy, itchy, inflamed red skin, acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders very often indicate that the organs which eliminate toxins from the body, such as the liver, kidney or colon are not working properly. For example:

  • Rashes and itching spots, particularly on the lower legs are often a sign of a congested liver.
  • Odd skin rashes can also be parasitic – most commonly yeast/fungus, but sometimes other parasites.
  • Dry skin, dandruff, acne, rough scaly skin often indicates a lack of essential fatty acids (EFAs) and good fats (a mix of mainly monounsaturated, Omega 3 and some saturated fats)
  • Acne in particular is often caused by an excess of processed dairy foods, stress, toxicity, inflammation, hormonal and gut imbalances
  • Dry, ‘shrivelled’ skin can also be a sign of chronic dehydration. Without water, all tissues in the body become crippled at the cellular level; they begin to shrivel and lose their ability to function properly.
  • Bumpy chicken skin on the back of the arms may indicate two problems: The first is a liver that is not metabolizing fat properly, and the second is a lack of the right kind of fat such as omega 3 oils
  • Thick sandpaper textured skin on the back of the heels and the elbows is a reflection of poor carbohydrate metabolism, low thyroid function and/or iodine deficiency.
  • The colour of the skin around the eyes relates to various organs. Greenish colours reflect liver and gallbladder problems; blues along with ‘bags’ reflect kidney problems, and yellows reflect spleen and stomach issues.

Of course, all of these originate largely from a poor diet and unbalanced lifestyle.

A diet based on processed, chemical laden foods and acidic liquids which contain few beneficial nutrients and don’t digest easily in the human body. And an unbalanced lifestyle characterised by all the stresses and excesses of fast paced modern living.

Remember, the body is holistic: Glowing, vibrant, clear skin depends on the optimal function of many of the core systems of the body: your nutritional status, immune system, gut, hormones, toxic load, oxygenation, and mind-body health.

Beauty may well ‘be in the eye of the beholder’, but how much does that eye really see?

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Skin rashes are so common now days that they are a very big problem.As you have said that they could also be a result of improper diet.Can you explain what is the exact way to avoid this

parker bin February 02 2012

Thanks J and Parker

Both your questions have the same basic answer stressed in the blog: there is not ONE factor required for glowing skin or to avoid rashes.

You need to address dietary and lifestyle changes permanently. Any of our supplements or skin products alone will have minimal effect on healthy skin or rashes if, for example, you eat processed foods, have digestive and hormonal imbalances and a sedentary lifestyle. However, to help counterbalance – but not solve – lifestyle and dietary inadequacies, our foundational supplements, such as the Total Balance and Fish oil/omega 3 range will help. For added digestive support, Digestien-K is the best available.

Similarly, skin rashes can be multi causal with parasitic infections being very common. The best way to address this is dietary for sure. This means eating as natural and organic as possible: lots of fresh veggies, fruit, grass fed meats, organic eggs, uncontaminated fish, a healthy balance of unprocessed fats, raw nuts and seeds, mimimal processed sugars or processed anything. Juicing veggies is an excellent way to ensure nutrition is speedily delivered where its needed, as well as to cleanse the system. Regular exercise, and detoxification by sweating toxins from the body would help too. Remember to drink lots of pure water! Our Digesten-K is a very effective means of balancing gut bacteria and will help address parasitic problems.

For both of you, please ring our friendly customer service representatives who will help tailor the supplement protocol for your particular needs.

Hope this helps


caramiahartley February 03 2012


So to improve skin to glowing condition what internal supplement do you suggest from Xtend-Life?


J February 02 2012

Thanks <span id= x_ctl00_ctl00_Content_Holder_Content_Column_Holder_BlogPosts1_ctl00_ctl00_commentsList_ctl00_commentsRepeater_ctl05_anonCommentContainer_ctl00_text >

Duly noted, and some of which I’ll give a go, to see if it helps ;-)

MrsMacker February 09 2012

Thanks for your question Mrs Macker

Good that you are making positive changes!
It is hard to advise accurately without knowing more about you. For example, details of your diet, health status, medication history, when this first appeared, etc.

Your description may indicate a mild form of Eczema which is often triggered by a change in weather, climate, stress or diet.
My suggestion is to review your diet and ensure you are eating fresh organic produce and healthy fats, and drinking plenty of liquids. Regular organic juiced veggies and fruits would be great.
Ensure that you keep the patches clean…..squirt a little blob of our foaming facial cleanser  on the patches, then remove with cool pure water. This cleanses without irritation, and also calms and soothes.
Then if you wish, you can place a small dab of our body lotion on the patches .  This will moisturize and calm. Organic aloe vera may also help to calm and heal. Avoid corticosteroid creams if possible as these can supress the symptoms but they rarely eliminate them permanently. They may also thin the skin.


Xtend-Life Expert February 04 2012


Good to know this, thanks.
Where does dry skin patches on the upper arms fall into this?
I take Extend Life Fish oil daily and Digestion – K and these itchy dry spots still remain. I’ve even changed my shower gel & lotions to those without SLS, and other parabens, but no change.

Any ideas?

MrsMacker February 03 2012

Five alpha reductase enzyme (type I and type II) is produced in our scalp and in the prostate of males, but is not exclusive to males. It combines with testosterone to form dihydrotestosterone which in turn attaches to androgen receptors in our hair follicles causing androgenic balding. Alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3 Oil) is the most potent inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase enzyme known. The consumption of an adequate amount of alpha linolenic acid in our diet has been used as a method to stop and even reverse balding. Omega 3 oil is also used in the treatment of severe acne (the scarring kind), which shares 5 alpha reductase enzyme as its cause. Considering its effects on 5 alpha reductse alone, it seems to me that Omega 3 oil is one of the most important things we can use for the health of our skin and integumentary system.

DLG February 16 2012

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