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While quality skincare products are important to a certain extent, the answer to healthy, youthful skin is a proper intake of essential nutrients. Nutrition is one of the most important factors for skin health as it helps to facilitate cellular processes like free-radical defense and cellular repair.

Hair and skin are non-essential tissues, which mean they are the last to get the nutrients they need to look their best. Your body will always put all your vital organs first. That is why it is important that you get enough of all your essential nutrients to ensure everything is nourished appropriately.

Stay on top of your game

Total Balance Men's is our best-selling foundation product. It contains all the essential nutrients the body needs, as well as crucial amino acids, antioxidants and herbal extracts that support male cellular health. For men wanting the industry’s best, Total Balance Men's Premium contains even more anti-aging ingredients - providing you with the absolute best that science and nature have to offer.

Healthy, youthful skin requires an optimized digestive tract. Kiwi-Klenz is our whole-food prebiotic that ticks all the boxes of digestive health. It reduces digestive discomfort, enhances the absorption of nutrients from both diet and supplementation, and assists the removal of toxins to give you clearer, younger looking skin and an improved sense of well-being.

DHA, an essential fatty acid, found in fish oil is essential for good health for many reasons. It is critical for everything from healthy skin, thick hair to age-defense. Omega-3 / DHA Plus contains powerful antioxidants, astaxanthin and lycopene. These naturally occurring sun protectors can help to protect and restore skin that has been damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Combined with pure Omega-3 oil from Hoki and Tuna, this blend is the perfect solution for dry, damaged skin and hair.

Collagen is also another nutrient essential for skin and hair health. A lack of collagen can often result in limp brittle hair and unhealthy dry skin. Zupafood ELITE contains a proprietary blend of skin nourishing marine collage and elastin polypeptides (as found in our Skin-Support supplement) to promote skin tone and structure, while plumping hair from within. It is further combined with medicinal mushrooms and organic grasses to enhance immunity, libido and energy. For a more economical option, Skin-Support contains 1000mg of marine collagen with the addition of New Zealand grape seed extract.

Option 1

This provides the perfect foundation arsenal for those wanting to restore both hair and skin to look and feel younger for longer.

Product Dosage
Total Balance Men's Standard 4 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)
Omega 3 / DHA Plus

2 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Kiwi-Klenz 2 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

Option 2

This is for those wanting that extra edge to focus on premature aging and wrinkles - while getting the industry's best for their overall health and well-being.

Product Dosage
Total Balance Men's Premium 7 Tabs/Day (2 Bottles/30 Days)
Omega 3 / QH Premium 2 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)
Kiwi-Klenz 2 Tabs/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)
Zupafood ELITE 1 Sachet/Day (1 Box/30 Days)
Skin-Support 3 Caps/Day (1 Bottle/30 Days)

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