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Xtend-Life And Christchurch Rise Up From The Recent Earthquake

On the 22nd February, a very shallow (5km) 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand. It was one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded, not in terms of Richter Scale measurement, but rather in terms of Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) which was 1.8g or 1.8 times the acceleration of gravity with the highest recording of 2.2g being measured about 3km from the Xtend-Life offices.

The acceleration experienced would have totally destroyed most world cities. However, in Christchurch, New Zealand's stringent building codes helped limit the damage of the earthquake. Despite our offices being close to the epicenter of the quake, we were lucky enough to have come through fairly unscathed. The only real damage being a few shaky hands and frayed nerves.

In the days following the event, many of our customers contacted us and emailed through their support and best wishes. They really touched the hearts of the Xtend-Life team and reaffirmed what we've always known, that this company shares a special bond with our customers that is unlike any other in this industry. 

So what is the latest update? Well, the production facility has been up and running for the past few weeks now and is continuing to provide our customers with the world-class, state-of-the-art health supplements that they've come to love.

We have also included three additional customer relations staff members who have helped address the backlog of emails which formed during the week after the quake whilst water and power was still being connected. All the emails have now been addressed and all the processing and shipping of orders are running as smoothly as they did previously.

All told, the offices, production facility and warehouse are fully operational. Water and power have been connected and we're running on all cylinders.

The distribution center is currently shipping orders while the rest of the Xtend-Life team members are either taking calls from satisfied customers, formulating new batches of our world renowned supplements and skincare products, compiling the next issue of Xtend-Your-Life, writing new blog entries, researching new ingredients and future products, and ultimately doing their very best to ensure that you continue to receive not just the best customer service possible, but also the most effective, purest, freshest and advanced natural health products available anywhere.

We may have been shaken a bit but we never broke. We have risen from the earthquake and we're now back on our feet doing what we do best..."using science to get the best out of nature".

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