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Why All Women Need More Protein

Many women shy away from eating high protein foods or protein shakes because they are afraid of ‘bulking up’. But the truth is, unless you lift weights consistently, eating protein alone won’t do that. In fact, many women experience symptoms that are commonly associated with lack of protein without even knowing it.  Women need protein during every stage of their life. This is especially true as...

Top Five Health Tips For Women Navigating Their Fifties

The days of 50-year-old women fading into the background are long over. Rather, we are embracing life and what it throws at us. Life is full and fantastic; we are climbing career ladders, joining gyms and eating healthier than we have ever eaten before.  Basically woman of my generation know what they want and how to go after it. Generally speaking we no longer have to live with the fear of pre...

Do Women Need Extra Iron?

Iron is one of those supplements that in the 1970s were touted as a way to boost energy and improve health for those coping with what marketing teams called iron-poor blood. (Maybe you might remember those Geritol commercials and magazine ads?) The popularity of the supplement back then has left many modern women wondering where they stand when it comes to iron and if they should supplement wit...