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Being fit does not mean being healthy. In fact, many fitness enthusiasts look good on the outside but are in really bad shape on the inside!

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Do You Know Your Fitness Age? Here’s Why You Should

As we watch our birthdays come and go, some of us accept the aging process gracefully, while others -after eating a congratulatory slice of cake, of course - have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into another year, and usually won’t admit any...

Trust Your Gut To Help Lose Weight

Toning up can seem like an uphill battle - one week coconut oil and yoga is in, the next week it’s kale and crossfit. With so much conflicting information out there, it can be impossible to know what to eat and how to work out. It seems that the m...

More Proof That Exercise During Pregnancy Can Benefit Both Mums And Their Babies

Most people acknowledge that exercise is good for the body, but there are still some people who can be critical of mums-to-be who do regular light bouts of exercise. Their argument is that this ‘strenuous activity’ is harmful for both the woman an...

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