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Health Articles

Healthy Aging - What Is It Really?

Different people have different ideas of what healthy aging is. These ideas will vary depending upon whether you are a man or woman and what your age is. If you are a woman in your early 30’s and you have no health issues, your thoughts about agi...

Top Five Health Tips For Women Navigating Their Fifties

The days of 50-year-old women fading into the background are long over. Rather, we are embracing life and what it throws at us. Life is full and fantastic; we are climbing career ladders, joining gyms and eating healthier than we have ever eaten b...

Prostate Health… Sex, Lies and Misconceptions

Table of Contents Introduction What is the Prostate? What is an Enlarged Prostate called? So why the Finger? What generally happens after the Digital Prostate Exam? What is the Treatment and what is hoped to be Achieved? Is an Enlarged...