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Kanapa™ Skincare

Kanapa™ skincare contains a potent blend of antioxidants and nutrients clinically proven to get results

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Health Articles

Hormone Science: A Woman's Guide to Hormone Imbalance

We often hear the term 'hormonal' thrown about in conversation, with many of us even blaming a cranky mood or an emotional outburst on our hormones. However, these symptoms we are experiencing, while accepted as 'normal' can be addressed naturally...

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From Our Products

Zupafood™ for SKIN

Unlock radiant skin and overall well-being with our scientifically formulated, organic superfood for skin.

Health Articles

The 60 Second Check That Could Save Your Life - Take Testicular Cancer Seriously

Table of Contents What is testicular cancer? What are the warning signs? How do I check for the symptoms? What are the next steps? What is life after treatment like? Q&A with Testicular Cancer Foundation   Whether you’re a guy,...

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From Our Products

Hydrating Facial Fluid For Men

The ultimate hydrating facial moisturizer for men to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, soothe skin and prevent irritation.

Health Articles

Why You Should Be Using A Serum In Your Skincare Routine

If you haven’t yet added a serum to your routine, we’ll help you understand why they’re worth considering – and if you are using one, here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of it. What is a serum? Facial serums are lightweight moistu...

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Kanapa™ Skincare

Our scientifically formulated skincare range harnesses the power of natural oils, active ingredients and Omega fatty acids to penetrate the skin’s surface for a radiant complexion.

From Our Products

Luminous Facial Serum

An ultra-hydrating facial serum with hyaluronic acid and stem cell technology for powerful anti-aging results. Firmer, brighter, younger looking skin.

Health Articles

Top 10 Tips to Get Your Children to Eat More Vegetables

Did you know that vegetable intake during childhood predicts vegetable intake into adulthood? The more children eat vegetables now, the better their diet will be for life! However, it is easier said than done and it seems getting children to eat t...

From Our Products

Total Balance Children's

Containing over 85 bio-active ingredients which support your child's immune system, development, and vision.

Our Story

“Over the last 18 years Xtend-Life Natural Products, by combining the best of science and nature has established itself as one of the world's leading boutique manufacturers of safe and effective natural supplements and skin care products.
Our products have successfully helped tens of thousands of our customers worldwide in their quest to feel and look as good as possible...and to delay the effects of aging. As a family owned business we also abide by the old fashioned principles of great service and no compromises in our pursuit of excellence in serving our customers.”