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Boost Your Memory And Mood With Natural Brain Supplements

Our brain and nervous system are the essence of who we are. They enable us to think, reason, remember and connect with others. But the modern lifestyle of highly processed and refined foods and environmental toxins is affecting our brain and nervous system, and Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia are becoming increasingly common.

While we cannot change the world we live in, we can protect our brain and nervous system from the toxins and pollutants they are exposed to. Natural brain supplements can provide the nutrients our brain needs to function optimally and prevent the damage to brain cells which can lead to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Quality Brain Supplements Can Help You Stay Sharp

If you want to remain sharp as you get older, make sure you get plenty of Omega 3 fish oil. Fish oil is rich in the fatty acid DHA which makes up a significant portion of your brain. DHA is vital for good memory, cognition and mood.

But there are many more nutrients that also support a healthy brain and nervous system, including Bacopa Extract, Phosphotidyl l-serine, Vinpocetine, SAMe and more. We have included these nutrients in our Total Balance formulas to protect the health of your brain and nervous system. These are not ‘common’ nutrients and are not included in most multivitamin and mineral products on the market, partly due to their cost and also the importance of the delivery system that protects the nutrients as they pass through the stomach. Total Balance is enteric coated to ensure these valuable nutrients are effectively absorbed and utilised.

Advanced Brain And Nervous System Support

Our R&D scientists have developed a further range of specialised natural brain supplements, designed to enhance brain function, improve memory and promote a healthy nervous system. Containing special brain-specific nutrients, these can be taken as a stand alone project or in conjunction with our Total Balance range (in which case a half dose would be sufficient).

Option 1

For men and women with no specific issues but who are serious about protecting their brain and nervous system health.

Product Dosage
Total Balance (any Version) 4-7 Tabs/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)
Omega 3 DHA (any version)

2-4 Soft Gels/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Option 2

For both men and women who want an economical way to enhance their brain function. This is an ideal natural brain supplement option for students during exam time.

Product Dosage
Neuro-Natural General 6 Tabs/Day (2 Bottles/30 Days)
Neuro-Natural Recall

6 Tabs/Day (2 Bottles/30 Days)

Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil 2-4 Soft Gels/Day (1-2 Bottles/30 Days)

Option 3

For optimal neurological support, take Option 1 plus a half dose (3 tablets a day) of either Neuro-Natural General or Neuro-Natural Recall.

Brain and Neurological Health Products

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