When buying supplements and/or skin care products you expect them to be effective and you also need to be certain that they are pure and free of contaminants.

Frequently there are reports in the media about lead and other heavy metal contamination in supplements. You will never find these contamination problems with any Xtend-Life product!


Why do we have such confidence?

This is because we do comprehensive testing of raw ingredients AND… we also test EVERY batch of product that we produce for micro-biological contamination.

We are one of the very few manufacturers that do this additional testing. This testing is done by an internationally accredited laboratory owned by the New Zealand Government.

If any batch does not meet our very stringent specifications it cannot be released.


Consequently, you can use Xtend-Life products with confidence.


You also need to know that the product you are using is genuinely effective.

There are many components to ensuring efficacy. One of the most important factors is the quality of the raw materials. Another important factor is the delivery system. For our supplements we use a variety of delivery systems, including tablets with standard coating, sophisticated enteric coated tablets, capsules, soft gels and powders.

Each system is selected based on the type of ingredients used and the objective of the supplement. We test every batch to ensure that it meets all specifications. For our tableted products this includes testing for disintegration. Our standards meet those set out in both the US and British Pharmacopoeia.