Skin Benefits And Uses Of Babassu butter

Babassu Butter benefits for skin

Babassu is a palm tree native to Brazil that yields fruits similar to coconuts that are harvested for both babassu oil and babassu butter. The Babassu palm is also known as the Tree of Life, thanks to the skin-friendly properties the seeds of the tree offer. Babassu butter – which is cold pressed, ensuring that the oil retains its nutrients - melts on contact with skin, so it can easily penetrate the skin’s surface, offering rich moisture and a wide range of nutrients.

It is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps not only support existing collagen and elastin from damage caused by free radicals, it also helps stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin proteins, helping skin stay supple and radiant with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Babassu is also packed with fatty acids, which help support the membranes between skin cells, reducing the risk of sagging. Fatty acids also help skin cells retain balanced moisture levels, so skin looks more plump and youthful and is less prone to breakouts.

Uses of Babassu Butter

Babassu oil and butter are wonderful additions to homemade soaps, especially when added as a moisturizer after the saponification process, when the oils can provide the most benefits.

It is also an excellent option for healing cracked, dry feet and can keep hair strong and radiant when used as a deep conditioner.

Because it is similar to coconut oil, babassu butter can also be used in cooking.

Source and sustainability of Babassu Butter

Xtend-Life sources its babassu from Biochemicals International, a global supplier of natural butters based in Melbourne, Florida.

The company, a subsidiary of Hallstar, focuses on reducing its environmental footprint while choosing sustainable products for its line.

Hallstar is also part of the voluntary American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care initiative, which promotes the continual improvement of the health, safety and environmental impact of its products and the processes used to refine them.

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