Skin Benefits And Uses Of Beta White

Beta-White benefits for skin

This whitening peptide derived from soybeans works in two ways to help reduce the look of existing age spots while preventing new dark spots from showing up on skin.

Beta-White helps reduce the appearance of age spots and brightens skin complexion by targeting two different proteins associated with the production of melanin, tyrosinase and MITF, both of which play an important role in the production of the substance that gives skin its pigment.

It is different from other whitening ingredients because it essentially supports healthy melanin synthesis in the skin, managing pigmentation levels so future dark spots are less likely to be visible while current dark spots fade.

The ingredient has been shown in studies to manage the production of dark spots – especially those that are a result of photo-aging caused by exposure to pollutants and UV rays - resulting in a more even skin tone.

The peptide is encapsulated in such a way that it is able to not only better penetrate skin, but is also released continuously, so pigmented cells are targeted even hours after the initial application.

In clinical trials featuring participants ages 33 to 55, 100 percent of Beta-White users reported brighter skin, others saw a more uniform complexion and some saw a reduction in dark spots.

Uses of Beta-White

Beta-White Peptide is used in skin care products – primarily age defying and whitening skin care creams – to help reduce the appearance of dark spots while lightening and brightening skin tone.

Source and sustainability of Beta-White

Beta-White is manufactured by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, a company based in France that focuses on the ethical production of high performing skin care ingredients. It is sourced from soybeans, which are grown worldwide by farmers using a variety of different practices to conserve and improve water and soil quality and maintain plant sustainability.

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