Olivem 800 benefits for skin

Derived from olive oil, Olivem 800 is a luxurious moisturizer that is more compatible to the skin’s hydrolipidic layer than other oils, so it is easily absorbed and can effectively hydrate and revitalize parched, tired skin. Because olive oil is such an effective antioxidant, Olivem 800 offers great age-defying properties that support skin cells from the damage associated with free radicals and oxidative stress from exposure to pollutants and other toxins, which often target skin cells.

In addition to vitamin E, olive oil is rich in polyphenols and phytosterols, all of which help reduce signs of aging by working to support collagen and elastin, the proteins most responsible for keeping skin looking and feeling supple and radiant.

Both gentle and suitable for sensitive skin, Olivem 800 is designed to offer deeper, more effective hydration due to its unique emulsified formula.

Olivem 800 is an all-natural ingredient offering clinically-proven results, and it is rich but lightweight, so it easily permeates the skin’s surface, reaching the new cells beneath the surface. Over time, as surface cells are replaced by rejuvenated cells beneath, skin texture and tone improves.

Uses of Olivem 800

In addition to offering powerful antioxidants, Olivem 800 acts as an emulsifier and helps give skin care products a smooth, silky texture by working in synergy with other hydrating ingredients.

Olivem 800 is found in moisturizers, cosmetics, facial cleaners, after-sun skin care products and hair care products.

Source and sustainability of Olivem 800

Olivem 800 is derived from olive oil and is produced by Hallstar, a company that’s committed to environmental sustainability in a variety of different ways. That includes responsible waste management, efficient water usage and a focus on reducing the environmental footprint left in the global communities where Hallstar operates.

Olives are harvested from trees that are hardy and will thrive in poor soil while requiring less water than many orchard crops, making the product itself sustainable as well.

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