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A 3-in-1 prebiotic that is proven to increase the healthy bacteria in your gut, supporting better digestive health.
Size: 60 vege caps

Natural Digestive Support

The truth is: It's not what you eat but what you DIGEST that makes the most impact on your health.

Research shows that an imbalance in gut bacteria can contribute to a number of health concerns such as bloating, food intolerances, skin conditions, allergies, obesity and depression. This is because an imbalanced digestive tract is hindered in its ability to properly digest and absorb key nutrients and ingredients found not just in the food you eat, but also in the supplements you take every day.

The good news is that rebalancing gut bacteria is easier than you think – and it is a great first step to getting you back on the road to healthy digestion and better overall health.

The power of New Zealand kiwifruit

Scientists have known the digestive power of the New Zealand kiwifruit for decades. In fact, research shows eating two fresh kiwifruit everyday helps promote healthy digestion.

Unfortunately, most kiwifruit sold at supermarkets are ripened artificially to increase shelf life. This can significantly diminish potency. In addition, you would need to eat the entire kiwifruit - flesh, seeds and fuzzy skin for optimum digestive benefits.

Thanks to Kiwi-Klenz prebiotic supplement, natural digestion support has never been easier. You can now tap into the digestive power of kiwifruit with the convenience of just one capsule per day.

What makes Kiwi-Klenz so effective for digestive health?

Kiwi-Klenz contains the proprietary blend called Digesten-K - a potent kiwi fruit extract that helps deliver the 4 most critical components needed for healthy digestion:

  • Digestive enzymes - to properly break down food (especially hard to digest meat and dairy protein)
  • Prebiotic - to feed and stimulate growth of good bacteria
  • Phenolics - to help suppress the growth of bad bacteria and maintain a healthy digestive tract
  • Soluble fiber - for healthy bowel function

With these four components working together synergistically, you can enhance the assimilation of nutrients from food and supplements, improve the consistency and frequency of stool elimination, clear out toxins and waste, and help support the overall healthy function of your bowels and digestive system.

Other kiwi extract supplements are made from freeze-dried pulp. By not using the entire kiwifruit - including seeds and fuzzy skin - they are missing out on some highly effective phenolic compounds. Kiwi-Klenz contains 100% New Zealand kiwifruit including the seeds, flesh and skin - for optimum digestive health support. 

Aqua Pure TRIPLE water extraction delivers maximum potency

Kiwi-Klenz uses a unique water extraction process, without harsh chemicals or solvents, to extract the active ingredients in kiwifruit. The Aqua Pure process extracts a high concentration of the vital digestive enzymes, phenolics and soluble fiber needed for optimum digestive support. This process is repeated three times to deliver a more potent formula for your digestive needs.

Since heat can damage or destroy vital digestive enzymes and nutrients, we are careful to ensure that Kiwi-Klenz is produced without the application of heat - to ensure nutrient safety and potency.

Delivers prebiotics - NOT probiotics

Many digestive enzyme formulas claim to contain millions of probiotics for your digestive tract.

But here's what they're NOT telling you: When you take a probiotic formula - you may swallow millions of good bacteria - but only a miniscule amount of that number will survive stomach acids and reach your digestive tract. In other words: You never know how much probiotic you're really getting - or even how much your body actually needs.

On the other hand, a prebiotic supplement encourages and helps your body make its own good and friendly bacteria - just like nature intended. Your body determines what probiotics it needs - and when it needs them, and prebiotics are the food good bacteria need to thrive and do their job! 

No guess work needed - and no swallowing unnecessary bacteria.

Natural digestive support with Kiwi-Klenz

With daily use of Kiwi-Klenz, Xtend-Life’s premium prebiotic supplement with kiwi fruit extract - you can help:

  • Support the body’s ability to naturally absorb nutrients from food
  • Enhance potency of nutritional supplements
  • Support immune response and healthy inflammation management
  • Experience regular bowel movements
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce smelly gas
  • Reduce bloating and discomfort
  • Improve the appearance of your skin
  • Support the body’s ability to naturally remove toxic waste

Kiwi-Klenz - critical for any supplement regime

Kiwi-Klenz is a great first step to get you back on the road to better digestive health and overall wellbeing and is a critical addition to any supplement regime. However, if you want accelerated results, we advise combining it with our Total Balance and Omega 3 range for the ultimate health foundation arsenal. 

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
Amount Per Serving    
Kiwifruit Extract (Digesten-K®)
(from Actinidia deliciosa Skin & Fruit Pulp)
(containing 3.75 mg of Phenolics)
250 mg*
Kiwifruit Powder
(from Actinidia deliciosa Fruit Pulp)
(equivalent to 2.82 g of Fresh Kiwifruit)
250 mg*  

Other ingredients: Capsule (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Water), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide

If you are pregnant, lactating or taking any medications, please consult your doctor before use.


Customer Reviews

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What are the main benefits of Kiwi-Klenz?

Kiwi-Klenz is designed to regulate digestion, aid the absorption of nutrients and naturally balance the levels of good bacteria in the intestines. These effects may help to address constipation, bloating and conditions such as IBS.

It also helps to encourage the removal of toxins from the body and may be used to support a weight management plan.

The phenolic compounds found in the skin of the kiwifruit, contain valuable prebiotics which may help support the function and resilience of the immune system, to enhance overall wellbeing.

Can I eliminate my daily probiotic when I start taking Kiwi-Klenz?

Yes, you certainly may eliminate your probiotic. Probiotics do have their place; they are useful after a course of antibiotics for example but are best used on a short-term basis. There is not enough conclusive research about the regular and long-term use of probiotics.

Kiwi-Klenz is not a probiotic, but rather a prebiotic that may help your digestive system to naturally produce its own good bacteria, while the phenolic content helps to eliminate bad bacteria within the intestinal tract.
Kiwi-Klenz is an ideal digestive support product for long-term, daily use as it encourages the digestive system to find its own balance, not to rely on the introduction of external 'good' bacteria.

What are the dosage guidelines for giving Kiwi-Klenz to my child?

Kiwi-Klenz may be used by children to support digestive processes, to help enhance the absorption of nutrients, balance the intestinal bacteria for immune support and to address concerns such as constipation.

We recommend following guidelines when giving Kiwi-Klenz to your child:

  • 1-5 years old: Begin with half a capsule every second day for the first two weeks. The dose may be increased to half a capsule daily after this time if desired. Please note, that Kiwi-Klenz may be given to a baby under the age of one on a case-by-case basis; please contact us for further advice regarding the specific needs of your baby and we will help advise if Kiwi-Klenz may be a good choice for them.
  • 6-12 years old: One capsule beginning with every second day for the first two weeks, increasing to one per day after this if necessary.

It is important to monitor the results and only increase the dose if your child is tolerating the product well; in some instances, constipation may occur as the digestive system becomes used to the product. It is also important to ensure your child has plenty of fluids when taking Kiwi-Klenz.

The capsule can be opened and added to unheated food, such as a smoothie, juice or muesli if this is easier for your child to consume rather than swallowing a capsule.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries.

Can Kiwi-Klenz be used to assist the symptoms of IBS?

Kiwi-Klenz can be of assistance for those affected by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This product features soluble fiber, digestive enzymes (mainly for protein digestion) and prebiotics to help feed the growth of good bacteria and limit the growth of bad bacteria. Regulating the digestive processes may be very useful in lessening the symptoms common to such as bloating, indigestion, wind or constipation.

Is Kiwi-Klenz useful for 'leaky gut syndrome'

Kiwi-Klenz certainly may be of benefit for the leaky gut syndrome and healing the bowel. This product may help to balance the digestion and prevent the proliferation of bad bacterial growth, due to the valuable phenolic compounds it contains.

Maintaining healthy digestion means that the gastrointestinal system is able to focus on daily issues involving the integrity of the intestinal mucosal, to ensure healing and cell regeneration can occur.

Kiwi-Klenz features enzymes to assist with the breakdown of protein, which is why this product is designed to be taken after a main meal. Correct digestion and assimilation of nutrients is an important factor in the case of leaky gut. If undigested proteins are absorbed through the intestine wall they may then enter the bloodstream and cause a raft of unpleasant and potentially harmful affects.

The optimal absorption of nutrients and sound intestinal mucosa health helps to prevent unwanted foreign particles such as large toxins and microbes from breaching the digestive tract. This means that they can safely and regularly be excreted from the body as intended.

Can I take Kiwi-Klenz if I have an allergy to kiwifruit?

No, we would suggest those with kiwifruit allergies avoid Kiwi-Klenz, as this product is extracted from the flesh, seeds and skin of the fresh fruit.

There may be other alternative options in our range to help support your digestion such as Total Balance and the Omega 3/DHA fish oil.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice. 

Can Kiwi-Klenz be used as part of a detox plan?

Kiwi-Klenz is not designed as a detoxification supplement. The body requires specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to support the correct detoxification processes which are carried out by key organs such as the liver, digestive system and kidneys. However, due to its high soluble fibre content, Kiwi-Klenz can be very helpful in removing built-up toxins or waste in the digestive system.

Can I use Kiwi-Klenz to help cure my chronic digestive concerns?

Kiwi-Klenz would be an asset to anyone with a chronic digestive condition. It can help to balance and regulate the whole digestive process, and support digestive function, however, it cannot be considered a 'cure' for digestive conditions. In order to treat a particularly troublesome or stubborn digestive concern the daily dose may be increased to 3 capsules per day, taking 1 capsule after each meal, with plenty of water.

How much fiber is in Kiwi-Klenz?

Kiwi-Klenz is a valuable source of soluble fiber, which is crucial for regulating the digestive process and minimizing concerns such as constipation and wind.

The soluble fiber content is 35 grams per 100 grams. This means that the soluble fiber content is around 35 percent.

One 500 mg capsule provides 175 mg of soluble fiber.

Is there any sugar in Kiwi-Klenz, since it is made from fruit?

As kiwifruit is a fruit, it does contain some natural sugars; 250mg of Digesten K (one of the two components in Kiwi-Klenz, from pure whole kiwifruit) contains 92.5 mg of sugar, mostly in the form of fructose. This is a very low amount when compared to eating the fruit fresh; one kiwifruit contains about 9.5 grams of sugar.

See all related FAQs here.

Servings per bottle: 60 (1 capsule).
Daily Serving: Adults – 1-2 capsules per day. Children – 1 capsule per day.

  • At 1 capsule, please take after a meal; at 2 capsules, take separately, after meals.
  • If you have any questions, please contact our customer support staff.
  • Combines well with our Total Balance and Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil supplements for optimum digestive and general health.

We have included below a copy of a typical Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for our Kiwi-Klenz.

Please note that we produce all of our products regularly throughout the year. You can be assured that every bottle, from every batch will meet these exceptional standards, and it will be from a current, recently produced batch.

You will note that there are two columns which are headed 'Specification' and 'Results' respectively. The specifications are simply our minimum standard to which each batch of Xtend-Life Kiwi-Klenz has to conform, otherwise we would not release it. The results are the actual results from the independent laboratory that did the testing.

If you would like any more information about our commitment to providing you with the highest quality products, please contact us.


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