Healthy Heart Series

With Dr Joel Kahn and Ivor Cummins

Xtend-Life is a specialty, research-based family-owned manufacturer in New Zealand developing unique supplements & skincare

Step 1

Prior to its discovery in the 1980s for its role in the immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems we really didn’t know enough about the benefits and concerns of Nitric Oxide. We have since discovered that as we age the levels of nitric oxide that our body can produce declines. Click the link above to learn more about the ingredients in VasQFlow and how they compare to similar alternatives on the market.

Step 2

At Xtend-Life we believe that heart health starts with prevention, and that’s where CX8 comes in. A unique, highly advanced supplement that supports the cardiovascular system. Click the video above to learn more about the ingredients in CX8 as Dr Joel Kahn and Ivor Cummins discuss the importance of these ingredients and the role they play in supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.

Step 3

Dr Joel Kahn refers to the product as a breakthrough while praising the little-known natural compound that’s sustainably harvested from the rainforests of the Amazon. Geranylgeraniol (GG) helps fight against side effects from statin cholesterol-lowering medications. Click the link above to hear what Dr Joel Kahn and Ivor Cummins have to say about this breakthrough product.

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