Restorative Night Cream

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Restore your skin while you sleep with this advanced night cream packed with powerful antioxidants and active ingredients.
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Size: 50ml / 1.69oz
Size: 50ml / 1.69oz
Features & Benefits

We’ve all heard of the term ‘beauty sleep’, those crucial overnight hours when your skin does the bulk of its repairing. To supercharge that repairing process, we’ve created Restorative Night Cream, an advanced, ultra-hydrating night time moisturizer containing powerful antioxidants and plant actives to regenerate your skin while you sleep.

Scientifically formulated to get results you can see, this age-defying night cream, also available lightly scented with hints of plum and vanilla blossom, contains essential fatty acids and active ingredients to deeply penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to encourage cell renewal.

The ultimate nighttime repair treatment for radiant looking skin.

Restorative Night Cream Benefits:

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases skin’s suppleness and elasticity
  • Deeply hydrating to enhance the skin’s natural night time repair process
  • Nourishes skin with natural active ingredients
  • Promotes a more even skin tone and texture

We are passionate about providing genuine nutrition for your skin. That’s why this product contains Kanapa™ – our exclusive formula containing a powerful blend of natural ingredients including the powerhouse antioxidant Astaxanthin. Products that include Kanapa™ have been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging, including a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Learn more about Kanapa™ and see the full results of the study here.

Restorative Night Cream has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for every skin type including sensitive skin. It does not contain Hydroquinone or any harmful chemicals including BPA, Bisphenol compounds, parabens, or mineral oil, and is cruelty-free.

Massage into clean skin using an upwards and outwards motion. Leave on overnight. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Combines well with our Foaming Facial Cleanser, Luminous Facial Serum, and  Soothing Eye Contour Cream.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Kanapa™ – Nutrition for your skin

Our signature blend of high quality plant-based ingredients, Kanapa™ is naturally and scientifically formulated to deliver proven results. Learn more about this breakthrough blend and its clinically proven efficacy here.

Manuka Honey

New Zealand manuka honey is a natural moisturizer and antioxidant. Dense in nutrients, it nourishes skin with essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. 


Derived from the Crocus plant, DermCom acts as an intense age-defying treatment, rejuvenating the skin’s surface by promoting firming and lifting as well as supporting the skin’s natural repair processes. 

Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10

CoQ10 is essential for cell health. This topical coenzyme Q10 penetrates beneath the skin’s surface, helping to fight free radicals that are attracted to collagen and elastin. 

Copherol Vitamin E 

Copherol is a natural form of vitamin E that acts as a powerful antioxidant, supporting the healthy function of collagen and elastin so skin stays firm. 

Biovera Oil 

BioVera™ Oil is an all-natural, liposoluble plant extract from the aloe vera plant that supports healthy inflammation management, helps restore the skin’s barrier and helps fight oxidative stress. 

Grape Seed Oil 

This power-packed antioxidant locks in moisture while helping to support skin health. It is rich in natural vitamin D and is known to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. 

Jojoba Oil 

Jojoba Oil is an ideal moisturizing treatment to keep sooth skin and keep it healthy with less risk of irritation, because it mimics our skin’s natural oils. 

Olivem 800 

Derived from olive oil, Olivem 800 is a luxurious moisturizer that is easily absorbed and can effectively hydrate and revitalize parched, tired skin. 


How do I use Restorative Night Cream?

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream is formulated with ingredients to nourish and treat the skin for the optimum condition while supporting cell renewal. With regular use, skin is soothed, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced, and radiance restored.  Essential to age defying skin care, Restorative Night Cream boosts the moisture trapping property of the skin, while hydrating and helping to balance skin tone.

  • Cleanse your face with lukewarm water.
  • Apply Restorative Night Cream to the face, neck and décolletage.
  • Massage the cream until completely absorbed, using an upward and inward motion.
  • Use nightly for the best results.

NOTE: Our Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream is formulated, to be used along with our Nourishing Day Cream or our Ultra-Light Day & Night Cream with Whitening to support optimum skin health both day and night.

What are some benefits I can experience from using Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream?

Reparative and restorative skincare. Our goal is not just to benefit the surface of your skin, but to penetrate beneath the skin's surface, protect skin from stress and help regain its natural balance by supplying the nutrition you need for healthy, nourished glowing skin.

  • An intense night cream formulated to deliver a glowing radiant complexion while reducing the signs of premature aging. Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream is quickly and easily absorbed, to boost skin recovery and radiance while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Our easily-absorbed night time moisturiser deeply nourishes and repairs while you sleep. By assisting the skin's natural process of regeneration, this cream helps support suppleness and elasticity.
  • Soothe, protect and care for easily irritated skin, with our deeply hydrating and comforting cream, harnesses the power of antioxidants to support the skin's ability to resist free radical damage.  Your skin is in safe hands.

Can I apply Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream to my body if my skin is very dry?

There is no reason why you cannot apply Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream to small areas of your body, where the skin is exceptionally dry.  However, applying the cream to large areas of the body is simply not very economical.  We recommend using our Replenishing Body Lotion to target dry skin on the body, which is specially designed for all over body use.  This product is deeply nourishing and absorbs effectively into the skin, please see the individual product page for more information.     

Can I use Kanapa™ Soothing Eye Contour Cream at the same time as the Night Cream?

Yes it is absolutely fine to use Kanapa™ Soothing Eye Contour Cream with the Restorative Night Cream. Just leave a gap of 10 mins between one product and the other before applying, to ensure that one is completely absorbed before the next is applied.  

Is Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream too heavy for my skin if it is prone to acne?

Kanapa™ Restorative Night Cream is suitable for all skin types, including acne prone skin types. It is richly moisturizing but is not clogging to the pores, so it should not make acne worse. Our formula is rich but lightweight, with beneficial properties that can support the skin, without the drying agents that are present in most acne products. While it is not specifically designed to treat acne, it's likely that the synergistic mix of ingredients will result in fewer breakouts over time. Then you can hopefully discontinue any other products containing harsh chemicals that can leave skin feeling parched and flaky.

When beginning this product we suggest applying a small amount for a few nights and monitor how your skin responds. If you have a naturally oily skin you may find you can use a very small amount to provide adequate hydration.

What is your Kanapa™ blend used in your skincare range?

Kanapa is a Maori (native New Zealand) word for 'bright' or 'glow' and we believe our signature blend provides ingredients to allow your skin to do just that. It is a unique blend of eight plant-based ingredients designed to support the skin's natural ability to repair itself, and help you maintain skin with a youthful glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in replenishing oils and including omegas 3, 6 and 9, our unique Kanapa™ blend works to replenish, strengthen and protect the skin. This innovative, replenishing blend is your key to age-defying skin.

Do you test your skincare or supplements on animals?

We do not conduct or commission animal testing on raw materials or finished products in any phase of development. We do not test on animals under any circumstances. We are deeply committed to respecting animal life and wellbeing, as well as our environment.

What is the shelf life of your products?

We have a significant number of antioxidants in our skincare, and as we are careful to prevent oxidation of these potent ingredients, we have chosen to package these products in tubes. This prevents excessive exposure of the product to air. Our skin care products have a shelf life of two years from manufacture date and we recommend storing them in a cool dry place.

Does Kanapa™ skincare contain any mineral oils?

None of our products contain mineral oils. Mineral oils can clog the pores, interfere with skin's ability to eliminate toxins, and encourage breakouts. We use nourishing plant-based oils which nourish the skin without aggravating acne.

See all related FAQs here.

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Karen S.
Excellent Skincare

I have been using the Restorative Night Cream through the years. It feels so light and rich and makes my skin feel smooth and luxuriously refreshed at bedtime.

Linda W.
Thick and Creamy

I am 73 and I also buy the Restorative Night Cream for my 33-year-old daughter, which shows that it benefits any age. We both have dry skin if we forget to use our creams, so we are careful to stick to our regimen. We have used the Restorative Night Cream for a number of years and highly recommend it.

Madalene T.
This is a staple in my routine

I've been using the Restorative Night Cream for years, I'm in my 30s, and this cream has always nourished my skin beautifully. I buy this over and over again and I have tried high end skincare - vintners daughter, Augustinus Bader, Sunday Riley, biologique Recherche - and I always keep buying this night cream.

It Has Kept My Wrinkles Away!

I have been using this product for over 5 years now. I am a 59-year-old female, and people can't believe my age. I've lived at the beach in South Carolina for 30 years and didn't worry about the wrinkles until I hit about 50yrs old. The sun can take a toll. But I use this religiously morning and night, and I have no wrinkle lines on my eyes or around my mouth! I have had extreme skin allergies my whole life and spent many days with a red face because whatever I was trying would show up a few days after use. I haven't had red face now for years! And i love that there is no scent. The Restorative Night Cream and the Nourishing Day Cream day are both great.

New Zealand
Skin Replenishment While You Sleep

I have been using the Restorative Night Cream for more than a decade, and use it in my night time regime, which includes Xtend's Kanapa Foaming Facial Cleanser, followed by the night cream and the soothing eye contour cream, a winning combo for me. This cream is a richer formulation than the Luminous Day & Night Cream, which I use in the morning, and it feels very restorative. I highly recommend this product. I am in my 50s, and people often comment on my skin and can't believe my age, so that is testament to Xtend-Life products and my way of life.

Restorative Night Cream

Restorative Night Cream

Size: 50ml / 1.69oz
Size: 50ml / 1.69oz

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