Easyliance benefits for skin

Easyliance works to help boost skin’s elasticity, resulting in firmer, younger looking skin. It also helps tighten skin, so fine lines and wrinkles disappear on contact. Easyliance is effective especially around the eyes and the mouth because the skin in those places is thinner and more sensitive, and thus more prone to developing crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles.

Like youth in a bottle, the ingredient’s all-natural powder formula – which is effectively delivered when added to liquid formulas - works by creating an elastic film that covers the surface of the skin, retracting and stretching skin as it dries so that fine lines and wrinkles seem less noticeable within minutes.

In clinical trials featuring a panel of volunteers, Easyliance significantly decreased wrinkles around the eyes for most of the participants, resulting in firmer, younger looking skin.

Uses of Easyliance

Easyliance is used in skin care products – primarily age defying formulas – to help tone and tighten delicate skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Source and sustainability of Easyliance

Easyliance is manufactured by Soliance, a subsidiary of Givaudan, a company with both U.S. and French facilities that has focused on sustainable, natural skin care ingredients since 1994.

The ingredient is made from a mixture of a sunflower-based biopolymer and acacia gum, an elastic-like extracted pressed from the acacia tree. The ingredients work in synergy to naturally tighten skin on contact.

Easyliance’s most active ingredient, acacia gum, is harvested from the acacia tree variety that grows in sub-Saharan nations, where sustainable development practices are in place to protect the tree that is a vital part of the region’s economic health. Soliance focuses on responsible environmental practices in all areas of its business, partnering with others that also make sustainability a priority. Soliance and uses acacia gum harvested using sustainable growing practices.

Acacia gum, also known as gum Arabic, is also used to help thicken soft drinks, frozen desserts and candies. It is also used as an adhesive.

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