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There are two aspects to this category. One is general 'sharpness and clarity of thinking' and the other is 'brain or mental health'. But, as with all aspects of our bodies, there is overlap between everything, which is no exception. For example, if you are taking our NR6, which is a natural NAD+ booster, that is likely to increase your energy as well as your clarity of thinking. This means that you are more likely to exercise with improved energy, which in turn helps your sense of well-being and so on.

A similar process applies if you experience quality sleep and have a reduced sense of stress which our Serene Saffron can help with.

One of the biggest concerns we all have as we age is the risk of dementia, which can progress to Alzheimer's. Dementia and Alzheimer's are even worse than cancer. There is a chance of beating cancer depending on the type and stage. However, once you have been diagnosed with dementia, it is almost impossible to stop it. The best that can be hoped for is to slow it down

The safest way to avoid dementia is to take a proactive position early before symptoms have appeared. This was an influencing factor in why we developed our Think Sharp. This product has ingredients with strong clinical data supporting the functioning of the synapses, and neurotransmitters, and slowing down brain shrinkage. Although it was designed with older individuals in mind, the younger someone starts taking it, the better the chances of keeping the brain in top condition.

No discussion about the brain would be complete without raising the importance of DHA which is a major component of the brain and is also the most complex part of Omega 3 fish oil. Xtend-Life developed a range of specialized fish oils which has never been bettered anywhere in the world. They are fully natural but unlike most other fish oils they are highest in DHA rather than the more common EPA. There are three versions available. They all contain the same unique blend of Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil, but the Omega 3 / DHA Plus also has added natural Lycopene and Astaxanthin. The Omega 3 / QH Premium version has all that the PLUS version has, as well as Ubiquinol which is the genuine active version of CoQ10.

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