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Boost your digestive health with the power of 100% pure New Zealand kiwifruit.
$35.50 USD
Zupafood™ GREENZ

Zupafood™ GREENZ

Restore your body’s balance with this rich array of green superfoods plus spirulina.
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Health Articles

Gut Feel: How Your Digestive System Affects Your Immune System

Yes, you read that right. Over 70% of our immune system is actually located in our digestive system. It makes sense when you think about it. Consider everything your hard-working digestive system is exposed to: the carrots grown in your back garde...

Digestive Health in Children

If you think that digestive problems like uncomfortable gas and bloating are limited to adults, think again. Just as the dietary habits of children are increasing their risk of developing diseases typically reserved for adults (especially type 2 d...

Maintaining Good Digestive Health

Constipation seems to be something that people keep to themselves, unlike the common cold which we are all comfortable talking with our friend’s about - ‘I was up all night, nose running, hacking cough and fever…it was terrible’.  However, constip...

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