Heart & Cardio Health

The heart is the hardest working organ in our body; it's also the most vulnerable. So, to live a long and happy life, it's vital we take care of it.
CX8 - Cardio Support

CX8 - Cardio Support

A unique, highly advanced supplement which supports the cardiovascular system.
$69.00 USD
Omega 3 / QH Ultra

Omega 3 / QH Ultra

One of the freshest fish oils available plus quality bio-available CoQ10 for optimum heart and brain health
$27.95 USD
Marine Magnesium with Potassium

Marine Magnesium with Potassium

An excellent source of natural bio-available magnesium to assist with cardiovascular and general health.
$12.50 USD

Health Articles

Top Ten Superfoods for a Healthy Heart

Coconut oil’s in, butter’s out. Olive oil is good but canola oil is bad. Running is good, but marathon running is bad... With all the conflicting information out there, caring for your heart can sometimes seem impossible. But it needn’t be so comp...

Diet and Exercise Tips for Healthy Hearts

Cardiovascular disease (sometimes called atherosclerosis) describes a situation where there is a build-up of fatty deposits inside the walls of the arteries. As the plaque accumulates, it hinders the flow of blood that carries oxygen and nutrients...

Why breaking up with sodium is good news for your heart

Imagine the saltiest thing you think of… A delicious bowl of hot, crispy fries? Potato crisps maybe? Turns out, it’s neither. The saltiest things most of us consume are canned soup, breakfast cereal and bread. Yup, you heard right. A whopping 75% ...

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